Devon and Cornwall Police rural affairs team have issued a coronavirus update specifically for people in rural areas, as rural crime continues.

They are advising all to ensure that the appropriate security is present and remain vigilant for suspicious activity.

Unfortunately, say police, they continue to see incidents of Livestock Worrying, a particular concern owing to lambing.

Most recently, four sheep were killed and four injured on enclosed land close to Colliford Lake at the junction with the A30 near Temple on Bodmin Moor. The incident occurred during the period between the afternoon of Monday March 30 and Tuesday March 31. Reference for this crime is CR/026960/20.

They are also investigating reports of livestock theft involving poultry where 48 chickens were stolen on March 22 near Holsworthy, reference CR/025307/20, and the theft of sheep near Chudleigh that have been slaughtered at the scene, most likely for private sale or consumption, reference CR/025243/20.

There have also been reports of deer poaching in the Lanlivery area of east Cornwall where a carcase has been located with the head and hind quarters removed, again most likely for sale or private consumption. Reference CR/026940/20.

Police have advised people to please avoid buying meat from unusual sources, stolen meat or meat which has been slaughtered unlawfully.

There have also been some reports of individuals cold calling on rural business and farms and the subsequent theft of scrap metal, road fuel and heating oil.

Additionally, the Environment Agency has provided a report in relation to waste disposal, where an individual has visited farms offering to upgrade their tracks and roads for free as a way of getting illegal waste onto the land.

The EA would encourage farmers and landowners to improve their understanding of the guidance available at:, and if in any doubt, to check with their local EA officer.

Crime prevention advice can be found on the Devon and Cornwall Police website.

Anyone able to offer information regarding these incidents is asked to email or by calling 101 quoting the relevant crime reference numbers above.

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