These adorable images of lambing season in full flow at two Yorkshire farms show newborn animals with a delightful spring in their step - including one dancing goat, writes Barnaby Kellaway.

Other farmyard friends pictured include two precious pair of piglets, a newborn alpaca and its mum and a young pony looking quizzically down the camera.

The fantastic photos were taken by workers at Cannon Hall Farm near Barnsley, West Yorkshire, and Hesketh Farm Park near Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Despite the nationwide lockdown spring continues to be the busiest time of year for them, with dozens of litters being born every day.

Nicky Hyde, from Cannon Hall Farm, said: "Everyone is run off their feet at the moment with so many animals being born.

"Our farmers are in and out of the barns every hour of the night.

"While it is incredibly hard work, especially at a time like this with staff shortages, it's also very rewarding too.

"It's all worth it when you see how absolutely they all are, even if they can be bit of a handful at times."

Nicky added: "Hopefully these pictures will help put a smile on peoples' faces who can't leave the house at at the moment."

The 125 acre Cannon Hall Farm rears over 750 lambs, 400 ewes and 800 piglets every year.

Usually at this time of year it would be packed with children enjoying lambing season.