Police pulled over a motorist towing a caravan towards the Westcountry - after holidaymakers were ordered to stay away writes John Bett.

The motorist was caught on a usually busy dual carriageway the day after Boris Johnson put the UK on virtual lockdown.

The stoppage also comes just days after tourism bosses including Malcolm Bell, head of Visit Cornwall, pleaded with people from across the UK not to visit the south west.

The caravan driver was pulled over after being spotted by police travelling on the A38 in Devon.

News of the incident was shared on Twitter by the account Alliance Roads Policing.

The team wrote: "Car towing caravan stopped on A38. They felt today to be the right time to move their caravan from one town to another.

"Apparently the instructions weren't simple enough. Advised they will be fined if this continues in the coming days."

Mr Bell had earlier pleaded for people from across the UK not to come to the county to stop the spread of Coronavirus and protect the services from being overrun.

Cornwall has a population of around 550,000 but regularly sees its numbers boosted by 150,000 during the holidays.

Mr Bell said: "Our advice is do not come to Cornwall. Moving around can easily accelerate the spread of the virus.

"That applies to people with second homes here - and to visitors who had planned a holiday.

"Our plea to everyone is to come to Cornwall later when this is all over. For now stay where you are. We are talking about potential super carriers who have second homes here, might be planning a visit or even coming to see family and friends. Please stay away.

"We hope to slow the spread and protect everyone.

"This is for the whole of Easter and April but will possibly go on beyond. It is something we will review on a fortnightly basis.

"It has been a very worrying week for everyone and the uncertainty will continue. But tourism in Cornwall will bounce back. But until this is over, please, do not come."

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