DEVON and Cornwall Neighbourhood Watch are calling for volunteers to help sick, vulnerable and self-isolated people in their communities who have no-one else to turn to during Coronavirus.

They are encouraging as many groups as possible to make plans to support their neighbours in case they need to check on the welfare of people who have had to self-quarantine or need help.

The organisation believes that the key is organising local Good Neighbour Groups now, before more people get ill, so that a local contact telephone number can be delivered to each address before people become wary of going door to door, or a Lockdown is put in place. From that point, all communication can be by phone.

They are calling on communities to identify vulnerable people, and those who self-isolate, by doing a leaflet drop in the area, inviting people to contact a local telephone number for support. 

The plan is that local volunteer coordinators will then organise a regular telephone call to check on the welfare of those who ask for help, to check that their basic needs can be met, e.g. for food, medication, electricity etc, until they recover, or to notify the emergency services if required.

They have asked Neighbourhood Watch groups to contact the Police at Launceston in the first instance to let them know the area the group will cover.  The information will then be collated and shared with your local neighbourhood policing team.  

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