THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, March 14, is as follows. The total stock was 7027 head.

A very busy spring market. Store Cattle to £1315. Store Lambs to £134. Cull Ewes to £174.

Coronavirus update:

Sedgemoor Market is open for business as usual. We will follow recommendations being made by our Prime Minister, UK Government, the Chief Medical Officer and the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser.

We request that anyone feeling unwell or showing symptoms of the virus does not attend the market. Please only attend the market if intending to conduct business. We ask that onlookers and the public do not attend. We ask those attending to cover their mouth and nose with a handkerchief/tissue or sleeve when they cough or sneeze. Please put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards.

We will continue to monitor Government guidance. If restrictions are brought in on public gatherings, if allowed we might ask Vendors to drop their stock and go and only stay in market if they intend to purchase other stock, so we can maintain attendance below any limit set.

87 Dairy Cattle. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a much better trade than expected for a larger entry. The trade does however remain selective when the best attracted the most interest to £2000 for a pedigree “Hurry” heifer from RL & ME Trott. Others to £1970, £1960 and £1940 all from AR Edwards & Son, Newport; £1920 from R & M Lougher & Son, Brigend; £1900 and £1780 from R Maskell & Partners, Carmarthen; £1860 and £1720 from Deptford Farm; £1830 and £1760 from Snook Ltd; £1800 from MGC & SM Carter; £1790 DJ Cheacker and £1780 JH & SA Denbee. Crossbred heifers to £1300 from RA Read.

Cows met limited demand to £1500 and £1360 from CRJ & JA Bishop.

Incalf heifers 7m to £1250 and £1200 from TG & MG Wooff & RG & E Powell, who had bulling heifers to £800 (2x) 8m heifers to £340 (2x) from RA Plowright.

806 Store Cattle and Grazing Cows. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a large spring entry of 806 store cattle, part of 1220 with the stirks and sucklers, met a continuing tremendous trade for the best. Hard grazing types keenly sought but small out of spec types were easier than earlier in the year.

Top was a tremendous £1315 for top drawer Limousin steers (3x 21/23m & FA) from WJ Bown, Catcott, who sold other best Limousin steers at £1250 (21m & FA) and £1195 (23m & FA). Further quality Limousins at £1190 (6x 20/24m & FA) and £1145 (6x 19/22m & FA) from PA Strawbridge, Offwell; £1175 (20/21m & FA) ET Summerfield, Oxford; £1160 (2x 32m & FA) JP Tolley, Northay; £1095 (8x dairy bred 18/22m & FA) RJ, GM & AJ Tucker, Umberleigh; £1065 (24m & FA) FH Arscott & Son, Upottery; £1060 (19/23m & FA) D Cooke, Yarnscombe and £1045 (4x 19/22m & FA) PJ Betty, Othery. Some very smart Charolais steers on offer to £1200 (3x 21/22m & FA) from ET Summerfield again, who sold others at £1180 (21/22m & FA) £1165 (4x 22/24m & FA) and £1100 (3x 21/22m & FA). Further best type Charolais £1185 (2x 20m) JG Warfield, Limington; £1155 (19/21m & FA) PJ Betty, Othery; £1150 (3x 23/24m & FA) and £1060 (20m & FA) MJ & DA Johnson Ltd, Membury; £1120 (22m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle, Marston Magna and £1085 (5x 21/22m) DW Parris, Dalwood. Blue steers rose to £1140 (3x 19/20m & FA) from H & M Thorne & Sons, Umberleigh. Others £1100 (21/22m & FA) Johnson Partners, Wambrook; £1095 (4x 20/22m) DW Parris again; £1090 (19m & FA) and £1080 (18m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve; £1090 (18/21m & FA) and £1060 (20m & FA) C Stone, Puriton and £1050 (24m & FA) MJ & DA Johnson Ltd again. Parthenaise at £1075 (22/23m & FA) and a Blonde at £1070 (20m & FA) from D Cooke again.

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Native cattle in excellent demand to £1215 for well fleshed Herefords (2x 24m, FA & sires) from Stowell Bros, Churchstanton, who sold others at £1060 (6x 22/24m, FA & sires). Further good Herefords £1090 (3x 22/23m, FA & sire) £1000 (20m, FA & sire) MJ & RD Russell, Chew Magna and £1050 (26m, FA & sire) AC House & Son, Thornfalcon. Angus steers very keenly wanted to £1145 (3x 24m, FA & sire) from J & D Board & Son, Lottisham, who sold others at £1090 (3x 24m, FA & sire). Forward Angus at £1140 (6x 19/20m, FA & sires) C Stone again, £1135 (2x 24m, FA & sires) Johnson Partners again and £1115 (3x 19m, FA & sires) DT & GM Patch, Whitestaunton; £1100 (25m & FA) and £1090 (28m & FA) AC House & Son again and £1100 (23m, FA & sire) PJ Betty again. Young quality Angus at £1090 (3x 15/16m, FA & sire) JH Balment & Son, Brayford. Further well grown Angus £1080 (4x 17m & FA) A & J Davies, Cowbridge; £1060 (4x 18/20m, FA & sire) M & R Vellacott, Greenham; £1045 (2x 23m, FA & sire) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle again and £1030 (4x 25/26m, FA & sire) HD Wilkins, High Ham.

Some strong dairy bred steers peaked at £1010 (23/24m & FA) for well fleshed Friesians from Milton & Thorne, Molland, who sold further Friesians at £870 (28m & FA) £855 (4x 16/22m & FA) and £815 (6x 16/20m & FA) and Norwegian steers at £800 (4x 16/19m & FA). Further Friesians £995 (6x 31/32m & FA) HD Wilkins again; £920 (3x 26/27m & FA) and £910 (5x 21/24m & FA) F & EJ Strawbridge & Son, Sector Lane. Fleckvieh steers to £1000 (3x 21/20m) RH Beaty, Walton. Further Fleckvieh at £890 (2x 28m & FA) CW Chapman, Langport.

Holstein steers £955 (24m & FA) MJ Frampton & Son, Broadwindsor. Others £895 (26m & FA) RC & K Wright & Son, Dunkeswell and £860 (26/27m & FA) CT Holmes & Son, Kings Nympton. Norwegian steers at £855 (3x 19/20m & FA) DT & GM Patch, Whitestaunton.

Again, some superb heifers on offer to £1250 for an exceptional Limousin heifer (27m & FA) from WJ Bown, Catcott, who sold further best Limousin heifers at £1180 (2x 23m & FA). Further shapely Limousin heifers at £955 (24/25m & FA) £910 (33m & FA) and £900 (4x 20/23m & FA) D Cooke again.

A really well fleshed Blue heifer at £1230 (29m & FA) J & F Hookway, Ilfracombe. Fit Blues at £1095 (22m & FA) C Stone again; £1010 (23m & FA) PJ Betty, Othery; £1000 (17m & FA) £995 (18m & FA) £975 (18m & FA) and £960 (18m & FA) all from SER Hunt, Kilve; £985 (21m & FA) and £920 (21m & FA) C Stone again and £980 (28m & FA) AC House & Son again. Charolais heifers rose to £1065 for a smart suckler bred type (21m) from JG Warfield again, who sold another at £960 (20m). Fleshed Charolais at £1045 (21m) LR House, Dunwear. Good suckler types £950 (9x 18/22m & FA) PJ Betty again and £950 again (6x 19m & FA) TJ Samways & Son, North Perrott and £910 (only 16m & FA) MD Fone & Sons, Upottery. Simmental heifers rose to £985 (30m & FA) RC & K Wright & Son again. Smart dairy bred Limousin heifers at £905 (10x 17/23m & FA) RJ, GM & AJ Tucker again.

Native heifers sold to £1000 for well fleshed Herefords (3x 22/23m, FA & sires) from Stowell Bros again. Further Herefords to £940 (27/28m & FA) Hutton & Sons, Bristol and £885 (25m, FA & sire) FH Arscott & Son again. Angus heifers to £980 (35m & FA) AJ Britten, Somerton. Others £950 (23/24m, FA & sires) K & N Crang, Yeovil; £880 (18/24m, FA & sire) Johnson Partners again and £880 again (5x 22/23m, FA & sire) PJ Betty again.

72 Suckler Cows, Calves and Stock Bulls. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of suckler cows, calves and stock bulls sold to a limited company of buyers.

Best bulls to £2000 for a Limousin (Hugginshayes bred) bull from PG Hopkins and £1600 from CJM Shackleton.

Shorthorn cow with twin calves to £1600 from M & S White & Son; £1200 and £1100 for Simmental and Angus heifers with Limousin calves at foot from RF Drake.

British Blue incalf heifers to £880, £870 and £860, all from ME & CS Drake. Charolais incalf heifers to £830 (3x) from EE Maltby.

A good trade from Ruby Red Devon outfits saw 2 Devon cows born 2015 with young steer calves at foot to £940 and £860, both from AE & SA Meikle. 2x Hereford cross incalf heifers sold to £790 from J Trott.

7 Grazing Cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of grazing cows topped at £900 for a Hereford cross (2015) from DL Hobbs.

342 Busk Calves and Stirks. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reasonable entry of stirks saw a good trade for the best quality forward. Smaller stirks were also a stronger trade on the week. Top price of £955 (2x 12m) for a pair of outstanding Limousin heifers from Whitehouse Farm Partners, when other good Limousin heifers sold to £795 (3x 9m) £735 (2x 10m) and £732 (5x 9m) MD & KE Lanfear.

Further Limousins to £750 (12m) £695 (2x 12m) S Broom; £660 (5x 10m) £590 (9m) G & A Speed; £615 (13m) JE Slee and £540 (9m) CA Churchill. Charolais to £675 (2x 11m) AS Cowling, when others sold to £665 (2x 8m) £632 (2x 9m) P Coombes; £605 (10m) TG & MG Wooff & RG & F Powell and £590 (8m) NS Phillips. British Blues to £665 (13m) JE Slee; £640 (12m) NS Phillips; £630 (2x 11m) £575 (4x 11m) RW & BA Bellamy; £585 (9m) £545 (2x 8m) JJ & SM Spiller; £575 (9m) P Coombes and £535 (11m) GR Smith. Angus to £585 (4x) SD Ives; £535 RJ & CA Down and £525 (13m) NS Phillips. Parthenaise to £560 (10m) P Webber. Simmentals to £545 (7m) JLG Dorse, when another sold to £545 (10m) SR Davis and £535 (2x 10m) GR Davis. Herefords to £535 (2x 11m) AE & WF Chinnock.

The steers were also topped by Whitehouse Farm Partners with Limousins at £950 (9m) and £950 (7m). A good entry – well done. Other Limousins to £860 (4x 12m) £850 (12m) £755 (5x 12m) £715 (12m) S Broom; £815 (2x 10m) £755 (10m) C Jones; £800 (4x 13m) £795 (4x 12m) CA & B Jarvis; £780 (2x 9m) £775 (9m) £700 (2x 9m) G & A Speed; £705 (9m) TG & MG Wooff & RG & E Powell and £700 (2x 8m) and £700 (4x 8m) J Hallett. Charolais to £930 (2x 11m) RG & CJ Gooding, when others sold to £770 (5x 12m) S Payne; £760 (4x 11m) AS Cowling; £755 (9m) P Coombes and £705 (3x 14m) RE Fewings & Son. British Blues to £840 (10m) RW & BA Bellamy; £785 (10m) £730 (11m). £710 (12m) JE Slee and £705 (9m) NS Phillips. Simmentals to £752 (3x 10m) and £705 (2x 9m) FA Kingcott & Son. Angus to £670 (11m) GR Davis and £670 (9m) PH & DA Winter. Herefords to £625 (2x 10m) AE & WF Chinnock, who sold others to £565 (2x 10m). Further Herefords to £620 (9m) NS Phillips; £570 (8m) from RE Nash and £565 (7m) from JLG Dorse.

519 Non-export Calves. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Beef Breeds (393) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a very good entry in terms of numbers confirming Sedgemoor as the largest calf market in the South. As expected for this time of year a lot of smaller calves were forward but also a large number of reared calves. Trade was good the whole way through with more buyers in attendance.

Top of £445 (4x) for reared Blues from NF George, same vendor sold to £415 (3x) and £400 (2x) from SE & TL Lye. Younger Blues to £368 from DWC & MA Brunt; £345 from JLG Dorse and £345 (2x) from MC Powell. Reared Simmental to £360 and £350 from NF George. Young Simmental just behind at £355 and £350 from DE Down & Son and £340 from R Hares. Charolais to £322 and £315 from CE Veysey and £305 from GA Quick & Sons. Limousins to £275 from Short Bros & Son; £260 from JR Chapple & Son and £255 from HT & ME Quick.

Continental heifers to £350 for a reared Blue from NF George. Others £345 from RA Plowright. Younger Blues to £310 from MC Clothier Partnership; £285 from MC Powell and £258 from JWO Marsh & Partners. Reared Limousins to £278 (5x) from NF George. Younger Limousins to £245 from HT & ME Quick and £165 from KF & LW Mitcham. Charolais to £250 (2x) £210 from GA Quick & Sons and £185 from CE Veysey. Simmentals to £228 and £220 from R Hares and £200 from GF & DV Bussell.

Natives to £350 (6x) for reared Angus from NF George. Others 4x £345 from the same Vendor. Younger Angus to £258 from RW Sheldon & Sons and £250 from CD Griffin & Partners. Herefords to £325 from NF George and £320 (2x) from FAW Bakers Kingston Farms Ltd. Younger to £185 from N & J Ham and £180 from Woodlands Farm.

Native heifers to £240 (2x) for reared Angus from RA Plowright. Younger to £168 from J & EM Phillips & Son and £145 from EJ Badman & Son. Hereford to £240 from RA Plowright; £165 from FAW Baker Kingston Farms Ltd. Younger to £160 (3x) from JR Bucknell and £140 from Bayley Partners.

Friesians (126) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of 126 dairy sired bull calves met a similar trade when reared calves sold to £290 (7x) and £285 (6x) from RA Plowright and £180 (4x) from KJ & SC Grabham. Younger to £100 from AE & WF Chinnock.

Best rearing types £60 plus, mediums £30-£50 and plainer types £5-£25.

Montbeliarde to £145 from SE & TL Lye. Dairy Shorthorn to £130 from BS & SG Kingston. Sheeted Somerset to £75 from MRG Taylor. Fleckvieh £68 from RF & BA Larcombe

5070 Sheep. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (2361)

A larger entry of 2361 store lambs sold to another flying trade, with strong demand throughout. Top price of £134 went to P Athay, when others sold to £124 from the same Vendor. Others to £130 from CA & MA Ralph; £124.50 from EJ Gwyn; £123.50 from T Frampton & Sons; £120 from JE Clapp and M Wall; £119 from C Harris; £118 from SR & MS Ball; £116 from IR & AJ Balsdon; £115.50 from WJ Ellicott; £114 from RJ Taylor; £113 from CA & MA Ralph; £111 from T & I Collard and £110 from C Peach. Overall average £88.41.

Cull Ewes & Rams (1856)

A very large entry of 1856 cull ewes and rams sold to an even stronger trade for all forward. Best of the continental ewes sold to £174 from H Groves. Other best ewes to £157 from S Harris; £155.50 from SR & MS Ball; £154 from R Westbrook; £153 from MJ & AL Blakeney; £152 from Devon Farming Ltd; £150 from JE Clapp and MD & KE Lanfear; £149 from JE Churchill; £148 from RW Brunt, CE Veysey and EJ Gwyn; £147 from G Barnes and BM Heal & Son and £145 from T Frampton & Sons. Cull rams sold to £151 from ML & AL Bakeney, when others sold to £147 from RW Biss, C Kallend, BM Heal & Son and S Pierce Ltd; £139 from RJ Taylor. Medium ewes £70-£100, plain £50-£70 and boners generally £30 plus. Overall average £99.33.

Breeding Ewes & Rams (23)

A small entry of 23 breeding ewes and rams sold to a steady trade. Inlamb ewes to £95 from R & A Ody. Overall average £87.04.

Couples (250 Ewes & 380 Lambs)

A larger entry again of couples, being 250 ewes with 380 lambs sold to a similar trade. Best doubles to £192 (£64/life) from R Maskell & Partners. Other best types to £188 (£62.67/life) from Chapel Farm Partnership and R Maskell & Partners; £182 (£60.67/life) from DM & DM Ginger; £175 (£58.33/life) from D Gundy and S Chilcott. Strongest singles to £150 (£75/life) from J Hannam and R Maskell & Partners. Others to £148 (£74/life) from DM & DM Ginger; £142 (£71/life) from D Gundy.

Triplets to £202 (£50.50/life) from Chapel Farm Partnership. A good bunch of 20 Mule ewes with 32 lambs at foot sold to £172 (£66.15/life) from DL & ME Gillard. Overall average £55.71/life.

Goats (88)

A smaller entry of 85 goats sold to £144 for strong nannies from J Nichols & Son, when others sold to £132 and £117 from the same Vendor. Other goats to £80 from MF Bathard & Sons. Overall average £67.13.

Orphan Lambs (109)

Trade held up well with an entry that lacked the quality seen in previous weeks on the whole. C Peach of Halstock topped at £40, others sold to £25 from M Wall. Overall average of £15.

131 Pigs. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following pig trades:-

Weaners (45)

A larger entry of 45 weaners sold to a reasonable trade. Best bred types to £33 from A Jones. Others to £28 from JP Strawbridge and £22 from S Wake.

Cull Sows & Boars (16)

A reduced entry of 16 cull sows and boars sold to a steadier trade. Top call was £171 for a large type from R Hares. Others to £170 from A Jones; £167 from WJ Acreman & Sons and £166 from P Clark. Half the entry being boars!

Forward Stores (68)

A reduced entry of 68 forward stores, sold to a buoyant trade. Best types to £140 (twice) from T Stone, who sold others at £130 twice. Others to £130 from WJ Acreman & sons and £124 from RJ Sparshott. Lighter types to £112 from RJ Horsington.