THE Environment Agency has published a ‘National Framework for Water Resources’, which sets out how the government will address the issues around water management in the UK.

Responding to the publication, NFU deputy president Stuart Roberts said: “One of the UK’s biggest assets is our maritime climate which provides us with enough water to produce a healthy, enjoyable diet.

"But recently we have been seeing far too much water in some places and not enough in others, and sometimes both at the same time.

“With the country experiencing more frequent and extreme weather events due to climate change, it’s absolutely vital that we have a well thought-through, practical and effective framework when it comes to managing this vital resource.

“For the past three years the NFU has been pushing hard for a strategy which will help farmers plan for challenging weather, provide protections for farmland against flooding and drought, and pay farmers to store water – something which I believe will become an increasingly important service for society.

“I’m glad that the Environment Agency has taken on many of our recommendations within its new water framework, including plans to make it easier to move water to different parts of the country.

“The publication of this framework is an important step and we now need to see the government working with farmers and growers to drive forward climate and water friendly food production.”

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