This weekend, the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) will be saving more than 600 laying hens from slaughter and hoping to send them on their way to a long and happy free-range retirement in Devon.

The Devon-based charity, which operates across the country, will be hosting hen rehoming sessions on Sunday, March 15 at Rose Ash and South Zeal.

The hens will be collected from their cages ready to make their way to their new family homes in time for Easter, and the BHWT is offering the people of Devon the chance to adopt their very own flock of ex-battery hens.

The BHWT rehomes laying hens once they reach 18 months old and are no longer deemed commercially viable. The charity collects the hens from farms and works with a network of volunteers to find suitable retirement homes for more than 65,000 hens each year who would otherwise be destined for slaughter.

The chickens go on to become much loved family pets, and even continue to provide their new owners with the odd egg or two in return.

Jane Howorth MBE, founder of the BHWT, said: “We’re all set to send hundreds of hens flying off to a free-range retirement this weekend, we just need the people of Devon to help us find them all suitable homes.

"All you need is a cosy coop, enough space for the hens to scratch for bugs and slugs and some room in your heart for these lovely girls, who really don’t take long to become part of the family.

"These girls will be over the moon to have a chance to see what life is really all about, and might even lay you your very own Easter egg!"

She continued: “We’ll be taking these hens from their cages for the first time this weekend, please help us put a smile on their faces and send them off to experience life in the outside world.”

If you’d like to rehome a flock of your own, a rehoming is taking place in South Zeal and Rose Ash on Sunday, March 15.

To book simply register your details at and then call Hen Central on 01884 860084.