THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, February 24, is as follows. The total stock was 1,232 head.

Excellent trades all round. Prime and culls improved and hoggs holding at high levels.

(101) UTM & (13) OTM Prime Cattle. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a much increased entry of prime cattle met another very firm trade.

Top was 207ppk for a top drawer red Limousin heifer from JF Walker & Partners, North Petherton, who sold another very similar at 205.5ppk. Very shapely red Limousin heifer at 202.5ppk from J & J Meaker & Son, Langport. Shapely black Limousin heifer at 200ppk from CA Retallack, Dulverton, who also sold a smart Parthenais heifer at 198ppk, Limousin heifers at 195.5, 194 and 193.5ppk, a Blue at 189.5 and a Blonde at 186ppk. Very well fleshed Limousin at 194ppk from SER Hunt, Kilve, who sold another at 192ppk. Smart Devon heifer at 193.5ppk from Habberfield Bros, North Newton.

Steers rose to 189.5ppk from J & S Vinnicombe & Son, Ottery St Mary, who sold a quality red Limousin at 189.5ppk, a brown Limousin at 186.5ppk and another better type red at 184ppk. Shapely black Limousin at 185.5ppk from RC Loveridge & son, Axminster, who also sold a red at 180.5ppk. Suckler bred quality from J & J Meaker & Son again rose to 184.5ppk for a Limousin and 180.5ppk for a Simmental. Homebred shapely red Limousin steer at 183.5ppk from RC Rowe & Son, Upottery.

Steers sold to £1292.10 for a Blue (730kg) from RC Loveridge & Son. Further Blues at £1288.60 (758kg) and £1246.36 (731kg) Habberfield Bros; £1273 (760kg) and £1270.62 (724kg) £1245.53 (737kg) £1238.95 (698kg) £1231.85 (710kg) £1221.63 (725kg) and £1219.40 (728kg) all from D Curtis, Street. Simmental steers to £1279.75 from J & J Meaker & Son, who sold another at £1222.73. Limousin steers at £1266.15 from RC Rowe & Son; £1251.12 (697kg) £1238.79 (694kg) and £1227.28 (667kg) J & S Vinnicombe & Son; £1242.50 (710kg) J & J Meaker & Son and £1224.30 (660kg) RC Loveridge & Son. Angus steer at £1213.94 (754kg) and a Holstien £1130.07 (813kg) D Curtis again.

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82 Barren Cows and Cull Stock Bulls. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a much increased entry of 85 cull cattle met another cracking trade.

Top was 138.5ppk for a very well fleshed Hereford cow from HL Stott & Sons Contracting Ltd, Wells, who sold another at 124.5ppk. Further good Hereford cow at 129.5ppk from FP Hill & Son, Clayhanger. Smart Charolais cow at 137.5ppk from Hill & Johnstone, Culmhead. Further Charolais at 121.5ppk, CJ & J Lang, Moorland. Good Blue cow from FP Hill & Son again at 131.5ppk. Further Blue at 119.5ppk from RW Hickman, Sparkford.

Sucklers sold to £1052.60 for the Hereford from HL Stott & Sons Contracting Ltd, who sold another at £1049.54. Charolais at £1012 from Hill & Johnstone, Culmhead.

Dairy breeds in great demand to 129.5ppk for a really good meat Fleckvieh from The Mowlem Partnership. Proper Friesians at 127.5ppk from AJ Gay & Sons Ltd, East Harptree. Holstiens rose to 125.5ppk from HL Stott & Sons Contracting Ltd again. Further big Holstien cows at 123.5ppk, PD & JL Biss, Kingsweston; 122.5ppk, D & I Dyer, Yarcombe and 121.5ppk FR Madge & Son, Seavington. Many better meat cows 115ppk plus.

Dairy breeds sold to a tremendous £1135.72 for a grand 877kg Fleckvieh from The Mowlem Partnership.

Holstien cows at £1057.18 (863kg) D & I Dyer; £1043.40 (888kg) W Read Partnership, Taunton; £1041.65 (830kg) HL Stott & Sons Contracting Ltd; £1035.69 (874kg) and £1031.23 (835kg) PD & JL Biss, Kingweston.

1036 Finished Lambs and Hoggs. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report fewer hoggs forward at 1024 head sold to a slightly easier but still very strong trade. The best sold to 244ppk from MJ & GM Summers; 243 and 236ppk from M Heal; 243ppk from Lane Bros; 239ppk from RC Pike; 237ppk from DA & AP Gillbard; 236 (x2) and 235ppk from C Reasons; 236ppk from Vigar & Son and 235ppk from Rushmore Estate.

Heavier hoggs sold to £135, £130 and £128 from J Sprake & Partners; £131 from House & Sons; £130 (x2) from C Reasons; £127 and £125.50 (x2) from RR Creed & Son; £126 from Wallmead Farm Partners and £125 from DF Ayre and T Vining. Overall average £108.40.

The first entry of new season lambs sold to a strong demand to a top of 252.5ppk and £101/head from SE & TL Lye.