THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, February 22, is as follows. The total stock was 6426 head.

A short entry of Store Cattle which met a cracking trade to £1350. Calves also much improved.

96 Dairy Cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of milkers in terms of quantity but one which lacked top quality. The best continued to sell well and the grade two heifers saw an improved trade compared to last week.

Best heifers to £2000 and £1800 from JG Morgan, Tewkesbury, Glos; £1840 from Snook Ltd; £1800 from RH Webb; £1740 and £1710 from RC Taylor and £1700 from A & W Vigus.

Best cows to £1750, £1700 and £1540 all from DWT & EG & PW Jones, Bridport and £1520 Deptford Farm.

3 x red and white Holstein heifers to £1280 (2x) and £1260 from TG & MG Wooff & Powell, Abergavenny.

Served heifers to £880 from P & M Eccles.

Disappointing calf trade to £110 (2x) from SJ & PS Broadway Ltd.

575 Store Cattle and Grazing Cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a short entry of 575 strong stores, part of 867 with the stirks, sucklers and grazing cows met a cracking trade.

Top was £1350 for a forward Charolais steer (22m & FA) from IG & GS Roberts, Norton Fitzwarren. Further well bred Charolais feeding steers at £1230 (6x 20/24m & FA) from GJ Hookway, Ilfracombe, who sold further similar Charolais at £1190 (2x 22m & FA). Another well bred Charolais steer £1210 (only 20m) JG Warfield, Limington. Quality Charolais feeders again at £1180 (5x 20/22m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son, Upottery. Smart suckler bred Charolais at £1145 (20/22m & FA) L & A Maddock & Co, Wiveliscombe; £1090 and £1000 (both only 15m & FA) from JH Balment & Son, Brayford and £1050 (22m & FA) TJ Samways & Son, North Perrott. Hard, feeding near pure Limousin steers at £1210 (10 x 21/23m & FA) from GR Baker & Son, Cannington. Another red Limousin steer at £1185 (23m & FA) from L & A Maddock & Co again. Smart suckler bred steers £1145 (4x 21/22m & FA) from DS & SV Tapp, Tiverton, who sold others at £1105 (3x 21/22m & FA) and £1080 (3x 21/22m & FA). Good dairy bred Limousins at £1130 (26m & FA) Stowell Bros, Churchstanton; £1115 (6x 21/28m & FA) from AC Rich, Dowlish Wake; £1095 (25m & FA) GD & DM Parris, Howley. Further suckler bred types £1095 (19m) LE Sweetland & Son, Musbury and £1070 (23m & FA) GN Langley, East Compton. Blue steers peaked at £1195 for a very shapely suckler bred type (23m & FA) from DA Kidner & Son, East Huntspill, who sold another at £1010 (19m & FA). Fit dairy bred Blue at £1180 (17m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve. Forward dairy bred Blues at £1170 (3x 22/23m & FA) from Johnson Partners, Wambrook. Well grown dairy Blues £1165 (2x 21m & FA) from Arscott Partners, Upottery. Fleshed Blue £1160 (24m & FA) Stowell Bros, Churchstanton; good feeders £1160 (11x 20/21m & FA) DW Parris, Dalwood; £1130 (23/28m & FA) AC House & Son, Thornfalcon; £1100 (24m & FA) IG & GS Roberts & Sons again; £1065 (3x 28/31m & FA) ND & RA Pearce, Chew Stoke; £1060 (3x 28/30m) ED & RL Pike, Stockland and £1050 (23m) JH Bayley, Castle Cary. Suckler bred Simmental steers rose to £1195 (2x 22m & FA) V Young & Sons, Redhill, who sold others at £1100 (4x 18/22m & FA). Further Simmentals at £1100 (3x 20/24m & FA) from CJ Child & Son, Rockhampton. Dairy bred at £1050 (23m & FA) ND & RA Pearce again.

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Native steers in tremendous demand to £1240 for a fit Angus with named sired (26m & FA) from Snook Ltd, East Coker. Further Angus steers £1150 (28m, FA & sire) and £1125 (27m & FA) from AC House & Son again; £1100 (26m & sire) EW Ganfield, East Huntspill; £1100 again (5x 20/22m & sire) LE Sweetland & Son again; £1085 (3x 21/23m, FA & sire) GN Langley again and £1040 (5x 16/20m, FA & sire) GD & DM Parris again. Hereford steers sold to a massive £1232 (26m & FA) for a fit type from Johnson Partners again. Further good Herefords £1155 (4x 21/22m & sire) LE Sweetland & Son again; £1145 (25m, FA & sire) Stowell Bros again; £1100 (24m, FA & sire) IG & GS Roberts & Sons again; £1075 (23m, FA & sire) LJ, CA & RDJ Soloman, Truro, who sold others at £1040 (19/23m, FA & sire) and £1075 again (3x 19/21m, FA & sire) this time from TE Pocock & Co, Stringston.

Dairy breeds rose to £1140 for a Fleckvieh (25m & FA) from MJ & DA Johnson Ltd, Membury, who sold another at £1070 (24m & FA). Further Fleckvieh steers £1035 (2x 22m & FA) AC Rich again; £990 (only 17m & FA) GN Langley again; £990 again (20m & FA) TJ Samways & Son again; £980 (23m & FA) ND & RA Pearce again; £960 (2x 18m & FA) and £915 (only 2x 16m & FA) P & D Symes, Misterton. Well fleshed Holstein steers at £1035 (3x 21m & FA) NW Doble & Sons, Clapton; £930 (21m & FA) IG & GS Roberts & Sons again; £845 (30m) C Dennis Agriculture, South Molton; £840 (23m & FA) Johnson Partners again; £820 (3x 31m & FA) BA & L Male, Fivehead and £805 (3x 31m & FA) RS Dorse, Fivehead. Montbeliardes at £1035 (4x 23m & FA) LJ, CA & RDJ Solomon again. Friesian steers £1020 (22/26m & FA) IG & GS Roberts & Sons again; £880 (6x 24/27m & FA) Snook Ltd again and £855 (24m) AP Ractliffe, Gloucester.

Heifers sold to £1200 for a superb, pure Limousin (U+3 & 26m) from D Popham, Pontyclun. Fit Blue heifers at £1145 (20m & FA) £1110 (18m & FA) and £1100 (18m & FA) SER Hunt again and £1115 (21m & FA) Arscott Partners, Upottery. Well bred Charolais £1090 (20m) JG Warfield again. Further Limousin heifers £1085 (2x 25m & FA) Stowell Bros again; £1080 (27m & FA) BC Knapp, Pilning; £1050 (4x 20/22m & FA) DS & SV Tapp again; £1040 (23m & FA) DA Kidner & Son again and £1010 (25m & FA) RWG Chilcott, Pawlett. Further Blue heifers £1080 for good feeders (2x 24m & FA) and £1005 CWM & GN Bolt, Huntsham; £1075 (9x 17/26m & FA) GD & DM Parris again and £1010 (2x 25m & FA) ND & RA Pearce again. Further Charolais £1040 (2x) £1005 and £970 (2x) all 25m from RWG Chilcott again.

Native heifers to £1085 for an Angus (28m, FA & sire) from Snook Ltd again. Further Angus £1030 (22/23m & sire) RJ & EJ Collier, Kingsdon; £920 (3x 22/23m, FA & sire) M & R Vellacott, Greenham and £915 (6x 17/23m & FA) GD & DM Parris again. Hereford heifers to £1070 (27m & FA) Johnson Partners again. Others £1065 (2x 22/27m, FA & sire) LJ, CA & RDJ Solomon again; £950 (2x 22/24m, FA & sires) SR Bishop & Son, South Perrott; £925 (24m & FA) DW Hewlett, Queen Camel; £925 (2x 27m, FA & sire) Snook Ltd and £905 (31m, FA & sire) RS Dorse again.

9 Suckler Cows, Calves and Stock Bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report A small entry of sucklers sold to £630 for a Devon cow (20.05.12) from J Wyatt.

4 Grazing Cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a Small entry of grazing cows sold to £885 for a 2014 born Limousin cross cow from KJ & LC Popham.

383 Busk Calves and Stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report A good entry of stirks when quality was forward in abundance and sold to another fast trade.

Top price of £1045 (12m) for a Limousin steer from EA & DA Ellis, who sold another to £1010 (2x 11m) and also had an excellent run of British Blues, which sold to £1020 (11m) £1010 (12m) £1005 (10m) £995 (10m) £985 (2x 12m) £975 (10m) £955 (11m) £925 (12m) £885 (12m) and £840 (12m). Further Limousins to £950 (2x 10m) Whitehouse Farm Partners; £915 (3x 10m) £890 (11m) £875 (10m) £870 (2x 10m) Hanchard Farming Partnership; £880 (9m) M Forward; £825 (10m) £802 (5x 9m) RJ & SR Bunn and £815 (9m) P Coombes and £840 (10m) £805 (10m) £790 (9m) JC & JCM Carroll. Other British Blues to £825 (8m) M Forward.

Charolais to £860 (13m) RE Fewings & Son. Others to £845 (9m) JJ & SM Spiller; £785 (3x 11m) £780 (11m) £740 (5x) and £730 EF Case & Son; £745 N Gordge and £740 D Brice. South Devons to £820 (11m) RJ & PJ Northover. Herefords to £805 (8m) M Forward, when others sold to £605 RE Fewings & Son. Simmentals to £780 (5x 9m) JH Waterman & Sons. Angus sold to £750 (only 9m) P Wattam. Parthenaise to £775 (10m) and £680 (9m) P Webber, when others sold to £750 (6m) D Brice and £725 N Gordge.

Heifers sold to a top price of £820 for a Blue (8m) M Forward, who sold others to £760 (8m). Further British Blues to £665 (10m) £635 (3x 8m) £625 (11m) RJ & PJ Northover and £595 (2x 10m) KJ & LC Popham. Charolais to £780 (4x 10m) RG & CJ Gooding, when others sold to £740 (5x 13m) £680 (11m) S Hillborne; £685 (2x 8m) RE Fewings & Son; £680 (2x 9m) KJ & LC Popham; £680 (9m) JJ & SM Spiller; £635 D Brice; £630 (11m) EF Case & Son and £600 (3x 7m) KJ Dallyn. Limousins to £735 (5x 9m) RJ & SR Bunn, who sold others to £695 (4x 9m) and £675 (2x 9m). Further Limousins to £690 (9m) KJ & LC Popham; £630 (9m) J Sherwin and £625 (4x 11m) EF Case & Son. Simmentals to £715 (5x 9m) JH Waterman & Sons; £635 (2x) MA Francis; £590 (11m) S Hillborne and £575 (10m) RT Morland. Parthanaise to £620 (8m) N Gordge. Angus to £600 (2x 11m) JJ & SM Spiller. Herefords to £540 (8m) R & TJ Cutter.

427 Non-Export Calves. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following calf trade:

Beef Breeds (321) – not able to be exported from market

A larger entry of calves forward with an improved offering of quality sold to a much improved trade, when a smart Blue bull (3m) from East Avercombe Farm sold to £415. A cracking consignment of young shapely Blues from DH & C Bennett sold to £390 and £375. Other Blues to £310 from EC & LK Parker. Limousin to £345 (x2) for reared bulls that formed part of another quality consignment from NF George. Younger Limousin bulls to £275 for Higher Farm. A small entry of Charolais bulls from SM & DM Turner to £338 and £302.

Native bulls to £340 for reared types (5x) from NF George, who sold others to £330 (x4). Younger Angus to £235 from CH, GR & MS Spiller. Hereford bulls to £332 as part of NF George’s reared consignment. Other Hereford bulls to £220 from JF Legg & Son and £200 from NL Reeves & Son.

Continental heifers to £370 for reared Blues (x3) from NF George, who sold others to £350 (x3). Younger Blue heifers to £305 from DH & C Bennett. Limousin heifers to £290 (x2) from NF George. Others to £272 from DH & SM Churchill. Charolais heifers to £200 from SM & DM Turner.

Native heifers to £245 (2x) for Herefords from RA Plowright, who sold others to £215 (2x). Others to £155 from W Read Partnership. Angus heifers to £250 from RA Plowright. Others to £160 from CD Griffin & Partners and CG, GR & MS Spiller.

Friesians (106) – not able to be exported from market

A decent entry of dairy sired bull calves sold to a much stronger trade across the board. Reared black and whites to £148 from East Avercombe Farm and £140 (4x) from ES Triggol. Other strong black and whites to £132 from NJ Broom & Sons. Shorthorn to £56 from Williams PFA. Reared Brown Swiss to £255 (2x). Best rearing types £80 plus, mediums £60-£80. Plainer types generally £25 plus.

3834 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trade:

Store Lambs (1715)

A smaller entry of 1715 store lambs of variable quality sold to another very strong trade, to a top price of £129 from M Coombes. Others to £122 from NA Norman; £116.50 from SJ Sibley; £116 from S & A Bevan; £115 from K Gribble; £114.50 from R Burridge; £112.50 from RB Macklin; £109.50 from CE Veysey and A Robertson; £109 (2x) from J Hallett; £108.50 from PJ Searle & Son; £108 from BP Lugg, S & A Bevan and V & RA Hunt; £107.50 from RW Hickman and S & C Fry; £106 from TC & SCI Pain; £104 from J Boden; £103 from IC Churchill and £102.50 from DP Freeman. Overall average very similar to last week at £86.18.

Cull Ewes & Rams (1366)

An almost identical entry of 1366 cull ewes and rams sold to a phenomenal trade, even stronger than last week’s flyer! The best continental ewes topped at £175 from AJ Park. Other best ewes to £158 from J Harding and W Brook; £151.50 (2x) from BAV & JE Scriven; £142 from ML Jennings; £140 from DP Freeman; £139 from R Burridge; £137 from FJ Orchard & Sons; £135.50 from Devon Farming Ltd; £135 from LA & CJ Tidy & Son; £134.50 (2x) from AG Hinks & Sons; £134 from P Parish and Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd and £133.50 from DM & DM Ginger. Cull rams sold to £149 from Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd, when others sold to £143 from S & C Fry; £141 from P Parish and £134 from M Wall. Medium ewes £60-£85, plain £35-£60 and boners generally £26 plus. Overall average up to £88.27.

Breeding Ewes (224)

An excellent quality entry of 224 breeding ewes sold to an equally strong trade. Beeswax once again leading the prices with their scanned in-lamb full mouth North Country Mules, which achieved £140 (6x) and £138 (6x). Other flock age Mules to £132 and £130 (3x) from A & N Pearce. 6T and FM Mules from S Smuth to £128 (2x). Overall average £134.70.

Couples (165 Ewes & 217 Lambs)

Couples numbers beginning to swell, when 165 ewes with 217 lambs at foot were forward. A strong bunch of forward doubles from J Boden sold to £248 (£82.67/life). Other best doubles to £220 (£73.33/life) from Jamie’s Farm; £200 (£66.67/ life) and £198 (£66/life) from GW King and £192 (£64/life) from AL Popham. Singles to £172 (£86/life) from J Boden. Others to £162 (£81/life) from AL Popham; £155 (£77.50/life) from ME Hopkins & Sons and RW Hickman; £150 (£75/life) from Jamie’s Farm. Overall average rising again to £68.62/life.

Goats (93)

A larger entry of 93 goats sold to £122 for a nanny with two kids at foot from L Price. Other goats sold to £119 for a billy from G Christodoulou, who also sold nannies to £100; £106 and £83 from RG & AJ Habberfield.

Orphan Lambs (53)

On a day that saw top quality lambs all round! Spirited bidding made a market record price of £79 from CA Churchill. Others to £47 from L Habberfield & Sons. Overall average of £19.50. More of the same next week.

1102 Poultry. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report A very good entry this month sold to a good trade. Top price went to Penrhiwgarn, Llwyn Rhyn who sold a pair of Indian Blue Peafowl for £110. Other Peafowl forward from A & J Poultry, Sandpit Meadows sold at £100. Buff Orpington from the same home achieved £82. White Call Ducks from DR Randell & SM Mitchell also sold very well to £58. Other prices of note included a trio of Blue Laced Wyandottes which sold to £50 and a pair of Indian Runners to £50.