Mules at a Devon animal sanctuary are overjoyed with their new sand exercise facility.

Through her lens, farm supervisor Elizabeth Hyde captured the uplifting moment the donkeys and mules explored their new facility for the first time at The Donkey Sanctuary's Town Barton Farm.

Town Barton’s farm manager Paul Cater said: “It was very rewarding to watch the animals being free to express themselves as they explored their new sand area for the first time. This is a wonderful new facility that will enrich the lives of our donkeys and mules.”

The new sand facility offers a new year-round exercise area for the resident animals, providing enhanced enrichment, and the perfect environment for keeping their hooves is good clean condition.

Set in the rolling green hills of central Devon on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, Town Barton Farm is home to over 300 rescued and relinquished donkeys and mules, cared for by staff who specialise in mule care and behaviour.

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