THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, February 3, is as follows. The total stock was 1217 head.

Top price prime cattle 210ppk and £1,296.23 per head. Top price barrener 147ppk & £1,184.82 per head

(72) UTM & (30) OTM Prime Cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a very varied selection with a higher proportion of overage prime cattle forward. The best run of cattle pence per kilo from J & J Meaker & Son 210ppk (510kgs) 202.5ppk (542kgs) 199.5ppk (571kgs) 199.5ppk (557kgs) 196.0ppk (552kgs) and 194.5ppk (555kgs) for British Blue cross and Limousin cross steers.

Best heifer pence per kilo 202.5ppk (602kgs) Limousin cross from CJM Shackleton. Others to 197.5ppk PJ Hobbs.

Pounds per head topped at £1,296.23 and £1,225.44 for Hereford cross steers from AAB Rowe & Son.

£1,219.05 and £1,200.80 for Limousin cross and Charolais cross heifers from CJM Shackleton.

OTM Steers £1,215.92 for a Limousin cross steer from FG Payne & Sons.

76 Barren Cows and Cull Stock Bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report strong trade from start to finish. Top call of 147ppk (806kgs) and £1,184.82 for a Limousin cross cow from MJ & C Plowright & Son. Others to £1,139.22 (847kgs @ 134.5ppk) for a Charolais cross cow from AS Cowling; £1,116.57 (818kgs @ 136.5ppk) for a BBx cow from LR House; £1,091.20 (880kgs @ 124ppk) £987.53 (855kgs @ 115.5ppk) and £982.30 (836kgs @ 117.5ppk) HF cows from MM & EH Lucas; £1,038.45 (805kgs @ 129ppk) for Charolais cross cow from JD Lock; £961.02 (843kgs @ 114ppk) and £958.65 (830kg @115.5ppk) from The Colgrove Partnership

1039 Finished Hoggs. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger entry of 1039 hoggs sold to a much stronger flying trade, particularly for the heavier types. The best handyweights sold to 237, 233, 231 and 224ppk from Richard Stevens & Co. Others 232ppk from JG & YL Bennett; 231ppk from Milborne Wick Farms Ltd; 227ppk from ML & EE Edwards, L Habberfield & Son and AJ & WJ Turner Ltd and 224ppk from EB & JA Webber.

Heavier hoggs sold to £124, £120 and £110 from HM & KI Stowell & Son. Others £120 from NA Norman; £119 from D Groves; £118 from Milborne Wick Farms Ltd; £114 and £110 (2x) from J Sprake & Partners and £112 from P Coombs Ltd. Overall average £99.16.

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