Police have revealed that another three sheep have been killed in the New Forest, writes Chris Yandell.

All three animals were found puncture wounds - just weeks after another sheep was stabbed to death and other other animals suffered injuries.

A cow was found with a wound on its neck and two calves grazing at nearby Linwood suffered minor injuries to their shoulders.

At around the same time phallic symbols and the devil's number - 666 - were sprayed on signs and doors at the 12th century St Peter's Church, Bramshaw.

One of the latest incidents occurred at Penn Common Road, Bramshaw, where another sheep was stabbed to death in November.

The other two deaths occurred in or near Wittensford Lane, which is in the neighbouring parish of Cadnam.

Wittensford Lane is near Kewlake Lane, where a sheep was found stabbed to death earlier this month.

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A police spokesman said: "We are investigating following three sheep deaths in the New Forest.

"The first incident took place between 5pm on January 16 and 8am on January 17. A dead sheep was found in the Wittensford Lane area, with a puncture wound to its shoulder.

"The second incident took place between 9.30pm on January 16 and 8am on January 17. The body of a sheep was found off Penn Common Road with puncture wounds to its neck.

"The third incident was reported on the morning of January 20.

"The body of a sheep was found in the Wittensford Lane area. Enquiries are ongoing to establish the details of this incident.

"Officers will look to see if there are any links between these sheep deaths and any other similar incidents in the New Forest.

"Targeted patrols of areas in the Forest will continue.

"Officers from Hampshire Constabulary’s Country Watch team are also liaising with partners, including Verderers and affected livestock owners."

Anyone with information on these or any other incidents can call police on 101, quoting the reference number 44200013948.