STAGS of South Molton report another decent winter entry, but less than the previous week, met another uplift in trade.

In another week where many abattoirs have put their deadweight prices down, the live prices have gone up markedly.

There appears a national shortage of prime hoggs, and the liveweight market acts much quicker to a shortage than quoted abattoir prices. There were more leaner and thicker hoggs forward this week, with the real trade for the 42-46kg continental hoggs with many pens above the 210ppk mark.

However, all hoggs were in great demand, and the heavies (50kg plus) were generally £98-£110, and the lighter hoggs (37-41kg) generally £80-£86. Please be reminded that abattoirs are beginning to moan about dirty hoggs, bellying hoggs that are dirty is an advantage.

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Top of the day at £120.50 to 67kg for a Suffolk cross from Mr M.Tapp of South Molton, who followed with his next pen at £117 to 59kg Suffolk crosses. £115 to 63kg Texel crosses from Messrs S & J Bale of Challacombe, with £114 to 59kg from Mr D.P. Kiff of Muddiford, followed by £109.80 to 60.2kg Suffolks from Mr MF Bellew of Bideford.

Light lambs topped at £95.50 to 44.1kg Suffolk crosses from Mr M.C. Cole of Ash Mill, closely followed by £94 to 45kg Texel crosses for Messrs AW & DW Bray of Millbrook, and nice pen at £93.50 to 44.6kg for Messrs M & ML Gillbard of East Worlington.

Best pens met 210ppk twice to 45.8kg Charollais for Mr E.J. Westaway of Newton Tracey, and 46.7kg Texel crosses from Mr W Smale of North Molton closely followed by 209ppk to 46.5kg Texel crosses from Messrs ME Snell & Son of Knowstone.

First lighter lambs started at 218ppk to 39.5kg Charollais crosses from Mr R Greed of South Molton. Second tightly followed by 217ppk to 44.1kg Suffolk crosses from Mr MC Cole of Ash Mill, and third a nice pen making 213ppk to 43kg from Mr D Harris of Witheridge.

A fantastic entry of 180 store lambs, which contained some excellent runs of farming lambs.

Top price for Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone for a large, lean Suffolk Ram lamb.

Three vendors achieved £83.00 with Mr D P Bathram of Rackenford selling an excellent run of classy Texel lambs with further pens to £82.00. Mr M.C Cole of South Molton to £83.00. New vendor Mr GJ May of Instow had a strong trade with his best Suffolks topping at £82.00 with others to £81.50. Regular vendors Mr BR Head of Oakford achieved £77.50 for Dorset cross lambs. Overall average settled at a strong £73.39. More lambs requested for our next sale on Thursday January 30.

A smaller entry then previous weeks which consisted of many good quality ewes sold to another dearer trade. The ewes are dearer than before Christmas, with lots of pens over the £100 mark. Strong Suffolk Mules sold between £110-£120, and lots of pairs of Mules over the £80 mark. Medium ewes again look the dearest, and up towards the £90 mark for the best.

Best ewes topped at £122 for a pen of Suffolks from Mr LW Reed of Templeton, closely followed by a single Suffolk cross making £121 from Messrs C & DR Nicholas of Barnstable. £120.50 for a trio of Charollais from Mr LW Reed of Templeton.

£120 was also received twice; the first for two Texels from Mr N Rottenbury of South Molton, and the second for a single Suffolk from Messrs GE & EJ Nicholls of West Anstey. £117.5 was also hit twice; first for a nice pair from JB & MA Turner of Harracott, and the second for a single Charollais from Bonners Farm of Burrington.

Best rams copied last week starting at £109.50 for a single Charollais from Warwick Farm Partnership, followed by a pair of Charollais making £107.5 from Messrs J & F Hookway of West Down, and £105 for a single Suffolk from Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone.