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AS the weather continues to improve and many are welcoming the return of the Somerset sunshine - these pictures are a stark reminder that much of the county is still battling high water levels.

Photographer Christine Burch captured these amazing images at the Glastonbury Wedding & Events Venue at Godney on Sunday afternoon.

The pictures were taken from the venue, looking towards the Glastonbury Tor.

Among them are valiant travellers determined to reach their destination, be it on four wheels, or two...

"I stood there for about 30 minutes," said Christine.

"All the cars got to the flood and turned back, a few 4x4s came spraying through and then there was this one girl with a red shopping bag on a bike with bare feet.

"(People at) the farm commented that the girl comes past on her bike twice a day but they don't know her. Another Godney villager commented that the girl on the bike is always riding past."

South West Farmer:

South West Farmer:

South West Farmer:

ALL PICTURES: Courtesy of Christine Burch/www.somersetphotographer.co.uk

Originally published in the Somerset County Gazette

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