STAGS of South Molton report yet another good entry of prime lambs but back on the previous month's excellent number entries.

Trade was slightly back on last week with the SQQ back 1.5ppk although this week's lambs would not have been a good quality entry overall to the previous two weeks.

Best trade yet again for the leaner 41-46kg lambs with a number of these pens over and around the 190ppk mark. Again a large number of very thick lambs which are being discounted by buyers. A good proportion of lambs are being presented “bellied out” which helps as buyers begin to moan about dirty lambs.

Top of the day at £102 for a smart 60kg pure Texel ram lamb from Mr SJ Dallyn of Barnstaple with £100 to a grand 74kg Suffolk from Mr LW Reed of Templeton. £98 to 68kg Charollais crosses from Mr J Elworthy of Dennington with £97 to 65kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs Lucas & Ridge of Chulmleigh. £96 twice; the first to 65kg Charollais crosses from Messrs AJ & NG Latham of Kings Nympton and the second 57.1kg Texel crosses from our very own Harvey Pile of Dunkeswell. £95 three times; the first to 63kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone; the second to 60kg Texel crosses from Mr W Smale of North Molton and the third to 61.3kg Charollais crosses from Mrs M Tapp of Molland.

£94.20 to Messrs Bray’s second 59.6kg Suffolk pen closely followed at £94 to 63kg Charollais crosses from Mr R Richards of Heasley Mill. £93 three times; the first to Harvey’s second 53.5kg Texel cross pen; the second to 57kg Dorset crosses from Mr SC Webber of Umberleigh and the third to 53.5kg Texel crosses from Messrs White & Tucker of Pennymoor.

Best pens to 199ppk to 40.2kg Charollais crosses from Messrs RJ & J Ridd of East Buckland with 194ppk to 35kg Texel crosses from Mr M Moser of Chulmleigh. 193ppk four times; the first to 38.5kg Texel crosses from Mr G Dart & Sons of Molland; the second to 39kg Charollais crosses again from Messrs Ridd; the third to 40kg Suffolk crosses from Mr GR McLeod of Swimbridge and the fourth to 41.2kg Charollais crosses from Messrs GF & PJ Warne of Umberleigh.

192ppk twice; the first to 42.3kg Charollais crosses from Messrs D & J Baker of Yarnscombe and the second to 41kg Texel crosses from Messrs Bulworthy Partnership of Rackenford. 191ppk also hit twice; the first to 44kg Texel crosses from Messrs S & KA Hamlin of Tiverton and the second to 40.3kg Texel crosses from Mr AW Fisher & Son of Oakford. 190ppk again a double for 41.8kg Texel crosses from the Dart Family along with 44.9kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs DW & J Jones of Heasley Mill.189ppk three times; the first to 35kg Texel crosses from Mrs M Ellis of Barnstaple; the second to 44kg Texel crosses from Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone and the third to 48kg Texel crosses from Mr NA Cooke of Torrington.

A smaller show of just under 100 store lambs this week met another fast trade. An entry of mostly forward lambs topped at £83.50 for Messrs Tucker & Son of Barnstaple whose second pen went away at £77.50. Regular vendor Messrs RJ & MS Radford of Mariansleigh reached £79 with a larger pen from the same vendor at £68.50.

Dorsets from one of our long serving members of staff Mrs J Blake of North Molton topped at £72 and others to £68. Only one pen of smaller ram lambs went under the £60 mark on the day with the high demand for store lambs expected to continue well into the new year.

A bigger entry of cull sheep and another good quality entry with a number of big ewes on offer. Trade was dearer again with more buyers around the ring looking to source ewes. We are now beginning to see a few runs of empty scanned ewes with the best trade for the biggest Suffolk Mules that weren’t over fat. Best Mule pens again between £70-£74.50 and medium Mules from £63-£70.

Top of the day at £115 for a grand Texel from Mr BJ Mogford of Landkey with further Texels from Messrs AJ & MJ Tarr & Son of West Anstey. £99 to similar bred ewes from Mr J Cowle of Winkleigh and £97 for Mr JC Webber of Burrington. Closely followed at £96 for Messrs Tarr’s second pen with £94 to two Suffolk Mule pens from Messrs Eastman & Bolt of High Bickington and Messrs Cook Partners of Georgeham. £93 to further blackfaces from Mr LW Reed of Nomansland closely followed at £92.50 to similar bred pen from Mr DJ Govier & Partners of Chulmleigh.

£89.50 to Suffolk crosses from Mrs M Tapp of Molland with £89 to Texel crosses from Messrs HJ & MR Moore of Knowstone. £88.50 to two Suffolk Mule pens from Mr J Cowle again and Mr K Hill of Bideford. £87.50 to Charollais’ from Messrs D & J Baker of Yarnscombe closely followed at £87 for Mr Cowle’s third Texel pen. Best rams to £79.50 for a Charollais from Mr J Elworthy of Dennington.

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