A walker found a sheep having a baaaaad day - with her head stuck fast in a wire fence.

RSPCA inspector Charlotte Coggins was called to the South West Coast Path off Braunton Road in Barnstaple on the night of Friday night, December 5 to help the stricken sheep.

Charlotte said: “A walker spotted the sheep in difficulty and could see she had her head stuck either in brambles or in the fence.

“When I got there it was pitch black and freezing cold but I managed to find the poor sheep - she was well and truly stuck.

“I think she’d reached through to try to nibble the leaves on the other side of the fence and got her head and neck stuck!

“Luckily, I was able to carefully push her free and thankfully she’d not done herself any harm.”

After a quick check, the ewe was released back to the rest of her flock.