Massey Ferguson, has unveiled its extraordinary MF NEXT Concept tractor.

It not only looks different, the NEXT Concept is unique – presenting an eye-catching glimpse of where Massey Ferguson’s straightforward and dependable tractors could be heading in the future.

Massey Ferguson has chosen its striking livery and styling as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon. Initially viewed as virtually impossible at the time, this amazing feat was made possible by a team of pioneers who achieved the impossible.

“With the lunar landing, 50 years ago, human beings changed their perception of what is possible and what is not. That small step on the moon, overcoming an apparently insurmountable challenge, sparked a whole new era of more powerful and different thinking,” says Thierry Lhotte, vice-president and managing director of Massey Ferguson Europe & Middle East.

“With the MF NEXT Concept tractor, Massey Ferguson presents its dynamic future designs. It is a Concept that embodies Massey Ferguson’s DNA and our vision to make tractor technology accessible, easy-to-use and affordable to the most farmers around the world.”

Massey Ferguson recognises that the level of technology in farming operations will increase. There will be demand for more or less advanced level of autonomous vehicles.

The NEXT level of forward thinking features will make connectivity and precision farming accessible to all farmers, helping them to address future farming needs and conditions.

The NEXT level of connectivity will include on-board crop scanning, delivering the essential data for real-time application adjustments, across the complete growing season.

Sensors and cameras will be fitted into the NEXT tractor’s bonnet and cab roof. Capable of scanning the soil and crop in real time, these will seamlessly link into the NEXT generation Precision Farming system, adding further benefits to the existing MF Smart Farming technologies from AGCO Fuse.

The sensors will monitor soil and crop parameters such as moisture and organic matter levels. At the same time they will check for nutrient deficiencies and automatically make agronomic decisions in real time.

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Massey Ferguson believes tractors that provide partial and fully autonomous operations are more suitable for farming and are likely to be introduced into agricultural operations much faster than those for on-road applications. This means farmers still need the ability to operate the machine from and easy to use cab.

Operators of the MF NEXT Concept tractor, however, will not be using a steering wheel, but using two joysticks instead. The left-hand lever operates the steering, while the one of the right controls the transmission – making speed and direction changes. It will also operate spool valves to control implements, all the other tractor’s functions through a new development of the current loader multi-function joystick and the Multipad lever.

In the field, however, there is the opportunity to switch to fully autonomous operation. For this there’s three screens that set and monitor all the tractor and implement functions, with telemetry transferring all working data back to the farm office and other authorised partners.

There won’t be any wing mirrors either. These are replaced by two, wide-angle HD night vision cameras, with the screens inside the cab displaying their images.

“With MF NEXT Concept tractor Massey Ferguson is defining the NEXT level of ease-of-use and straightforward dependability. This is one small step for Massey Ferguson, one giant leap for future farmers,” concludes Mr Lhotte.