ORGANISATIONS attending the South West Business Expo last Wednesday (November 20) in Exeter found out how an environmental charity’s project could help them support nature.

Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT), which is celebrating 25 years this year of protecting the region’s watercourses, shared information with visitors to the show about its CPES Fund.

The Fund is designed to help farmers implement improvements to water quality and biodiversity.

Hazel Kendall, head of land management at the trust, said: “We had a positive response to the environmental investment opportunity the CPES Fund provides, both from individuals and businesses.

“By making a financial contribution to this fund, companies can support the local environments that help their business to thrive, while individuals know they are supporting their local area and communities.

“This fund can be included in a firm’s corporate social responsibility planning but to ensure this is more than an offsetting option, investors will be able to see the benefits their money secures in the region.

“We are constantly reminded of the growing threat of climate change.

“We aim to ensure that these interventions contribute to making our catchments more future-proof and able to accommodate and cope with more extreme conditions through their natural functions.”

Initially, farmers in the Lyd and Gara catchments can apply for funding to implement work. To find out more visit

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