The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, November 23, is as follows. The total stock was 6137 head.

A cracking trade for best feeding store cattle and an equally strong store lamb trade.

82 Dairy cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a much larger entry of dairy cows and heifers, to include two dispersal sales, that created more interest around the ring. The best continue to sell well to buyers from West Wales to Cornwall and northwards to Shropshire. Second quality cows and heifers were more difficult to sell.

Top of the day £1940 from ET Summerfield & Son, Oxford. Others to £1920, £1900 (2x) £1880, £1850, £1840 and £1800, all from R Puddy & Son, who averaged £1782 for his ten entered; £1880 Snook Ltd; £1860 R & M Lougher & Son, Brigend, Wales and £1810 RC Taylor.

More cows forward to £1480 from both M & S Powell and for the final dispersal sale from AL Baker & Son and £1420 Snook Ltd.

Incalf cows to £1160 RA Williams & Son. Heifers to £1000 AL Baker & Son. Little or no interest in the calves to £105. Montbeliarde yearlings £200 x2.

720 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an excellent late November entry of 720 store cattle, up 22 per cent on last year’s numbers and part of 1127 with the stirks and sucklers, met a cracking trade for the best feeding stores.

Top was £1240 for a forward Limousin steer (27m & FA) from SJ & EH Coles, Lympsham, who sold another at £1085 (29m & FA). Pure Charolais steer at £1230 (25m & FA) EJ Collins & Son, Chard. Further well grown Charolais £1070 (28m & FA) ME Sampson & Son, Upottery; £1050 (4x 24/25m, lean & FA) RWG Chilcott, Pawlett; £1015 (3x 18/19m & FA) CA & MA Ralph, Taunton; £990 (24m) C Gillard & Son, Hinton St George and £965 (only 17m) RF Lang, North Petherton. Blue steers peaked at £1115 (2x 21m & FA) for well grown feeders from FJ Hartnoll, Braunton, who sold others £1070 (2x) £995 (3x) £990 (3x) £985 (6x) £945 (4x) and £930 (6x) all 20/21m. Further Blues £1085 (28m & FA) ME Sampson & Son again; £985 (26m & FA) and £970 (27m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle, Marston Magna and £965 (23m) T Letts & Son, Clapton in Gordano. Simmental steers rose to £1040 (4x 18/21m & FA) for grass fed sucklers from HW Pearce, Olveston, who sold others at £1040 (4x 17/20m) £975 (4x 20/22m & FA and £935 (3x 18/19m & FA). Further Simmentals at £1035 and £985 (both 21m & FA) FJ Hartnoll again and £960 (27m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle again. Further Limousin steers at £1010 (19m & FA) TA Dowden & Son, West Pennard; £995 (2x 18m & FA) £990 (2x 18m & FA) and £940 (4x 17/18m & FA) CG, EM & J Baker, Mark; £975 (2x 19m & FA) CA & MA Ralph again; £940 (23/25m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle again and £940 again (18m) PR Stevens, Dunkeswell.

Native steers topped at £1135 for a well fleshed Hereford (33m, sire & FA) from RH Webb, Henley, who sold another similar at £1130 (29m, FA & sire). Further Herefords £995 (18m & FA) EJ Collins & Son again and £915 (33m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle again. Angus to £1135 for a fit steer (23m, FA & sire) from DL & JM Bray & Son, Knowstone. Feeding Angus £1000 (3x 20m, FA & sire) AE Vile & Son, North Curry; £980 (5x 17/19m, FA & sire) DF & ME Stacey, Tiverton; £975 (30m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle and £925 (3x 21m, FA & sire) DH & RJ Wall, Lympsham. Shorthorn steers at £1065 (23m & FA) and £900 (26m & FA) HW Pearce again. South Devons to £915 (18/21m & FA) DA, CM J & LA Tottle.

Dairy bred steers sold to £780 for a red and white Friesian (24m) from Cox Partners, Pitney. Further blocky Friesian £700 (26m & FA) from BRA & DJ Stitch, Clewer. Framed Holsteins to £685 (21/22m & FA) DH & RJ Wall again.

Heifers topped at £1200 for a fit Blue (26m & FA) from EJ Collins & Son, Chard again. Younger fit Blues at £970 (15m & FA) £915 (17m & FA) £880 (16m & FA) and £875 (17m & FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve. Further feeding Blues £955 (30m & FA) TA Dowden & Son, West Pennard; £895 (26m) W Bowen, Keynsham and £875 (23m & FA) SE & RM Fry, Stewley. Limousin heifers shot to £1100 for a quality feeder (19m) from RW Brunt, Weston Super Mare, who sold others at £975 (2x 18m). Pure Limousin at £985 (18m & FA) from J Baker, Mark. Red Limousin (25m & FA) at £950 from RWG Chilcott again, who sold a black (also 25m & FA) at £890. Further Limousins £915 (26/28m & FA) and £875 (21m & FA) RB Robson, Altarnum; £900 (3x 18/21m) RP Morris, Penzance; £895 (18/19m & FA) C & A Williams, Bampton and £890 (red, 26m & FA) TA Dowden & Son again. A tremendous bunch of feeding Simmentals set the ring alight to £1025 (7x 18/19m) from RW Brunt again, who sold another at £975 (18m). Charolais rose to £1010 for smart types (3x 18m & FA) from C & A Williams again. Further good Charolais £1000 (2x 25m & FA) RWG Chilcott again and £975 (3x 26/29m & FA) RB Robson again.

Native heifers peaked at £980 for a fleshed Hereford (19m & FA) from EJ Collins & Son again.

18 Suckler cows, calves and stock bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report mixed entry of 18 sucklers rose to £870 for Simmental with 6 month heifer at foot from WJ Ford, Chumleigh.

43 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report large entry of 43 feeding cows sold to £955 for a good Limousin from SJ Williams, North Newton. Charolais at £865 from JD Lock, Churchstanton. Fleshed Charolais at £855 (2x) and £840 (2x) from RF Lang, North Petherton.

389 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an entry of 389 stirks, when there was not the quality forward of the last fortnight. Best quality stirks continue to sell well when second quality were met with resistance.

Top price of £790 (7m) for a Limousin steer from EH & RL Leyshon, who sold other good Limousins to £755 (6m) £650 (3x 7m) and £585 (4x 7m). Further Limousins to £740 (11m) £670 (3x 9m) Osborne Brothers; £650 (2x 12m) EG Holland and £590 (6m) LG Bagg & Partners. Parthenaise to £775 (6m) P Webber, who sold others to £748 (7m) £645 (2x 7m) and £590 (3x 6m). Charolais to £765 (13m) £740 (2x 9m) CJ & J Lang; £690 (10m) NJ May; £685 (2x 8m) CA & MA Ralph and £590 (5m) Devon Farming Ltd. Herefords to £720 (12m) C Gillard & Son, who sold another to £510. Further Herefords to £650 (5x 8m); £645 (4x 8m) £645 (5x 8m) J Griffin & Vardy and £600 (3x 14m) FP Hill & Son. Simmentals to £720 (16m) DM Barker. Salers to £715 (2x 7m) KC & JC Heard, who sold others to £655 (5x 7m) and £630 (5x 6m). British Blues to £700 (9m) L Ham. Angus to £690 (14m) J Payne, when younger types sold to £635 (2x 6m) A Churches. Bazadaise to £600 (7m) LG Bagg & Partners. Blonde to £585 (6x 7m) EH & RL Leyshon. Devon to £580 (7m) K Nicholas.

Heifers sold to a top price of £675 (7m) for a British Blue from EH & RL Leyshon. Other British Blues to £625 (11m) L Ham. Charolais to £670 (4x 8m) ST Matthews, who sold others to £650 (5x 7m). Other Charolais to £520 (8m) PDM Farming Ltd; £490 (4x 6m) EH & RL Leyshon; £475 (5x 6m) RJ Whitcombe and £460 CJ & J Lang. Limousins to £560 (2x (12m) K Nicholas; £555 (8m) G Matravers; £535 (12m) P Holland and £495 (9m) R & K Hayball. Simmentals to £555 (2x 13m) DM & SA Ham. Herefords to £515 (12m) EH & RL Leyshon; £510 (13m) EG Holland and £470 SR Vickery. Angus to £510 (14m) M Squire, who sold others to £495 (5x 13m). Further Angus to £495 (14m) J Payne and £475 (8m) A Churches.

353 Non-export calves. Auctioneer's comments:

Beef Breeds (311) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a firmer trade throughout for the slightly fewer calves on offer. Top of the day was a 12 week old Blue from NF George at £428. Same Vendor £422, £415 and £400. Younger Blues to £350 from PC & HA Humphry & Son; £320 from CG, GR & MS Spiller and £255 from CD Griffin & Partners. 12 week old Limousin to £415 from NF George. Others £315 and £345. Younger Limousins to £330 from K Dunster; £185 from RC Dymond & Sons. Simmentals to £218 from CD Griffin & Partners. Best continentals £240 plus, mediums £170-£200 and plainer types selective.

Heifers to £340 for a Blue from NF George, who wins this week’s Mastergen jacket, same Vendor £318. Younger Blues to £238 from DW Rowe & Son; £325 x2 from RJ & JM Dobson; £215 from TJ & BE Bowles & Son. Reared Limousins to £290 (2x) from SE & TL Lye. Younger £235 from K Dunster; £155 from RL & ME Trott. Reared Simmentals to £275 from SE & TL Lye. Younger £228 from B & P Horsey & Son. Charolais to £125 from TJ Brice. Best heifers to £180 plus, mediums £100-£140 and plain types around £80.

Natives to £348 x3 for reared Angus from N George, same Vendor £320 (6x). Younger to £245 from R Angell; £228 from GNB Farm Ltd. Herefords to £228 from Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd; £220 from DW Rowe & Son and £202 from R & J Tibbs.

Native heifers to £235 for reared Angus from NF George. Others £178 from CG, GR & MS Spiller and £155 from R Angell. Hereford to £130 from Dolau Ltd.

Friesians (42) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry of dairy sired calves forward sold to a marginally better trade. Holstein Friesian to £105 from ES Triggol. Others to £102 from Loud Partners and K Manley. Best rearing types £80. Mediums £40-£60 and plainer types £20. Montbeliarde to £145 from MF & AM Jones.

4414 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (2833)

Another very large entry of 2833 store lambs sold to an equally strong trade, although quality was a little more variable. Top price went to CA Churchill for a strong pen at £97. Others to £89 from Twose Farms Ltd; £85.50 (3x) from AD Cowling; £84.50 from S Stevens; £82 from J White and D Day; £81.50 from J Hole; £81 from L Lloyd; £80.50 from DM & DM Ginger; £80 from TJ Fouraces and MTB Davey; £79.50 from FJ & JE Hollier and AD Cowling and £79 from D Takle. Overall average £65.03.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1494)

A similarly large entry of 1494 cull ewes and rams sold to another strong trade. The best continental ewes topped at £119 from A Churches. Other ewes to £113 from Y Underwood; £108 from SJ Govier; £98 from R Garfield; £94 from A Churches; £93.50 and £92 from C Reasons; £91.50 from Tom Bamlet Farming and MJ & J Pidsley. Cull rams sold to £128 from A Tannir. Others sold to £91 and £90 from R Garfield; £91 from I Ashworth and £80 from WE Yeates & Son. Medium ewes £45-£65, plain £25-£45 and boners generally £20 plus. Overall average £56.29.

Breeding Ewes (39)

A very small entry of 39 breeding ewes ahead of next week’s catalogued sale, sold to £83 from SJ Jones, when others sold to £78 from T Trescher. Overall average £72.92.

Rams (7)

A very small entry of rams this week as we come to the end of the season. Only two sold with the top being £210 for a 2T Blue Faced Leicester from D O’nions.

Orphan Lambs (2)

Two very early orphan lambs from RW Hickman sold at £30 each!

Goats (39)

An entry of 39 goats sold to £95.50 for large nannies from RG, AJ & JA Habberfield. Others to £90 from C Ainge and £73 from S Wates and J Thayne. Overall average £69.92.

161 Pigs. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report reduced entry – strong trade in the cull sow and forward store sections. However the smaller stores and weaners more difficult to place.

Weaners (49)

Another good entry with some quality pens forward – trade noticeably easier. Best of the day £44 for stronger types from CJ Love and younger weaners from the same Vendor to £32.

Cull Sows and Boars (17)

Good trade saw the best rise to £212 from LE Miller & Son and £184 from JP Stone. All stronger sows £150 plus. Boars to £118 from E Lye.

Breeders (5)

All clean gilts forward to £120 from J Stillwell.

Forward Stores (90)

Another very good entry when there was keen competition for all weights. The best to £130 from MT Churchill and £121 for lighter weights from JP Stone and J Baker.

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