The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, November 18, is as follows. The total stock was 1252 head.

Firmer trade all round.

52 UTM and 10 OTM Prime cattle. Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a very short entry of 62 prime cattle met a very brisk trade. Demand currently well ahead of where it was a month ago.

Top was 199ppk for a very shapely black Limousin heifer from SER Hunt, Kilve, who sold well fleshed Blue heifers at 190.5 and 185ppk and another good black Limousin at 184ppk. A smart, black Blue overage heifer (31m) rose to 184.5ppk from DJ Cossins, Blagdon Hill. Very good dairy bred Limousin heifers at 179.5 and 177.5ppk from W Johnson & Son, Dalwood. Further Limousin heifers at 178.5, 176, 170.5 and 169.5ppk from ML & EE Edwards, Wick St Lawrence and 172ppk from AJV Welch & Sons, Ilminster. Dairy bred Charolais heifer at 178.5ppk from RA Reed, Seaton. Further Charolais heifers at 177 and 175.5ppk, DJ Cossins again and 176ppk, MP & DM Hine, Chard.

Native heifers to 169.5ppk from TE Harris, Clevedon.

Steers peaked at 187.5ppk for a shapely black Limousin from R Wall, Highbridge, who sold another at 179.5ppk. Good dairy bred Limousin at 181.5ppk from W Johnson & Son again. Feeding Charolais at 180ppk from MP & DM Hine, Northay, who sold feeding dairy bred Blues at 178.5, 178, 173.5 and 172.5ppk. Feeding dairy bred Charolais at 179.5 and 176ppk, Angus at 176.5, 174.5. 173.5 and 171.5ppk, all from RA Reed, Seaton.

Steers sold to £1,306.80 for a Limousin from W Johnson & Son. Further Limousins at £1,242.14 and £1,181.25, R Wall. Herefords at £1,162.80 and £1,145.21, CG & C Vigar, Currey Rivel. Angus £1,157.84, RA Reed.

Heifers sold to the day’s top of £1,309.42 for a Limousin from SER Hunt. Further Limousins at £1,196.35 and £1,166.75, W Johnson & Son; £1,152.40, AJV Welch & Sons. Charolais £1,126.40, MP & DM Hine; £1,069.08, DJ Cossins and £1,056.72, RA Reed. Blue heifers £1110 and £1,074.42, SER Hunt again.

109 Barren cows and cull stock bulls. Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an excellent entry of 109 cull cattle met a very bright trade, when all buyers were firing to secure stock.

Top was 153.5ppk for a young Limousin from DV Lee, Farway. Young Angus at 144.5ppk from P & N Tapp, Washford. Limousin cows at 132.5, 126.5 and 124.5ppk from E & IW Studley, Bridport; 131.5ppk from B Bull & Son, Powerstock and 127.5ppk, EA Cox & Son, Timberscombe. Further Angus at 125.5ppk, B Bull again. Devon at 121.5ppk from EF Lansdown & Partners, Wookey. Simmentals at 120.5 and 119.5ppk from LG & AR Smith, Whitchurch Canonicorum.

Sucklers sold to £1,090.43 for a Limousin from E & IW Studley, who sold others at £1,067.95 and £1,028.37. Further Limousins at £935.85. EA Cox & Son and £927.08, B Bull & Son. Simmental at £922.54 from LG & AR Smith.

Dairy breeds peaked at 122.5ppk for a well fleshed Holstein from FE Hill & Son, Bridgwater. Better type Friesians at 119.5, 117.5, 116.5 and 113.5ppk from F & EJ Strawbridge & Sons, Axminster. Young Holsteins at 115.5 and 109.5ppk, R & S Turner Ltd, Puncknowle; 114.5, 111.5 and 109.5ppk, D & I Dyer, Yarcombe; 113.5, 111.5 and 108.5ppk, The Colgrove Partnership, St Austell and 110.5ppk, J Read & Co, Taunton. Older good meat Holsteins 114.5ppk, IJ & SA Bell & Son, Bridgwater; 110.5ppk J Read & Co again and 109.5ppk, R & J Jones & Son, Stogursey. Further good meat older Friesians at 113.5ppk, F & EJ Strawbridge & Sons again; 108.5ppk, Ireosa Ltd, Winterbourne Abbas; 108.5ppk again D & I Dyer, Yarcombe and 107.5ppk J & D Tilbee, Wedmore.

Empty steakers 100ppk plus. Empty plain cows 90ppk plus.

Dairy breeds sold to £884.76 for a strong (808kg) Holstein from R & J Jones & Son. Further Holstein £874.65, FE Hill & Son and £864.78, The Colgrove Partnership. Friesian cows at £873.43 and £869.70 from The Colgrove Partnership again and £853.05, F & EJ Strawbridge & Sons.

1081 Finished lambs. Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report over double the entry were presented on Monday at Sedgemoor, after last week’s flyer, sold to an even dearer trade for all presented. The best handyweights sold to 204ppk and 200ppk from AE Toogood. Others 202ppk from SM & JV Parsons & Jones; 198ppk from SJ & DM Cowling (2x) MA & SS Sanders, EB & JA Webber and RC Pike; 196ppk from DA & AP Gillbard (2x) and MJ & GM Summers and 195ppk from Maddock & Son (2x) DGB & CN Tratt and Vigar & Son.

Heavier lambs sold to £109 and £104 from JE Quick. Others £108, £97.50 and £97 from J Sprake & Partners Ltd; £97.50 from MJ Patch; £96.50 from PJ Holloway; £95 from Milborne Wick Farms Ltd and £94 from GB & MA Holloway, PD & SA Godfrey and F Tucker. Overall average £86.38.

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