The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, November 9, is as follows. The total stock was 6005 head.

Store cattle average up £41 per head on last year’s. Fierce trade for stirks and busk calves.

64 Dairy cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry of better quality cattle saw a good trade across the board, however without any really high prices.

Best heifers to £1830, £1750 and £1660 all from East Avercombe Farm Ltd. £1820 (2x) £1610 and £1600 from R Puddy & Son; £1820 from Arrijan Farming; £1820, £1800 and £1780 all from JH & SA Denbee; £1700 from ET Summerfield & Son and also from A & W Vigus; £1700 from Venn Farm Partnership. Ayrshire heifer £1280 from Deptford Farm.

A better cow trade to £1620, £1580 and £1400 for 2nd and 3rd calvers from R Hammett, Swansea. Second heifers to £800 from S Duckett. Calves to £165 (4x) from RW Gilbert & Partners.

773 Store cattle, sucklers and stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an excellent entry of 773 stores, generally displaying more flesh and part of a massive 1121 with the stirks. More stores than the equivalent week last year, which averaged £41 more than last year. The first time for a long while that the average has exceeded last year's. A cracking trade with real bite ensued, when all buyers were keen to secure stock.

Top was £1220 for three tremendous Simmental steers (26/28m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son, Upottery. Further younger Simmentals to £1030 (17/18m & FA) from BA Sweet, Congresbury. Limousin steers rose to £1100 for a pure red (18m & FA) from PJ Betty, Othery, who sold more red Limousins at £1050 (4x 18/20m & FA) and Blue cross Limousins at £1010 (3x only 17m & FA). Further Limousin steers at £1080 (19m & FA) C & A Williams, Bampton who sold another at £1010 (18m & FA); £1045 (2x 27m & FA) GBW Isaac & Son, Broadhembury; £1030 (18m) M Wright, Bridgwater. A fit Blue steer rose to £1090 (only 16m & FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve, who sold another at £1000 (14m & FA). Well grown Blue steers at £1065 (4x 20/22m & FA) from BA Sweet, Congresbury, who sold more at £990 (2x 21m & FA). Further good Blues at £1050 (18/21m) N & J Reed, Langport and £1030 (20m) JG Warfield, Yeovil. Charolais sold to £1090 for superb, pure bred types (3x 18/20m & FA) from TJ Richards, Congresbury, who sold another at £1015 (20m & FA). Further good Charolais £1065 (21m) £1045 (21m) and £1035 (22m) M Wright again; £1060 (3x 18m & FA) and £1030 (6x 17/19m & FA) BA Sweet again and £1000 (8x only 14/19m & FA) PJ Betty again. Blonde steer at £1040 (19m & FA) from C & A Williams again.

Native steers sold to £1200 for an outstanding Speckled Park steer (28m & FA) from N & KA Williams, Langport, who sold more at £1115 (2x 27m & FA) and £1065 (4x 27/28m & FA). Angus rose to £1075 (2x 22m & sire) from N & J Reed again. Further Angus £1065 (19m) JG Warfield again; £1040 (7x 18/20m, FA & sire) DM & DM Ginger, Cheddar; £1020 (8x 26/28m, FA & sire) Habberfield Bros, Bridgwater; £1000 twice from both PJ Betty again (20m & FA) and JF Norman, Barnstaple (2x 20m, FA & sire). Shorthorn at £1060 (20m & FA) C & A Williams again. Devon at £1045 (26m) from CR Pardoe & Son, Fiddington. Herefords peaked at £1025 (7x 26/27m & FA) from Lewis Dennis Partnership, Stoke Rivers. Further Herefords to £1020 (32m, FA & sire) RH Webb, Langport and £990 (24m, FA & sire) JM & JM Baker, Meare. South Devon steers at £1020 (2 x 18m) from G Harding, Chard.

Dairy bred steers peaked at £965 for big frame Holsteins (3x 34/35m & FA) from RH Webb again. Fleckvieh at £945 (5x 22/23m & FA) THJ Denbee, Wedmore. Dairy Shorthorn £895 (24m) Brymore Academy, Cannington. Norwegian steers at £850 (4x 22/23m & FA) THJ Denbee again. Friesians at £820 (3x 25m & FA) BJ Pepperd, Westonzoyland. Further Friesians £820 (22/24m & FA) G Clarke, Chippenham; £800 (23m & FA) T Blackmore & Son, Clayhidon and £795 (2x 26m) AG Chaplin & Sons, Bristol. Further Holsteins £790 (5x 23/27m & FA) THJ Denbee again and £770 (4x 29/30m & FA) BA & L Male, Fivehead.

Heifers topped at £1100 twice for Charolais. Firstly from C & A Williams, Bampton (20m & FA) who sold further Charolais at £1000 (19m & FA) and £900 (19m & FA) and at £1100 again (21m) from G Webster, Umberleigh, who sold more Charolais at £910 (2x 21m).

More smart Charolais at £1050 (3x 18/19m & FA) RP Elston & Son, Dulverton, who sold others at £1030 (7x 17/22m & FA). Quality white Charolais at £985 (19m & FA) TJ Richards again. Good again £910 (18m & FA) from WJ Bown, Catcott. Limousin heifers rose to £1050 (5x 16/18m & FA) for quality types from WJ Bown again, who sold others at £1010 (3x 17/19m & FA). More good Limousins £975 (25m) G Webster again; £905 (24m & FA) JP Stone, Puriton and £900 (3x 17/19m & FA) C & A Williams again. Blue heifers peaked at £1010 for fit types (2x 28m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son again. More at £1005 (18m & FA) WJ Bown again; £975 (fit 22m & FA) and £900 (fit 18m & FA) SER Hunt again; £970 (23/25m & FA) Milton & Thorne, Molland; £940 (23m & FA) CL Hichens & Sons, Penzance; £900 (2x 27m & FA) Snook Ltd, Yeovil and £900 again (29m) RK & RA Jones, Bristol. Simmentals sold to £940 (3x 27m) also RK & RA Jones.

Native heifers sold to £1050 for a grand Angus (29m, FA & sire) from N & KA Williams again, who sold others at £1020 (32m, FA & sire) and £935 (2x 29m, FA & sire). Further Angus £925 (2x 34m, FA & sire) CA, AC & SG Alvis, Radstock. Herefords to £925 twice from Lewis Dennis Partners again (2x 27m & FA) and RK & RA Jones again. Others £920 (only 16m, FA & sire) and £895 (only 17m & FA) K & M McEwen Smith, Bristol; £915 (30m) RK & RA Jones again; £885 (28/29m & FA) N & KA Williams again and £880 (4x 27/28m & FA) Lewis Dennis Partnership again.

5 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of feeding cows saw a top of £800 for a Speckled cow from N & KA Williams.

348 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a quality entry of stirks which met fierce demand from a packed ringside. Top price of £840 (5x 7m) for Charolais steers from WC & EM Fewings. Other Charolais to £655 (2x 8M) BJ Hoyles; £650 (6x 7m) £645 (7x 7m) £640 (6x 6m) £635 (6x 7m) and £600 (3x 6m) from EH & RL Leyshon; £630 (4x 7m) and £625 (2x 6m) from RJ Whitcombe. Limousins to £770 (7m) PH & ME Buckingham & Son, who sold others to £685 (5x 7m) and £595 x2 (7m). Other Limousins to £760 (2x) J Baker; £735 (2x 12m) from CG & EM Baker; £695 (7m) £675 (13m) and £665 (6x 7m) EH & RL Leyshon; £645 (14m) JS Bird & Son and £610 (4x 7m) GN Stanbury.

British Blues to £700 (9m) W Ham, when others sold to £675 Dolau Ltd; £650 (12m) JS Bird & Son; £645 (7m) GR Smith; £640 (3x 12m) G Chugg; £625 (9m) EH & RL Leyshon and £605 (13m) L Strong. Angus to £650 (14m) MA Francis, when others sold to £585 (12m) G Chugg, £520 (5x 12m) Billingsmoor Ltd and £500 (2x 6m) PA & DE Wyatt. Herefords to £640 (15m) Dolau Ltd, when others sold to £630 (9m) £560 (8m) £555 (8m) W Ham; £595 (4x 6m) RE Nash; £540 JS Bird & Son and £530 (6m) JH Coombes. Blonde to £645 (7m) S Gooding. Bazadaise to £635 (3x 7m) K Payne, who sold others to £600 (7m) and £500 (6m).

Heifers sold to a top price of £715 (11m) for a Limousin from LG Bagg & Partners. Other Limousins to £685 (8m) IJ Williams; £640 (13m) J Baker; £585 (11m) EH & RL Leyshon; £550 (4x 12m) JS Bird & Son; £545 (6x 7m) PH & ME Buckingham & Son and £525 (2x 7m) GN Stanbury. Charolais to £705 (11m) RJ Edwards, when others sold to £575 (3x 8m) IJ Williams; £550 (3x 8m) BJ Hoyles and £500 (2x 5m) CG Stanbury. Blondes to £650 (2x 7m) S Gooding, when others sold to £600 (3x 6m) £570 (8m) K Payne. British Blues to £650 (10m) RJ Edwards, when others sold to £525 (5x) Dolau Ltd. Angus to £645 (11m) LG Bagg & Partners; £580 (4x 13m) and £525 (3x 13m) T & RT Gazard. Simmentals to £580 (12m) EH & RL Leyshon. Bazadaise to £600 (2x 7m) and £550 (4x 7m) K Payne again.

Beef Breeds (325) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry saw another week when more buyers were around the ring. The trade was good for the top end, in particular for the bulls. Heifers saw less of an increase in demand. Top £315 for a reared Blue from Lanslade Dairy Ltd. Younger Blues to £280 from PEJ & LA Cottey; £270 from RJ Edwards and £265 from WJ & KL Dart. Limousin to £265 for a young bull from H & NM Wall & Sons; £260 and £258 from ND Churchill. Charolais to £255 and £245 from SM & DM Turner Ltd. Only two Simmentals forward to £180 from RJ Edwards. Best continental bulls £250 plus, mediums £200-£240. Plainer types around £150.

Heifers to £310 (3x) for Blues from Laneslade Dairy Ltd. Younger Blues £290 and £270 from PEJ & LA Cottey; £232 from TJ & BE Cowley. Limousins to £205 from H & NM Wall & Sons; £200 from RJ Edwards; £175 from Baker & Son. Charolais to £200 from SM & DM Turner; £135 from TJ & LJ Hirst. Only one Simmental forward to £175 from RJ Edwards. Best continental heifers £170 plus, mediums £100-£150 and plainer types £50-80.

Natives to £285 for reared Angus from TJ & RJ Grandfield. Younger Angus to £262 for a super calf from CD Griffin & Partners and £250 from TR Quick. Hereford to £210 from Higher farm (Manston) Ltd and £165 from Colgrove Partnership.

Native heifers to £195 for an Angus from TJ & RJ Grandfield. Same Vendor £190 (2x) and £170 from EC & LK Parker. Herefords to £152 and £125 from K Manley and £90 JN Wyatt.

Friesians (93) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry met a similar trade to top a top of £110 from RA Plowright. Others £92 from KD & VJ Palfrey and £85 from AJ & WL Turner Ltd.

Best rearing types £75 plus, mediums £40-£60 and plainer calves around £15. Fleckvieh to £195 from RF & BA Larcombe. Guernsey to £60 from J & EM Phillips. Dairy Shorthorn to £55 from Williams PFA.

4191 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (2663)

A larger entry of 2663 store lambs sold to a flying trade, when a number of buyers went home empty handed! Top price went to CA Churchill at £88. Others to £79.50 from J Hall; £78.50 from S Bye & Son; £76.50 from GM Veysey; £76 (2x) from DM Ruell; £75 from K Roberts (2x) and SH & JA Hasell; £74.50 from GM Veysey; £73.50 from MR Swain and M Dykes; £72.50 from A Humphreys (2x) DM & DM Ginger and J & J Parfitt & Family; £72 from DM Ruell and £71.50 from AG Evans. Overall average up almost £5 to £63.14.

Cull Ewes & Rams (1170)

A larger entry of 1170 cull ewes and rams sold to another strong trade. The best continental ewes sold to £115 from MJ Blakeney. Other ewes to £110 from R O’Hare; £109 from T Newth; £106 from S & A Bevan; £101 and £97 from MJ Blakeney; £97 from M Bennett; £96 from K Roberts; £92 from T Proll and £89 from Pyke Farms. Cull rams sold to £124 from K Roberts, when others sold to £121 from H Groves; £100 from AC Coutts and £90 from T Proll. Medium ewes £45-£65, plain £25-£45 and boners generally £20 plus. Overall average up £2 on the week to £54.44.

Breeding Ewes (267)

A smaller weekly entry of 267 breeding ewes sold to a selective trade, when quality was in short supply. Shearling ewes from Crownhill Farms topped at £90. Suffolk from S Bye & Son sold to £82. Other ewes to £76, £73, £72 and £71 from AC Coutts and £72 (2x) from RJ Langford. Overall average £62.

Stock Rams (37)

A good number forward, however trade was harder given the time of year. Top price went to LAJ England who sold a Suffolk ram to £160, when another sold to £150. Charollais 2T forward from S Jonas sold to £150 (3x). Overall clearance of 59%.

Goats (54)

An average entry of 54 goats saw strong nannies from DCW & DA Verney & Sons top at £99. Others to £96 from C Ainge; £69 from A & C Brown and £67 from Hardwick Bros. Overall average £67.83.

211 Pigs. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a very good entry, especially within the weaner section, which this week were more difficult to place.

Fat pigs sold to a strong trade. Cull sows “on par” with 2 weeks ago. Today’s pig entry sold to a good company of 22 different purchasers.

Weaners (87)

A large entry when only the best sold to a good trade. The average weaners were more difficult to sell. The best of the day sold to £51 for strong well made 12 w/o’s from DR Hutchings and £32 for 10 w/o Pietrains from P Dare.

Cull Sows & Boars (27)

Another large entry, however the quality was not forward and overall the trade would have been a shade easier. The best made £138 and £135 from D Green and others to £128 from L Burnett. Cull boars to £95 from D Beck and £90 from K Pascoe.

Breeders (19)

British Lop inpig sow from N Zerk to £145. Gloucester gilts to £131 from R Stevens. Saddleback sow with litter of 4 to £135 and Sow and 7 to £135 from DH Turner.

Forward Stores (75)

Good entry – good trade. Top of the day £131 for a good run from J Baker and £121 for a run from N Tope & Sons. Lighter pigs from L Burnett, W Lee and T Palmer sold between £94-£98.

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