Against one-in-100,000 odds, a cow in Constantine, Cornwall has given birth to triplets.

Born on Sunday night at half past six to Montbéliarde x Holstein 'Black Monty', the three calves are looking healthy and are a reasonable size, says farmer Paul Carter, who birthed them himself.

Paul, from Trengilly Farm, Constantine said: "I'm 57, and have been involved in cattle farming all my life. I've calved thousands and I've never in my whole life experienced triplets.

"I thought it might have been twins when the first one came and was smaller, so checked and there were another set of legs. After that I checked again and there was a third set!

"The calves are a good size, similar to twins. They were all out within 20 minutes.

"The births were all pretty straightforward, although the last one came backwards."

Sired by Friesian bull 'Gilly Tournament Referee', the first calf to come was a male, followed by two females.

'Black Monty' is a fourth time calver. Over four sets of calving she's had eight calves, producing twins in the first two sets.

Paul says he will be keeping the triplets.

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