Continuing this year’s trend of more farms selling as a whole as opposed to being split up and sold in lots, Stags Farm Agency has completed the sales of Riggledown Farm in mid Devon and Broadridge Farm in north Devon.

Andrew Dodds of Stags Farm Agency said: ‘The sale of Riggledown and Broadridge Farm, combined with a 75 acre farm in north Devon that we had been marketing discreetly and have recently completed the sale of as a whole, is further evidence that the market for farms has so far been resilient to the uncertain political climate.’

Riggledown Farm, located just to the south of Pennymoor, west of Tiverton, comprises a privately positioned thatched farmhouse with historic traditional barns and more modern livestock buildings, with 305 acres of pasture and arable land with pockets of woodland throughout the farm.

Riggledown was offered for sale as a whole or in nine lots with a guide price for the whole farm totalling £2,375,000. Shortly after marketing commenced earlier this year the agency had received multiple offers for the whole farm and most of the lots.

The client was pleased to be able to keep the farm together and the majority of the farm including the house and buildings and 293 acres was purchased by an organic dairy farming family.

An off-lying 12 acres was sold separately to a local land buyer.

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Broadridge Farm, a short distance north of Witheridge in north Devon, is a commercial livestock farm with 178 acres of productive grass land surrounding the farmstead which includes a main farmhouse, separate residential timber cabin and a range of modern livestock buildings.

Broadridge Farm was also offered for sale as a whole or in three lots with a total guide price of £1,725,000.

The farm was sold as a whole to a family with Swiss and London connections.