Stags Farm Agency has been contacted by a number of Exeter-based firms seeking land to purchase for the creation of woodland in order to offset their company’s carbon footprint.

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) recommends 30,000 hectares of woodland should be planted annually to reach the Government’s target of being carbon-neutral by 2050.

Farm Agent Charlie Byrne said: “It is refreshing to see private companies answering The Government’s call and helping the environment.

“Carbon sequestration is only one of the many positive benefits that woodland creation offers the environment. Native woodland also creates a rich and varied habitat for wildlife as well as providing benefits to soil structure, fertility and flood prevention. The type of land used for forestry does not have to be prime high value land as trees can thrive on steeper poor-quality ground, making it an attractive proposition for landowners in the south west.

"We are looking for land across Devon and throughout the south west for our clients, and can offer a free market appraisal for general advice or with the prospect of selling land for the creation of woodland. Here at Stags we have sold over 700 acres of woodland since 2015, ranging from small roadside parcels to commercial plantations and can provide you with sound advice as to the value or methods of sale for your existing or future woodland."

If you would be interested or have land that could be suitable, please contact Stags Farm Agency in Exeter on 01392 680059.

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