STAGS of South Molton report another solid entry of lambs again this week but an unfortunate drop again on last week.

Trade was expected to be not so fast as last week but was probably back further than anticipated due to the continuing drop throughout the week.

Abattoirs are reporting sales are slowing down with a lot of export orders being cancelled. Best trade seen again for the 42-45kg, well covered lamb with the biggest drop for the 48-52kg lambs which would have been back at least £5 a head on last week.

Top of the day at £87.80 to 57kg Texel crosses from Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone closely followed at £87.20 to 56kg Suffolk crosses from Mr R Irwin of Kings Nympton.

£87 three times; the first to 57kg Texel crosses from Mr D Kemp of Kentisbury; the second to 62kg Charollais crosses from Mr JC Webber of Burrington and the third to 60kg Suffolk crosses from Mr LW Reed of Templeton. £86 to 57kg Charollais crosses from Messrs CJ & SEY Ley of Burrington with £85 three times; the first to 72kg Dorset from Messrs S & J Bale of Challacombe; the second to 59kg Suffolk crosses again from Mr Reed and the third to 56.5kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs Parsonage Farms of Chulmleigh.

£83 to Mr Reed’s third pen of 54.9kg Suffolk crosses with £82 to Parsonage Farms second pen of 51.6kg Charollais crosses. £80.50 twice; the first to 52kg Texel crosses from Mr Irwin and the second to 56kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs Bray.

Best pens to 172ppk twice; the first to 37kg Charollais crosses from Mr R Treniman of Ashreigney and the second to 42.5kg Chartex crosses from Mr GD Fuller & Son of Chulmleigh. 170ppk to 43kg Texel crosses from Mr G Dart & Sons of Molland with 168ppk to 40.3kg Charollais crosses from Mr AR Bater of Chittlehamholt.

167ppk to Mr Fuller’s second 43.9kg pen with 166ppk three times; the first to 45.3kg Texel crosses from Messrs S & J Bale of Challacombe; the second to 44.4kg Texel crosses from Mrs CT Jones of South Molton and the third to 44kg Charollais crosses from Messrs GJ & SM Down of High Bickington.

165ppk six times; the first to 44.8kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs PJ & BJ Millman of Chulmleigh; the second to 45kg Texel crosses from Mr Dart & Sons; the third to 44.7kg Charollais crosses from Messrs RJ & J Ridd of East Buckland; the fourth to 46.3kg Texel crosses from Messrs Bale; the fifth to 47.4kg Charollais crosses from Mr WJ Woollacott & Sons of Bishops Nympton and the sixth to 46.3kg Texel crosses from Mr FC Reed of North Molton.

Continuing decent number of cull ewes forward which sold to a better trade on the week. The best and medium ewes would have been £3-4 a head up on last week with the plainer, grazing types being similar to last week. Best ewes to £85.50 to Suffolk Mules from Mr RW Tapp & Son of South Molton closely followed at £85 for a Suffolk from Mr G Dart & Sons of Molland.

£81 to Texels from Mr MJ King & Sons of Iddesleigh with £80 to Suffolk Mules from Mr W Moore & Sons of Rackenford. £76 to Mr Tapp’s second pen of Suffolk Mules with similar bred ewes from Messrs A & P Tapp of Heasley Mill at £75. £74.50 to blackfaces from Mr M Jones of Twitchen with £73 to a grand pen of Texel Mules from Mr Dart.

£72 twice; the first to Texel from Mr L Gillbard & Son of Black Dog and the second to Suffolk Mules from Mr J Norman of Shirwell. £71.50 to further blackfaces from Brightley Farms of Umberleigh and £71 to similar bred ewes from Mr TL Dennis of Wembworthy. Best rams to Suffolks from Mr G Dart & Sons of Molland at £79.50 and £79 respectively.

A better entry of over 100 store lambs than expected with a buoyant trade from start to finish. Best pens to £70 for Texel crosses from Mr SB Windsor of Lynton who sold Hampshire crosses to £58.

Texels from Messrs RJ & MS Radford of Mariansleigh rose to £56.50 with £55 twice; the first to Charollais crosses from Messrs Cole & Gardiner of Ash Mill and the second to Suffolk crosses from Mr LG Barriball of Kilkhampton.

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