The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, October 19, is as follows. The total stock was 6686 head.

A massive entry of 3377 store lambs, which sold to a top of £74 and averaged £55/head.

69 Dairy cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reduced entry saw a selective trade when prices were down from the highs of previous weeks. The best still exceeded £1800 to £1920 for another pedigree heifer from the Edwards “Wentlooge” herd from Newport, who also sold at £1720. Others to £1830 from PA Cleave, Bude; £1800 from A & W Vigus; £1760 from RC Taylor; £1720 from R & M Lougher & Son, Bridgend and £1680 and £1640 from FG Summerhayes & Son. Brown Swiss cross heifer £1590 from M & K Churchill & Son.

Second quality cows to £1180 from RL & ME Trott. Calves to £200 x3 from Deptford Farms.

1234 Store cattle, sucklers and stirks.

813 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an increased entry of 813 store cattle, part of 1234 with the stirks and stores, saw a bright trade for better types but ongoing difficulty for “out of spec” cattle.

Top was £1190 for two grand, warm Charolais steers (27m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son, Upottery, who also sold well grown Blue steers at £1165 (27/28m & FA). Further stronger Blues at £1070 (28m & FA) and £1040 (3x 23/24m & FA) EMC Bax, Wadebridge; £1070 again (21m & FA) and £1010 (4x 18/21m & FA) PA, IA & GA Robertson, Wotton Under Edge; £1060 (3x 27/28m & FA) Habberfield Bros, North Newton; £1055 (31/32m & FA) and £1045 (25m & FA) RF Tucker & Son, Butleigh; £1055 again (3x 25m & FA) and £1000 (3x 24/25m & FA) WP Porter & Son, East Lambrook; £1035 (2x 24m & FA) and £1020 (3x 24/25m & FA) GJ Hookway, Ilfracombe; £1025 again (4x 21/22m & FA) CWM & GN Bolt, Huntsham; £1015 (6x 23/25m & FA) DM Dyer, Yarcombe and £1005 (17m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve. Limousin steers peaked at £1065 for a fleshed type (20m & FA) from PA, IA & GA Robertson again, who sold others at £1060 (3x 19/22m & FA) £1035 (3x 18/21m & FA) and £1015 (3x 18/20m & FA). Others £1035 (2x 24m & FA) H Miller & Son, West Buckland, Devon; £1035 again (4x 19/24m & FA) EMC Bax again and £1000 (28m) MA Squire, Glastonbury. Further Charolais steers at £1015 (19m) and £1000 (18m) JG Warfield, Limington.

Native steers rose to £1095 for fleshed Herefords (3x 30/32m & FA) from Wring & Coombs, Chew Magna. Other forward Herefords at £1080 (2x 29m, FA & sires) and £990 (29m, FA & sire) RH Webb, Henley and £1010 (24m, FA & sire) H Miller & Son again. Angus steers to £1085 (24/25m, FA & sire) also H Miller & Son. Others £1040 (24m & FA) Wring & Coombs again and £1025 (7x 20/23m, FA & sire) AJ & WL Turner Ltd, Holditch.

Dairy bred steers topped at £1025 for big framed and fleshed Holsteins from Wring & Coombs again. Norwegian steers at £770 (25/26m & FA) Butterwell Farm Ltd, Chilton Polden. 32m Friesian at £745, PA Tylor again. Further framed black and whites at £730 (4x 20/22m & FA) PA, IA & GA Robertson again; £730 again (25m & FA) Wring & Coombs again and £715 (2x 24m & FA) LT Harvey & Sons, Newbridge, Wales.

Heifers sold to £1070 for fleshed Charolais (2x 27m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son again, topping both the steer and heifer sections, well done. Limousin heifers rose to £1010 (29m) MA Squire, Glastonbury. Others £990 (28m) and £895 (28m) Heal & Squire, Glastonbury; £985 (26m & FA) GR Baker & Son, Cannington; £970 (24m & FA) BJ Pepperd, Westonzoyland; £950 (27m & FA) and £900 (3x 28/29m & FA) BC Knapp, Pilning; £910 (30m & FA) PA Tylor again and £905 (3x only 17m & FA) NJ May, Westonzoyland. Blue heifers rose to £950 (3x 24/25m & FA) from GJ Hookway again, who sold others at £935 (4x 24/25m & FA) and £915 (24/25m & FA). Others £945 (3x 19/25m & FA) LT Harvey & Sons again; £935 (5x 26/27m & FA) H Miller & Son again and £900 (5x 17/21m & FA) PA, IA & GA Robertson again.

Native heifers peaked at £920 for Angus (22/23m, FA & sire) AJ & WL Turner Ltd again. Others to £880 (27m, FA & sire) H Miller & Son again. Hereford heifers sold to £880 (31m & FA) B Norman, Exton. Others £830 (3x 22/23m, FA & sire) RH & AM Turner, Stockland.

58 Suckler cows, calves and stock bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry for a second sale of the month saw a better trade for the best but more limited for older cows and weaker calves.

The bull trade proved very difficult. Limousin bulls to £1300 from NN Gollop & Son; £1280 for an Angus from TJ & SM Hobbs and £1200 x2 for Payne & Brewer.

Cows and calves to £1200 for a pedigree Limousin cow and bull calf from A Sutton, who also achieved £1100 for a cow and heifer calf. Other Limousin cows with Simmental heifer calves to £1200 from E & D Derebag & Son and £1190 for a British Blue cow (2010) with steer calf from BM Churches. A good trade for British Blue incalf heifers to £960, £920 and £900 from RT Turner & Partners.

16 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger entry of feeding cows saw a top of £735 for a Hereford cross cow from WA Ketley & Sons.

363 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry of stirks when there was not the quality forward of last week. Best quality stirks were an easier trade and the middle quality were well sold.

Top price of £830 (10m) for a British Blue steer from EA & DA Ellis, who sold others to £765 (7m) and £695 (7m). Limousin to £805 (12m) from LG Bagg & Partners, when others sold to £775 (3x 10m) and £765 (11m) from J Batten; £730 (7m) and £715 (12m) from B Jeffery; £670 (8m) from Cradock & Son; £645 (12m) from R Screech; £645 (7m) from WA Ketley & Sons and £625 (12m) from Hancock-Teesdale. Charolais to £765 x2 (10m) from NJ Cooke & Co, when others sold to £720 (7m) from B Jeffery; £635 (2x 8m) £585 (3x 5m) £560 (2x 5m) from KC & JC Heard; £610 (8m) £575 (2x 7m) from A & V Strawbridge. Simmentals to £590 (2x 6m) from EA & DA Ellis, when others sold to £550 (13m) from D Exton; £550 (12m) from Hancock-Teesdale and £545 (5m) AME & SM Nutt. Angus to £570 (9m) from A & V Strawbridge and £540 (7m) from DR Glanfield, who also sold a Hereford to £540 (8m). Other Herefords to £470 from Hancock-Teesdale.

Bulls sold to a top price of £670 (6m) for a Charolais from J Wylde. Other bulls to £495 (4x 7m) for Blondes from Colonel MW Maxse.

Heifers sold to a top price of £700 (10m) for a Limousin from J Batten, who sold further heifers to £645 (2x 11m) and £585 (3x 10m). Further Limousins to £670 (2x 11m) £585 (2x 10m) from RJ Gooding; £630 (2x 11m) £595 (9m) from B Jeffery; £590 (2x 14m) M Ogborne; £580 (2x 8m) from WA Ketley & Sons and £520 (9m) Cradock & Son.

British Blues also to £700 (8m) from EA & DA Ellis, who sold another to £670 (12m). Charolais to £650 (10m) from B Jeffery, when others sold to £590 (8m) from KC & JC Heard; £585 (2x 10m) from NJ Cooke & Co and £500 (8m) from GN Stanbury. Blonde to £635 (7m) and £535 from EA & DA Ellis. Simmentals to £635 from RS Winsor.

520 Non-export calves.

Beef Breeds (414) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good number of calves forward of mixed quality and as the trade still feels the effects of the depressed beef industry, quality calves were fought over and plain calves were a real struggle.

Top of the day £330 for a superb Blue from DW Rowe & Son. Other Blues £290 from CD Griffen and £260 from JWO Marsh & Partners. Charolais to £290 and £280 from CE Veysey. Limousins to £250 from DG Bartlett and £225 from B & P Horsey & Son. One Simmental forward to £202 from R & EJ Phillips. Best continental bulls £240 plus. Mediums and plainer types harder to place.

Heifers to £290 for a Blue from Dolau Ltd. Same Vendor £285 and £225; £220 from RA Plowright and £218 from Wookey Bros. Limousins to £210 from HT & ME Quick. Charolais to £150 from CE Veysey. Best continentals £180 plus, mediums and plainer types harder to place.

Natives to £248 (x2) for Angus bulls from Short Bros & Son and EC & LK Parker. Others £240 from E Marsh & Son and £225 from LC Curtis. Herefords to £245 and £215 from House & Sons and £190 from R & J Tibbs.

Native heifers to £145 for an Angus from Cleave Farm Partners. Others £140 from Wookey Bros. Herefords to £125 from House & Sons.

Friesians (106) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry saw a little more fight for the lower ends to a top of £118 (x2) from RJ Tucker & Sons. Others £92 from RJ & PM Whiterow and £90 from P & N Tolley & Son. Best rearing types £80 plus, mediums £30-£50 and plainer types around £25. Dairy Shorthorn £125 from BS & SG Kingson. Brown Swiss to £85 from DW Rowe & Son. Fleckvieh to £75 from T Jones. Guernsey to £72 from E Marsh & Son. Montbeliarde to £67 from R & J Cottey.

4863 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (3377)

A massive entry of 3377 store lambs saw little change in the continuing strong trade. Top price was at the same level as last week at £74 from GJ Charles. Others to £70 from AJ Bush; £69.50 from MJ & RSM Barrow and R Foot; £69 from PJ Holloway and AS Poultney & Sons; £68 from CJ David; £66 from D Tucker; £65.50 from DL & ME Gillard; £65 from MJ & RSM Barrow, GM Veysey (x2) TWT Palmer and FP Hill & Son. Overall average £55.04.

Cull Ewes & Rams (1200)

Numbers were back to average levels at 1200 cull ewes and rams, which sold to an almost identical strong trade. The best continental ewes sold to £135 from Oxbridge Farm. Other ewes to £116 from JB Pearce; £114 from M Lock; £101 from MJ Bulled; £100 from Somerset Lamb Ltd; £96 from H Carnell; £93 from BB Hooper and DA Heard; £90 from PH & ME Buckingham & Son, MJ Bulled and JB Pearce. Cull rams sold to £126 from RE Webber, when others sold to £96 from CL Popham and £92 from FJ & G Heywood & Son. Medium ewes £45-£65, plain £25-£45 and boners generally £20 plus. Overall average unchanged at £57.52.

Breeding Ewes (209)

A reasonable entry of 209 breeding ewes sold to a steady trade. Top call was £109 (x2) and £105 from LM & V Haskell for shearling North Country Mules. Older ewes sold to £98 for 4T/6T mixed breed ewes from CJ & SJ Dart. Continental shearlings to £95 from Oxbridge Farm. Others to £87 from C Martin. Overall average £82.86.

Stock Rams (52)

A large entry of 52 stock rams sold to a selective trade. A quality pen of Suffolk ram lambs sold to £360, £350 and £330 from GoFarm Ltd. Suffolk shearlings to £300 from DW & AE Enticott. A cracking FM Charollais sold to £280 from MW Ford. Texel shearlings to £260 from Oxbridge Farm. The majority of rams sold between £120 and £180. Overall average £162.17.

Goats (25)

Another small entry of 25 goats saw a billy from MF Bathard & Sons top at £140, when further billies from the same Vendor sold to £83 and £80. Others to £87 from C Ainge. Overall average £74.64.

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