The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, October 12, is as follows. The total stock was 5686 head.

A massive entry of of 1336 store cattle, stirks and sucklers and good trades all round. Huge entry of 2494 store lambs sold to £74.

113 Dairy cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another massive autumn entry saw a trade that reflected the quality on offer. Best milkers were a shade cheaper than of late, however with purchasers from Carmarthen the middle of the road cows and heifers were a shade dearer as were crossbreds.

Top price heifers to £1950, £1920, £1840 and £1700, all from AR Edwards & Son of Newport; £1820 ET Summerfield & Son, Oxford; £1760 and £1700 from Arrijan Farming, Gloucester; £1730 from R & C Taylor and £1710 from DJ Cheacker.

Only a few cows to £1430 A & MM Gregory & Sons and £1280 for an Ayrshire cow from AP Ractliffe.

Ayrshire heifers to £1500 from DH Sayer. 3 year old incalf heifer to £1110 and £1100 from OM Thomas. Others to £1000 from DG Penn & Son.

Holstein bulling heifers to £630 x2 from MGC & SM Carter. A better calf trade to £200 x2 from MJ & JN Dowding, Yeovil.

1336 Store cattle, sucklers and stirks.

686 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a slightly reduced entry at 686, yet up on last year’s equivalent week and part of a tremendous 1336 with the stirks and sucklers. Overall average improved £30 per head and some follow on loads distinctly dearer.

Top was £1220 for a forward, warm Blonde (22m & FA) from JC & PA Chapple, Musbury, who also sold grand Charolais at £1210 (19/20m & FA) and a fleshed Limousin steer (22m & FA) at £1115. Limousin steers peaked at £1165 (24m & FA) for a good red from K & M McEwen Smith, Bristol. Top drawer black Limousin (only 15m) at £1095 from J Wylde, Woolavington. 33m (FA) Limousin at £1055, JN Loosemore, Fitzhead. Best type pure Limousin steers at £1030 (only 15m & FA) and £925 (only 14m & FA) MM Gollop & Sons, Halberton; pure reds again £1025 (3x 24/27m) R Coate, Broomfield; £1020 (20m) PR & MA Hooper & Son, Looe and £1005 for a well fed black (29m & FA) from BJ Pepperd, Westonzoyland. Further better Charolais £1100 (19m) and £1005 (2x 19m) from JG Warfield, Limington; £1050 (29m & FA) RF Tucker & Son, Butleigh; £1015 (26m & FA) R Hellier & Son, Uplowman and £1005 (25m & FA) EJ Browse & Son, Halberton. Blues rose to £1080 for forward types (3x 21/22m & FA) from GJ & FL Robertson, Kingswood. Further fleshed Blues at £1040 (21/22m) from HS Fry, Long Sutton. Harder, longer term types at £1035 (6x 24/25m & FA) £1020 (6x 24/25m & FA) and £1015 (6x 24m & FA) from J May, Eastleigh.

Native steers sold to £1060 for suckler bred Angus (2x 18m, FA & sire) from JH, MB & DJ Jewell, Durston, who sold more again at £955 (2x 18m, FA & sire). Further Angus £970 (24m & FA) FH Trerise, Okehampton. Hereford steers to £955 (2x 20m) from C James, Taunton, who sold another at £950 (16m).

Dairy bred steers rose to £800 for a Friesian (32m & FA) from PA Tylor, St Keverne, who sold other Friesians at £790 (31m & FA) and £770 (31m & FA). Dairy Shorthorn at £800 (31m & FA) and Montbeliarde at £770 (32m & FA) from the same farm. Norwegian £710 (24m & FA) Butterwell Farm Ltd, Chilton Polden. Fleckvieh to £705 (18m & FA) TH Jeanes, North Curry. Further feeding Friesians at £690 (3x 25m & FA) BJ Pepperd again and feeding Holsteins to £685 (5x 23/25m & FA) Butterwell Farm Ltd again.

Heifers topped at £985 for a Blue (28m & FA) from Butterwell Farm Ltd again. Further well fleshed Blues at £940 (19m & FA) £910 (only 16m & FA) and £860 (only 14m & FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve. Further Blue heifers £940 (21m) HS Fry again; £885 (28m & FA) BC Knapp, Pilning; £885 again (23m & FA) KE & JE Hutchings & Son, Wick St Lawrence; £880 (3x 24/25m & FA) Butterwell Farm Ltd again; £860 (4x 25m & FA) and £850 (4x 25m & FA) from EJ Browse & Son again and £850 again (3x 17/23m & FA) AJ & WL Turner Ltd, Holditch. Simmental heifers sold to £980 (26m & FA) from EJ Browse & Son again. Limousin heifers rose to £960 (28m & FA) from BC Knapp again, who sold others at £845 (28/29m & FA). Good black Limousin at £935 (17m & FA) from MM Gollop & Sons again, who sold pure Limousins at £900 (2x only 15m & FA) £875 (only 15m again & FA) and £860 (only 14m & FA). Quality Limousin at £930 (17m) PR & MA Hooper & Son again. Further Limousins £880 (18m & FA) WVJ Green & Son, Wick St Lawrence; £875 (28m & FA) JN Loosemore & Son again; £860 (2x 18m & FA) DP & MG White, Dalwood and £850 (6x 29/31m & FA) PA Tylor again. Charolais peaked at £930 (29m & FA) BC Knapp again. Others £850 (25m & FA) CM Parker & IF Burnett, Templeton. Blondes to £900 twice from both BC Knapp (30m & FA) and CM Parker & IF Burnett (22m & FA).

Native heifers to £890 for a fleshed Hereford (29m, FA & sire) from BC Knapp again. Further Hereford £790 (29m) T Mitchell, Truro. Angus peaked at £860 (24m, FA & sire) from CM Parker & IF Burnett again. Others to £820 (28m, FA & sire) BC Knapp again; £805 (23/24m, FA & sire) Butterwell Farm Ltd again and £800 (22m & FA) GR Farmer, Buckland St Mary. Shorthorns at £815 (3x 28/29m & FA) BC Knapp again.

169 Suckler cows, calves and stock bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report pedigree production and reduction sales started the suckler section, when the 6 year old Simmental cow ‘Chegwidden Emma’ 3 months incalf and with her bull calf at foot ‘Kester’ topped the day at £2,152.50 for J & V Hall of Penzance, Cornwall. Cows with heifer calves at foot from the same Vendor sold to £1995 and £1890 for a 2008 born cow and January heifer calf.

E Hooper from Lanreath, Cornwall saw a very successful sale for his Trefrawl pedigree Charolais and Limousins. 18 month old Limousin bull Trefrawl Original realised £2730 and their other Limousin bull Gallaber Mars realised £2100. Their May 2018 Charolais bull Trefrawl Outlook sold for £2625. Their 60 head production sale created a lot of interest and saw their Limousin cows with bull calves at foot realised £2,047.50 x3 and cows with heifer calves at foot £1995. A strong incalf heifer trade saw the best to £1890 for daughters of ‘Wilodge HRH’. 13 maiden heifers sold to £997.50 for ‘Orangeade’ by ‘Loosebeare Lottery’, when others sold to £966 x3.

Their small entry of Charolais cattle saw the best trade of the day, when cows with Limousin cross steer and heifer calves at foot and back incalf to Sportsman Merlin sold to £1995 x3. Incalf heifers by Trefrawl Ironman and due next Spring sold to £1680, when maiden heifers rose to £1,102.50 x2.

The first ‘Lanscombe’ polled Hereford production sale for the Mitchell Family of Dorchester saw spirited bidding throughout, ‘Lanscombe 1 Ripple’ by Maxamillion and with a heifer calf at foot sold for £1,627.50 and others at £1470. Cows with bull calves sold to £1575 for another Maxamillion daughter and £1,312.50. The 2 incalf heifers both by Maxamillion sold to £1470 and £1365. Maiden heifers at £1,102.50.

In the commercial section the trade was dominated by the Congdon family, from Saltash in Cornwall, whose consignment of 16 cows, mostly British Blue calves at foot, sold to £1450 for a Limousin cross and £1430 for a Simmental cross. Other Simmentals to £1400, £1390 and £1300. Further British Blue cows from the same Vendor to £1210 and £1200. Other British Blues cows with calves at foot to £1280 from RJ & PJ Northover. Limousin cross cows with young bull calves at foot to £1280 for SK & SE Owen. Simmental heifer with bull calf at foot to £1260 for DM Barker.

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10 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested)

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report top was £680 for a Hereford cross November 2009 born cow from HJ Davis.

481 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger entry of stirks, when there were some quality consignments forward, sold to a stronger trade.

Top price was £860 (7m) for a British Blue steer from EA & DA Ellis. Further British Blues to £660 (6m) WE Biss; £610 (7m) from EA & DA Ellis again; £620 x9 (12m) S Kidston and £595 x5 (6m) from J Naish. An excellent entry of Limousin steers from L Habberfield & Sons shot to £855 x5 (8m) £850 x3 (9m) £830 x4 (8m) £825 x4 (9m) and £765 x2 (8m). Further Limousins to £825 x2 (8m) £810 (8m) £750 (7m) and £635 (6m) DW Crowcombe; £755 (11m) J Popham; £755 (10m) and £650 (9m) S & P Boyer; £740 (14m) £685 JE & LP Reason and £695 (9m) EA & DA Ellis. Simmentals to £785 x2 (12m) R Ridout, when others sold to £570 x2 RJ Shere. Charolais to £760 (12m) WG Evans and £595 (10m) D Brice. Herefords to £732 (8m) JD Lock, who sold others to £582 x2. South Devons to £630 (7m) and £610 (7m) EA & DA Ellis. Angus to £590 x2 (12m) B Vowles, when others sold to £580 Wallover Barton Partnership and £570 EA & DA Ellis.

Limousin rig to £795 (12m) JC & JCM Carroll. Bulls to £600 x4 (9m) for Herefords from OM Thomas.

Heifers sold to a top of £800 twice. Firstly for a British Blue (only 6m) from WE Biss and again £800 (12m) for a British Blue from EA & DA Ellis. Further British Blues to £640 x2 (16m) JD Lock; £590 x5 (12m) Weston Farm Ltd; £570 x2 (8m) EA & DA Ellis; £550 x4 (6m) JA Naish and £550 (7m) JW Wyatt. Limousins to £790 (7m) EA & DA Ellis who sold others to £600 (7m) £595 (7m) x3 and £585 x3 (7m). Further Limousins to £730 (10m) £655 x5 (9m) £640 (10m) £635 (9m) x4 L Habberfield & Sons; £720 (13m) JE & LP Reason; £715 x2 (15m) NJ May; £700 (10m) £610 (10m) £570 (9m) S & P Boyer; £685 (7m) £635 (8m) £580 (7m) and £555 x4 (8m) DW Crocombe. Charolais to £595 D Brice. Blonde to £640 and £580 x2 (7m) EA & DA Ellis. South Devon to £560 (7m) EA & DA Ellis. Angus to £500 (7m) EA & DA Ellis again.

478 Non-export calves.

Beef Breeds (376) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry met a similar trade of recent weeks, maybe a touch less selective for the better continentals, although on the whole a better quality entry forward. Top of £365 for a Blue from NF George, same Vendor £345 and £330. Other Blues £295 from RA Plowright; £272 from JWO Marsh & Partners and £270 from Knapp Farm Ltd. Limousins to £328 and £320 from NF George and £250 from Short Bros & Son. Charolais to £260 x2 from DJ Spratt; £260 from SM & DM Turner and £245 from CE Veysey. Simmentals to £255 and £225 from KP Silverthorne and £225 from AL & SL Dewey. Best continentals £250 plus, mediums £150-£220 and plainer types around £100.

Heifers to £200 twice for two Blues from DW Sprackman & Partners and RA Plowright. Other Blues £185 from R Lucas & Son and £180 from Grey Partnership. Charolais to £190 from PD & JL Biss and £125 from SM & DM Turner. Limousins to £168 from H & NM Wall & Sons and £140 from AK & CM Quick. Simmentals to £130 from RD Knight & Son. Best heifers £150 plus, still selective for mediums and smaller types.

Native steers to £300 for a Hereford from NF George. Others £230 from WJ Weeks & Son and £215 from East Avercombe Farm Ltd. Angus to £295 x2 and £285 from NF George. Others £208 from MA & NR Bowditch.

Native heifers to £175 for a Hereford from East Avercombe Farm Ltd. Others £150 from R Hares and £125 from PB & LM Doble. Angus to £102 from NF Clothier & Sons Ltd.

Friesians (102) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report when more Friesian calves are around at this time of year, the trade always suffers, although the best calves always meet good demand. Top of £102 from R Lucas & Son; £90 x2 from RA Plowright and £86 x3 from Padfield & Dyke. Best rearing types £60 plus, mediums £25-£50 and plainer types £5-20. Shorthorn to £255 from Padfield & Dyke. Fleckvieh to £110 from M & B Humphrey. Norwegian Red to £68 from J & D Tilbee. Montbeliarde to £65 from PJLS Farms Ltd

3580 Sheep.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (2494)

The largest entry of the Autumn thus far at 2494 store lambs sold to an equally strong trade for all forward. Top price of £74 went to FH Arscott & Son. Others to £73 from SA Rousell; £72.50 from PJ Holloway; £72 from Allercott Farming; £69 from D Tucker; £68.50 from J Harding; £67 from RP & JA Brendon and £66.50 from WJ Lawrey, G Matravers and GL Lewis. Overall average £57.10.

Cull Ewes & Rams (566)

A much smaller entry of 566 cull ewes and rams sold to another strong trade, helped by the reduced numbers and a generally better quality. The best continental ewes sold to £117.50 from DA Heard. Other ewes to £103 from H Curtis & Sons; £98 from FJ & G Heywood & Son; £95, £94 (x2) and £88 from J Harding; £91 from NR Huxter and £90 from R & J Cook.

Cull Rams sold to £118 from M Heard, when others sold to £87 from S Webber and J Tucker; £83 from C Ford and £81 from NM & CL Norris. Medium ewes £45-£65, plain £25-£45 and boners nearly all £20 plus. Overall average £57.40.

Breeding Ewes (390)

A smaller weekly entry of 390 breeding ewes sold to a selective trade, when there was firm demand for the best quality types. Top call was £120 for Suffolk Mule Shearlings from Foxhollow Farm Ltd. North Country Mule shearlings to £105 and £100 from Taylors Farm. A smart pen of flock age Texel cross ewes from H Curtis & Sons achieved £97. Others to £94 from NF Clothier & Sons Ltd. Overall average £85.19.

Stock Rams (116)

A good entry forward for our catalogued sale on the whole, which sold to a good trade, when there were plenty of buyers forward. Top price of the day went to BB & GM Morgan, Usk who sold a pen of three outstanding Suffolk ram lambs to a top of £420. The other two achieved £410 and £390. Suffolks were in demand when other 2T’s from R Holland sold to £340 and £310. J Ford, Chumleigh, had two cracking Charollais 2T rams, which sold to £320. RJ Lampard had a good run of Texel 2T’s, which sold to a top of £280, when others from the same home sold to £260 and £245. Overall clearance for the sale was 81%.

Goats (14)

A small entry of 14 goats saw two nannies, each with twins at foot, top at £120 from RH Coney. Other goats to £84 from K Odey. Overall average £47.14.

179 Pigs.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report excellent entry with good numbers forward for all classes – good trade throughout.

Weaners (68)

Large entry with two good pens of Large White and Pietrains 8 w/o sold to £32 and 11 w/o to £39. Good pen of 8 w/o weaners from R Hares to £34.

Cull Sows & Boars (22)

Strong trade with keen competition for all weights. Top of the day £213 from Mitchell & Partners and £174 from R Waldron. Higher percentage of boars forward with the best to £154 from N Zerk and £151 from J Jones.

Breeders (3)

2 Large Black gilts £136 from P Clark and £126 for 15m Duroc from AP & PC Rose.

Forward Stores (85)

Super entry sold to a wonderful trade to 10 separate fat pig buyers. A good run of Pietrain cross from J Jones to £133 and £131. J & R Hopkins pen sold to £126 and lighter weights from T Stone to £117.

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