Stags of South Molton report an increased entry of lambs this week and again a dearer trade.

Trade nationally seems to be lifting however no one is able to give any clear identification as to what the trade is going to do over the coming weeks.

All buyers were present and were all keen to secure lambs which meant trade was strong from start to finish.

There were a lot of pens in the 170’s ppk and even some over the 180ppk barrier.

Best trade was undoubtably for the 42-46kg lambs with plenty of finish.

Heavy lambs no dearer than the last couple of weeks but still good money with lighter lamb up markedly on recent weeks.

Best pens to 183ppk for a super pen of 40kg Texel crosses from Messrs AV & N Lee of Shobrooke whose second and third pens of similar lambs followed at 182ppk and 180ppk. 179ppk three times; the first to 43kg Charollais crosses from Mr LA Luxmoore of Crediton; the second and third to 42.4kg and 43kg Charollais crosses from Messrs JC & MH Isaac & Son of Rackenford.

A hat trick at 178ppk also; the first to 38.1kg Texel crosses from Mr M Jerrett of South Molton; the second to 42kg Texel crosses from Messrs RD, EN & RC Skinner of Eggesford and the third to 41.5kg Texel crosses from Mr AW Fisher & Son of Oakford.

177ppk to 46.1kg Charollais and Suffolk crosses from Mr G Mills & Partners Ltd of Witheridge with 176ppk three times; the first to 41.5kg Charollais crosses from Mr R Greed of South Molton; the second to 42.1kg Texel crosses from Mr SA Willis of Prixford and the third to 48.2kg Charollais crosses from Mr R Irwin of Kings Nympton.

175ppk three times; the first to 42.2kg Charollais crosses from Mr G Webster of Umberleigh; the second to 42.8kg Charollais crosses from Mr NJ Sharland of Braunton and the third to 42.5kg Charollais crosses from Messrs GF & PJ Warne of Umberleigh.

Top of the day at £90 to a pair of 55kg Texel crosses from Mr R Irwin of Kings Nympton closely followed at £89.80 to 57.3kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs Parsonage Farms of Chulmleigh.

£89.50 to 57kg Texel crosses from Messrs JC & ME Barnes & Son of North Buckland with £88 twice; the first to 64kg Charollais crosses from Mr MJ Avery of Yarnscombe and the second to 56.6kg Charollais crosses from Mr GJB Heal of High Bickington.

£87 three times; the first to 52kg Charollais crosses again from Mr Irwin; the second to 56.5kg Charollais crosses from Messrs P & J Ley of Alverdiscott and the third to 53.5kg Charollais crosses from Messrs DJ & RA Woollacott of Yarnscombe.

£86.50 twice; the first to 56kg Charollais crosses from Mr R Trenaman of Ashreigney and the second to 56kg Texel crosses from Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone.

£85 seven times; the first three to Mr Irwin being 54kg Suffolk crosses and two pens of 48kg and 50kg Charollais crosses; the fourth and fifth to Messrs Lucas & Ridge of Chulmleigh with a pen of 56kg Blue Faced Leicesters and 56kg Suffolk; the sixth to 52.8kg Charollais crosses again from Messrs Woollacott and the seventh to 56kg Suffolk from Messrs Bray. £84.50 to 50.5kg Texel crosses from Mr FJ Sing of Mariansleigh

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A smaller entry of cull sheep compared to last week but still a healthy number.

Trade pretty similar to previous weeks, although the odd pen looked back on last week.

Mules probably back overall £2-3 per head and not too many ‘best’ ewes forward.

Good grazing ewes still making plenty of demand and the very plain ewes would even be a touch dearer.

Topping the day at £96 for a Pure Charollais from Mrs FE Tucker of South Molton with a Pure Suffolk from Mr NJ Sharland of Braunton at £94.

£86.50 to Suffolk Mules from Mr RL Ash of Okehampton with a Texel from Mr G Webster of Umberleigh at £85. £80.50 to Mrs Tucker’s second pen of Charollais’ closely followed at £80 from Mr Sharland’s second pen of Suffolk Mules.

£78 to Suffolk Mules from Mrs M Tapp of Molland with similar bred ewes from Messrs CP & CA Guscott of Dulverton at £76.

£75.50 twice; the first to Suffolk Mules from Mr AT Tarr & Son of South Molton and the second to Texels from Mr DP Kiff of Muddiford.

£75 to a Texel again from Mr Ash closely followed at £74.50 to another Texel from Mr Kiff. £73 twice; both to Suffolk cross pens from Mr Kiff and Mr RE Latham of North Molton.

£71 to Suffolk Mules from Mr GR Lane of Barnstaple. Best rams to £75 for a Charollais from Mr G Mills & Partners Ltd of Witheridge.