2 Minute Farmer, a project spearheaded by Duchy College’s Rural Business School, is running two social events for farmers in Cornwall.

The project's mission is to help farmers assess and improve their farms in two minute bursts, unpacking complex issues into bite-sized chunks.

The events include a bar and free pasties, and are aimed at getting people talking. There will be a couple of short talks to give snippets of advice on some of the 2 Minute Farmer topics. One of the talks will be given by Jon James from Farming Health Hub.

The project wants to talk to a whole range of farmers to include small family farms, top performers, and those who are really struggling. They want to help farmers break down challenges, and help them along the way to finding a solution.

Complex issues that the project aims to address include:

• Improving work life balance

• Encouraging farms to plan for the future by putting succession plans in place

• Improving farmer wellbeing

• Understanding requirements and changes to legislation

More information about the project can be found on www.2minutefarmer.co.uk

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The west Cornwall event takes place on October 16 from 7-10pm at the Royal Standard Pub, Gwinear, TR27 5JL.

The East Cornwall event is on October 17 from 7-10pm at Eliot House, Liskeard, PL14 3AU.

The events are free. To book a ticket online, email 2minutefarmer@duchy.ac.uk or call 01579 372424.

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