The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, October 5, is as follows. The total stock was 6292 head.

Brighter store cattle, store lamb and cull ewe trades.

99 Dairy cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another large entry to include 72 milkers saw a better than expected trade for the best and medium quality cattle.

The lower end proved more difficult to sell. The real high prices of a month ago were not maintained but the trade was respectable when heifers sold to £1,950 for ET Summerfield & Son and £1,950 & £1920 for M & K Churchill & Son.

£1,920 for a “Gladwake” heifer bred by W & P Ives from Basingstoke for Deptford Farms. £1,910 RJ Goss & Son; £1,820 & £1,750 AR Edwards & Son; £1,800 & £1,670 for A & W Vigus.

A good run of commercial cows to £1,970, £1,940, £1,910 & £1,760 for E & V Kidner, Chippenham. Others to £1,780, £1,680 and £1,600 Deptford Farms and £1,660 RL & ME Trott.

In-calf heifers to £1,380, £1,360 x2 for E & V Kidner. Crossbred heifers to £950 for Diepenbrook Farms Ltd.

A disappointing calf trade to £160 for Deptford Farm.

1093 Store cattle, sucklers and stirks.

777 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a shorter entry, more buyers in attendance and a brighter trade as a consequence. 786 stores, part of 1,093 with the stirks sold to a top of £1,225 for four grand feeding Simmental steers (20/24m, FA) from JC & PA Chapple, Musbury, who also sold a Blue (21m, FA) at £1,200, a further Simmental (19m, FA) at £1,180, a Limousin (23m, FA) at £1,090 and a Charolais (20m, FA) at £1,090 (20m, FA). Charolais steers topped at £1,095 (3 x 24m, FA) from ET Summerfield & Son, Oxford, who sold others at £1,075 (2 x 24m, FA). More Charolais at £1,085 (3 x 19/20m) JG Warfield, Limmington and £1,050 (23m, FA) Mrs DM Dyer, Yarcombe.

Quality pure-bred Simmental steers rose to £1,075 (only 16m, FA) from PJ & B Olds, Falmouth, who sold another at £980 (17m, FA). More again at £1,020 (2 x 20m, FA) Mrs DM Dyer again; £1,020 (2 x 19/20m) G Wall, East Huntspill and £1,015 (19m) for a well grown type from L Strong, Bampton. A run of good Blue steers from J May, Eastleigh sold well at £1,065 (3 x 24/25m, FA) £1,055 (3 x 24m, FA) £1,040 (6 x 24/25m, FA) £1,035 (6 x 24/25m, FA) £1,030 (25m, FA) and £1,005 (2 x 24m, FA). Further good Blue steers £1,055 (3 x 20/21m, FA) CWM & GN Bolt, Huntsham; £1,050 (2 x 24m, FA) SC May, Newton Tracey; £1,015 (3 x 24/25m) RW Rich & son, Yarcombe; £1,005 (2 x 22/24m) MB & DA Thorne, Othery and £1,000 (22m, FA) Mrs DM Dyer again. Further Limousin steers to £1,000 (20m, FA) also Mrs DM Dyer.

Native steers peaked at £1,070 for fleshed Angus (18/21m, FA, sires) from HC Derryman & Sons, Yarcombe, who sold others at £1,050 (23/26m, FA, sire) and £1,005 (20/22m, FA, sire). Further well grown Angus £1,055 (23m) HW Thorne, Othery; £1,055 again (23m, FA, sire) RH & AM Turner, Stockland; £1,040 (26m, sire) EM Burridge, West Buckland and £1,000 (only 14/16m, FA, sires) A & J Davies, St Hilary. Hereford steers sold to £1,015 (25m, FA, sire) from RJ Edwards, Pawlett, who sold another at £980 (also 25m, FA, sire).

Dairy bred steers improved to £1,055 for Normandys (2 x 17m, FA) from PF Popham, East Lyng, who sold others at £915 (also 2 x 17m, FA). Norwegian steers at £940 (3 x 22/24m, FA) DT & GM Patch, Whitestaunton. Further Norwegian steers at £875 (23m) MB & DA Thorne again; £770 (27m, FA) RF & JK Cox & Son, Chilton Polden. Friesian steers peaked at £880 (25m, FA) DT & GM Patch again. Others £780 (25m) and £735 (25m) AP Ractliffe, Gloucester; £740 (17/21m, FA) IR Worth, Shirwell and £670 (23/24m, FA) BAC & HM Trim, Combe Raleigh. Swedish steer at £825 (24m, FA) DT & GM Patch again. Fleckvieh steers to £775 (25m, FA) DA Smoldon, Umberliegh, who sold another at £730 (26m, FA). Others £675 (only 14m, FA) JC Edwards, Drimpton. Holstien steers to £770 (3 x 22/23m, FA) DA Smoldon again, who sold others at £730 (21m, FA) and £650 (5 x 21/24m, FA).

Heifers sold to £1,085 for a quality black Limousin (19m, FA) from PA Strawbridge, Offwell, who sold further best type suckler bred Limousins at £1,065 (2 x 23/24m, FA) and £1,030 (17m, FA). Fleshed Limousins at £980 (18m, FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve, £975 (21m, FA) ET Summerfield & son again and £960 (28m, FA) PF Popham again. Further best feeding Limousins at £855 (only 15m) W Simmons, Wells and £850 (24m, FA) JS Hardwidge, Nailsea. Fleshed Blue heifers peaked at £1,005 (2 x 24m, FA) SC May Newton Tracey; £980 (only 16m, FA) £975 (only 16m, FA) and £890 (18m, FA) SER Hunt again. Further stronger Blues £975 (28m, FA) JS Hardwidge again; £935 (28m, FA) PF Popham again; £925 (4 x 21/23m) HS Fry, Long Sutton and £880 (24m, FA) SC May again. Charolais peaked at £910 (26m, FA) P & P Chapman, Charmouth. Others £870 (19m) JG Warfield, Limington.

Native heifers topped at £910 for an Angus (19m, FA, sire) from J Read & Co, Taunton. Further Angus £850 (21/24m, FA, sire) RH & AM Turner, Stockland; £820 (26m, FA, sire) P & P Chapman again and £810 (3 x 24m, FA, sire) RF & JK Cox & Son again. South Devon heifers to £865 (29m, FA) CRG Wall, East Huntspill, who sold steers at £805 (2 x 29m, FA). Fleckvieh heifer at £890 (27m, FA) from JC Edwards again.

2 Suckler cows, calves and stock bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a weekly entry on offer topped at £630 for a Devon cow (29M) and her Devon heifer calf (1M) from B & AR Tippetts.

9 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a top of £810 for a 2011 born British Blue cow from P Wall.

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305 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a similar size entry to last week’s was met with a stand on trade. Best cattle were met with keen bidding, being younger cattle of the right size for their age. Older cattle, small for their age were still challenging. Top price went to JE & LP Reason for a bunch of well reared Shorthorn steers at £840 (4x 14m). A superb consignment from MJ & RSM Barrow saw a Limousin steer (13m) to £835, when others from the same farm sold to £825 (4x 13m) £800 (2x 13m) £780 (9m) £745 (2x 11m) £695 (2x) and £645 (2x). Few strong Simmentals forward saw the best to £710 from R & J Cook (4x). Charolais to £650 (15m) from J Kramer, who sold another to £550. Angus steers £635 from PH & DA Winter. Few other strong Angus forward. British Blues to £605 (2x 14m) from P Smith, who others at £585, £570 and £560. Herefords to £508 (2x 10m) from MF Fry and £495 (3x 5/6m) from BH Chapman & Son.

Heifers were topped again by MJ & RSM Barrow with a 13m Limousin to £720. Others £640 (2x 13m) £620 and £570 from the same vendor. Further Limousins to £705 from JE & LP Reason and £590 from Wallover Barton Partnership. Charolais to £690 MJ & RSM Barrow and £500 (2x 16m) from J Kramer. South Devons to £570 and £470 from Wallover Barton Partnership. Blues (2x 17m) to £570, SM Payne. Others £565 (13m) P Smith. Angus to £450 (9m) PH & DA Winter.

Well fleshed Holstein Friesians to £475 (17m) J Kramer.

519 Non-export calves. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following calf trade:

Beef Breeds (404) – not able to be exported from market

A large entry of calves were of very mixed quality at a time when only the best are in demand. There were many medium calves that looked easily bought at low levels. Beef farmers who are achieving disappointing results at the store and finished prices can switch back on and restock at these prices. There is very little risk.

The best calves as always in keen demand to £335 for a cracking Charolais from CE Veysey, same vendor £300; £290 PJLS Farms Ltd. Blues to £320 & £300 for G & A Edwards; £282 JWO Marsh & Partners; £280 TW & JC Cross. Limousins to £255 for PW MA & RJ Bell; £225 AJ & DM Peters. Best Continental bulls £260 plus.

Heifers to £268 for a Blue from MC Powell. Other Blues £228 RJ Edwards; £220 CG Raymont & Partners; £215 JWO Marsh & Partners. Limousins to £222 Baker & Son. Charolais to £180 & £175 for SJ Hall & Son. Best Blue heifers achieving £200 plus. Other best continentals £180 plus.

Natives to £245 for a Hereford from NL Reeves & Sons; £230 LH JE SJ Lyons; £220 WJ Weeks & Son. Angus to £235 for LS KM CJ Davies; £202 DW Rowe & Son; £200 O Kelway.

Native heifers to £205 for a Devon from SJ Hall & Son. Angus to £160 & 155 CG Raymont & Partners. Herefords to £125 x2 Foxcombe Farm Somerset.

Friesians (115) – not able to be exported from market

A good entry of 115 dairy sired bull calves met a slightly improved trade for the medium calves. Top of £130 GJ & JM Boyer. £88 AE Allen & Sons; £85 GJ & JM Boyer; £82 RD Willcox. Best rearing calves £80 plus, mediums £30-50. A lot of smaller calves forward £5-25. Fleckvieh to £195 RF & BA Larcombe. Montebeliarde to £100 for PJLS Farms Ltd. Norwegian to £67 Dillington Farms. Dairy Shorthorn to £44 Williams PFA.

4581 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trade:

Store Lambs (2331)

A much larger entry of 2331 store lambs sold to a dearer trade again, for all presented. The best sold to £80 from NJ Durrant and AS Cowling; £75 from GW King; £74.50 from R Chaddock and R Wall; £74 from FJ Broom & Partners and £72.50 from PJC Runyeard. Medium ranged £55-65, very small nearly all £30 plus. Overall average £55.67.

Cull Ewes & Rams (1045)

A much smaller entry of 1045 cull ewes and rams after last week’s difficult trade, sold to a much stronger trade for all presented, helped by a reduction in the number of very plain types. The best sold to £132 from Jamie’s Farm; £127 from G Dart & Son; £115 from TK Marsh; £108 from CMP Perry; £93 from CH Bisdee & Son; £89.50 from R Wall; £87.50 from ER Gillbard; £87 from J & E Nuttall; £85.50 from Messrs Urch and £85 from J May. Medium ewes £45-65, plain £30-45, boners nearly all £20 plus.

Rams sold to £124 from C Martin; £100 from D Pocock; £95 from AB & R Dodgson; £90 from M Naish and £88 from M House and DEV & RE Crossman. Overall average £49.09.

Breeding Ewes (1128)

A large entry of 1128 Breeding Ewes and Ewe lambs sold to a steady trade. Top call was £126 from BV & SM Johnson for Texel Mule Shearlings. Suffolk Mule shearlings to £120 (x3) from Foxhollow Farm Ltd. Exmoor Mules to £116 from A Williams. North Country Mule shearlings to £111 from NF Clothier & Sons. Ewe lambs to £78 (x2) for Suffolk Mules from MJ & RSM Barrow. Overall average £85.56.

Stock Rams (63)

A bigger entry this week overall selling to a good trade with a fantastic following of buyers. Top price went to R & MF Rottenbury & Son, Oxenleaze Farm who has two pens of quality Texel 2T with the best achieving £380 others to £340 and £320 NF Clothier & Sons Ltd, Home Farm also had a good run of Charollais as they have in recent weeks with the best-selling to £285 for two 6T’s and 2T’s to £200. Suffolks sold to £255.

Goats (14)

A small entry of goats sold to £88 from Haberfield Park Farm and £79 from KF Romain to average £53.

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