The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, September 28, is as follows. The total stock was 6193 head.

A very full market. Best dairy heifers to £2,030. Store cattle to £1,240.

124 Dairy cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the weekly numbers continue to rise at Sedgemoor and the exceptional trade continues with three heifers over £2,000 to £2,030 and £2,000, £1,860 and £1,840 all from R Maskell & Partners of Carmarthen.

With many more purchasers around the ring the medium quality heifers saw an improved trade on the week but they still look good value.

Others to £2,000 from R Willcox; £1,930 from LG Bagg & Partners; £1,930 from BG & M Hutchings; £1,920 from East Avercombe Farm Ltd; £1,860 from R & M Lougher & Son, Bridgend; £1,840 from Snook Ltd and £1,810 from ET Summerfield & Son.

Only a sprinkling of cows to £1,340 from MB & CJN Ayre. Three year old in-calf heifers to £1,060 from J Keedwell. British Friesian bulling heifers to £650 x3 from JA Healey & P Major. April calving heifers to £870 from B & M Hayball & Son. Calves to £130 x2 from MJ & JM Dowding.

1264 Store cattle, sucklers and stirks.

937 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an increased entry after a wet week at 937 store cattle, part of 1264 with the stirks, sucklers and grazing cows. Trade was extremely quality sensitive as buyers face an ongoing depressed finished trade.

Top was £1,240 for a very well grown Limousin steer (28m & FA) from BJ Pepperd, Westonzoyland, who sold further best type Limousin steers at £1155 (25m & FA) and £1,140 (26m & FA). Fleshed dairy bred Limousin steers at £1,125 (3x 18/20m & FA) from GJ & FL Robertson, Wotton-Under-Edge. Best feeding Limousins at £1,095 (18m & FA) and £1,090 (22/23m & FA) from JC & PA Chapple, Musbury. Further stronger Limousin steers £1,075 (27m & FA) IR Worth, Shirwell; £1,070 (26m & FA) and £1,055 (25m & FA) ET Summerfield, Oxford and £1,025 (25/28m) HD Harding, Banwell. Well grown Blonde feeding steer at £1,205 (23m & FA) from JC & PA Chapple again. Simmental steers peaked at £1,095 (3x 22/24m) from J Cockburn, Wadeford. Further well bred Simmentals at £1,035 (2x & FA) and £1,005 (6x & FA) all only 18m from R Watts, Bottreaux Mill. Blue steers rose to £1,072 (7x & FA) for big framed types from SC May, Newton Tracey, who sold others at £1,005 (6x & FA) all 23/24m. Further well reared Blues at £1,020 (3x 22m & FA) from AW Selley & Son, Ash Mill. Charolais steers to £1,065 (25m & FA) £1,050 (28m & FA) and £1,040 (25/27m & FA) from ET Summerfield & Son again. More good store Charolais again at £1,030 (23m & FA) MJ Patch, Monkton; £1,020 (20m & FA) and £1,005 (17m & FA) NG Biffen, Wellington; £1,020 (29m & FA) R Hellier & Son, Uplowman and £1,015 (23/25m) HD Harding, Banwell.

Native steers to £1,050 for Angus (4x 25/27m, FA & sires) from HC Derryman & Sons, Yarcombe, who sold others at £990 (5x 25/27m & FA). Further better Angus £1,030 (22/23m & FA) H Burrows & Sons, Woolacombe; £985 (4x 19/22m, FA & sires) DH & RJ Wall, Lympsham; £980 (26m, FA & sire) and £950 (3x 22/23m & FA) Highwood Farm Partners, Cotleigh and £955 (5x 16/18m & sire) SJ Crossman, Long Sutton. Hereford steers sold to £1,000 (25/26m, FA & sires) from P & P Chapman, Charmouth.

Dairy bred steers topped at £935 for superb Fleckvieh (23/24m & FA) from HC Derryman & Sons again, who sold others at £915 (20/21m & FA) and £765 (19m & FA) Friesians at £805 (2x 24m & FA) and £765 (19m & FA) and Norwegian steers at £935 (26m & FA) £805 (25/26m & FA) and £800 (26m & FA). Further Fleckvieh £845 (21/23m & FA) JC Edwards, Drimpton. Further Friesians and Swedish at £765 (26/29m & FA) from RJ Willcox, Kenn. Holstein steers sold to £735 (29m & FA) and £680 (8x 21/29m & FA) from D & I Dyer, Yarcombe; £720 (4x 22/23m & FA) H Burrows & Sons again and £695 (2x 24m & FA) A & P Bradford, Bawdrip..

Heifers topped at £1,060 for a top drawer Limousin (29m & FA) from NM & CL Norris, Kilton, who sold further very smart Limousins at £980 (23m & FA) and £975 (26m & FA). Further best type Limousins at £1,040 (28m & FA) and £995 (2x 24m & FA) from PA Strawbridge, Offwell. Younger, shapely Limousins at £930 (2x 17m & FA) from WD & AM Jamison and £905 (18m & FA) R Watts again. Simmental heifers rose to £980 (28m & FA) from CJ Child & Son, Berkeley. Other good Simmentals to £920 (23m) J Cockburn & Partners again. Blues to £960 (24m & FA) from D & I Dyer again, who sold another at £910 (23m & FA). Others at £950 (24m & FA) RH & AM Turner, Stockland; £925 (only 17m & FA) WJ Bown, Catcott and £900 (22m & FA) Arscott Partners, Upottery. Blonde heifers at £950 (25/26m) HD Harding again and £940 (28m & FA) NM & CL Norris again. Charolais to £940 (23m & FA) MJ Patch again.

Native heifers rose to £830 for a Hereford (24m, FA & sire) from RH & AM Turner again. Angus to £805 (3x 28/29m & FA) from M Besley, West Monkton.

30 Suckler cows, calves and stock bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger weekly entry on offer topped at £960 for a Charolais cow (03.09) and her Limousin cross steer calf (30.06.19) from S Tundley.

8 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report top was £600 for a Saler, July 2010 born cow from Westcott Farms.

297 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger entry forward as the autumn numbers begin to build, which was met by a brighter trade especially for quality. Top price was £895 for a 7m show potential Limousin cross steer from EA & DA Ellis, who had another to £750 (8m). Other Limousin steers to £850 (10m) from RJ Gooding and £700 (8m) x3 from C Jones. Blonde steers to £890 (11m) also from RJ Gooding, who sold others at £825 and £685. Others to £785 from EA & DA Ellis. British Blue steers to £820 (10m) and £800 again from EA & DA Ellis. Few strong Angus forward when the best topped at £725 (7m) from P Willis, when others sold to £608 (7m) x2 and £590. Simmentals to £770 (9m) x3 from BK Hockey and a bunch of 6 (5m) from AJ & TLJ Hawkins to £565. Charolais to £695 (8m) from J Wilkins, when another sold to £555.

Other Limousins to £755 (8m) and £730 (10m) from EA & DA Ellis; £640 (12m) from Westcott Farms; £550 (9m) x2 from C Jones. Blue heifers to £580 (10m) again from EA & DA Ellis; £510 (13m) Westcott Farms and £475 (7m) from JH Coombes. Charolais to £525 again from Westcott Farms. Herefords to £480 (10m) x2 from MF Fry.

504 Non-export calves.

Beef Breeds (387) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another steady trade as all markets feel the lack of enthusiasm in the sector. The best calves are still keenly sought to top at £375 for a Charolais from PD & JL Biss. Others £344 from KF & LW Mitcham and £340 from CE Veysey. Blues to £360 from SE & TL Lye; £335 from CD Griffin & Partners and £335 and £330 from Brue Farms Ltd. Simmentals to £270 twice from DA & WG Jones and RA Plowright. Messrs Jones also £250 and £238. Limousins to £240 from B & P Horsey & Son and £225 from GF & DV Bussell. Best continentals £280 plus, mediums and plainer types very selective.

Heifers sold to £362 for a superb suckler bred Limousin from EA & DA Ellis. Other Limousins £280 from SE & TL Lye and £170 from GF & DV Bussell. Simmentals to £205 and £198 from DA & WG Jones and £185 from DG Ham. Charolais to £185 from SM & DM Turner and £180 from CE Veysey.

Natives to £250 for a Hereford from GG Dyer. Others £210 from KJ & SC Grabham and £185 from M & K Churchill & Son. Angus to £248 from EC & LK Parker; £230 x4 from RA Plowright and £230 from LC Curtis.

Native heifers to £220 x6 for Angus from RA Plowright and £120 from LS, KM & CJ Davies. Herefords to £175 x2 from AJ Foot and £155 from GG Dyer.

Friesians (117) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good number of dairy sired bull calves met limited demand with a lot of small and medium calves forward. Top of £95 from ES Triggol. Others £88 and £85 from PD & JL Biss and £78 MJ Frampton & Sons. Best types £50 plus, mediums £25-35 and plainer types under £15.

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4124 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (1902)

A slightly reduced entry of 1902 store lambs of varying quality sold to a noticeably firmer trade despite a lack of stronger lambs. Top price of £72 went to a smart pen from T Webber. Others to £71 from MD Burrough; £70 from P Gibbons, MD Irish and J Turney; £69.50 from AC Coutts; £67 from R Hooper & Sons and WE Yeates & Son; £66 from RJ Taylor and RB Macklin; £65.50 from MD Burrough and £65 from Andrew Ford Farming and FP Hill & Son (x2). Overall average up to £54.88.

Cull Ewes & Rams (1581)

A larger entry of 1581 cull ewes and rams sold to a more difficult trade, due to a combination of buyer apathy and a general lack of quality. Best of the continental ewes sold to £91.50 from H Groves. Other ewes to £81.50 from GR Baker & Son; £80 from ER James; £79.50 from DA Heard; £78 (x2) from SD Ives; £75.50 (x2) and £75 from RM & FR Thorne; £74.50 from AJ Hunt; £74 from ME Carnford and £73 from GB & MA Holloway (x2) and NF Newman. Cull rams sold to £105 from RC & WP Goodfellow, when others sold to £95 from PD Arscott; £94 from C Ford and £90 from AR Williams and S Graham. Medium ewes £35-£55, plainer types £15-£35 and boners generally £10 plus. Overall average down to £43.82.

Breeding Ewes (552)

A huge entry of 552 breeding ewes for a non catalogued sale sold to a very selective trade when all stock presented traded at lower levels than previous weeks. Beltex cross Charollais shearlings to £120 from R Crang. Texel cross shearlings to £100 from PH & ME Buckingham & Son. Texel cross older ewes to £100 from SD Ives, who sold others at £98. Overall average £64.64, which includes a high proportion of older ewes, selling at much lower levels.

Stock Rams (42)

A good entry of 42 breeding rams sold to a decent trade, when more than 80% found new homes. A fine Suffolk shearling sold to £410 from LAJ England, who sold a Charollais for £350 and a Texel for £260. Other Charolais to £310 and £300 from DJ Barker. Overall average £179.35.

Goats (47)

An almost identical entry of 47 goats sold to £77 from AJ Bush. Others to £69.50 from DCW & DA Verney & Sons; £60 from AM & RW Davies; £59 from C Ainge and £49.50 from AJ Bush. Overall average £53.86.

177 Pigs. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another very good entry sold to a competitive strong trade throughout.

Weaners (58)

Strong bidding for all lots. Top of the day £45 and £44 for 2 pens of Pietrain cross 8 w/o from G Blake. Others to £37 for 8-10 w/o from R Hares. Overall average £28.98.

Cull Sows & Boars (14)

Good lively trade the best from FH Chave & Son to £224. A good number made £150 plus. Boars to £132 from BS Newth. Overall average for all boars £127.33.

Breeders (8)

Two inpig sows sold to £136 from D Green. Smaller gilts to £96 from S Jones.

Forward Stores (54)

Another very good entry when the stand out pen of 85kg pigs from FH Chave & Son sold to £127. Others to £122 for a good run of pigs from J Baker and £121 from T Stone.

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