Stags of South Molton report a larger entry of lambs forward met another unfortunate ease in the trade.

A greater number of lambs exceeding the 47kg plus range brought the average down.

The best trade per kilo would have been seen for the 43-46kg lambs which are available for export. Plenty of lambs showing the weather and again more leaner lambs coming forward which doesn’t help the average.

It is still very difficult to predict what the trade could be like in the next three weeks let alone three months. Top of the day today at £90 to 68kg Charollais crosses from Messrs Parsonage Farms of Chulmleigh with £87 to 60.5kg Suffolk crosses from the same vendor. Closely followed at £86.80 to 55.7kg Texel crosses from Messrs JC & ME Barnes & Son of North Buckland with £85.80 to 58kg Charollais crosses from Messrs CJ & SE Ley of Burrington.

£85 to 57kg Texel crosses from Messrs Roberts & Phillips of Dulverton with £82.80 to 57kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs TJ & JC Pincombe of Chulmleigh. Messrs Parsonage Farm’s third pen of 54.7kg Charollais crosses rose to £82 whilst their other pen of 55.1kg Suffolk crosses followed closely at £81.80 £81 to 54.8kg Texel crosses from Mr RW Tapp & Son of South Molton with 53.2kg Charollais crosses from Messrs DJ & RA Woollacott of Yarnscombe at £80.

Best pens to 167ppk to 43.8kg Charollais crosses from Messrs BJ & CJ Rowland of Mariansleigh.

165ppk twice; the first to 44.8kg Charollais crosses from Mrs S King of Croyde and the second to 44.4kg Charollais crosses from Mr AW Selley of Ash Mill. 164ppk four times; the first to 44.2kg Texel crosses from Messrs MJ & DM Lake of South Molton; the second to 44.3kg Charollais crosses from Messrs DL & JM Bray & Son of Knowstone; the third to 44.7kg Texel crosses from Messrs D & L Folland of Barnstaple and the fourth to 44kg Texel crosses from Messrs TJ & L Gould of West Anstey.

163ppk also achieved four times; the first to 45.5kg Charollais crosses from Mr DJ Govier & Partners of Chulmleigh; the second to 44.4kg Texel crosses from Mrs CT Jones of South Molton; the third to 43kg Texel crosses from Mr JE Blackmore of Brayford and the fourth to 42.6kg Texel crosses from Mr SA Willis of Prixford. 162ppk four times; the first to 45kg Charollais crosses from Mr AW Fisher & Son of Oakford; the second to 42.5kg Texel crosses from Mr SRJ Snell of Ashreigney; the third to 45.6kg Charollais crosses from Messrs CJ & SE Ley of Burrington and the fourth to 45.8kg Dorset crosses from Messrs GR & MA Cox of Witheridge.

An increased entry in cull sheep this week with a larger proportion being very plain and small. With so many ewes coming forward across the country buyers are becoming fussier, which has resulted in many mules and overfat ewes being discounted and therefore harder to sell. Overall trade very similar to the last two weeks for the medium and better ewes however the smaller, plainer ewes less again. Top of the day at £90 for a pure Texel from Mr FC Reed & Sons of North Molton with £80 twice for Mrs S May of Ashford, the first pen being a pure Suffolk with the second to a pair of pure Charollais. £76.50 to Suffolk crosses from Mrs M Tapp of South Molton closely followed at £76 for further blackfaces from Mr L Gillbard & Son of Black Dog. £74.50 to Suffolk mules from Mrs S King of Croyde with £73.50 twice; both to similar bred ewes from Messs GJ & SM Down of High Bickington and Messrs CJ & SE Ley of Burrington. £71.50 to Texels from Mr RE Latham of North Molton with £71 to further Texels from Mr Reed’s second pen. £70 to other whitefaces from Messrs Temuka Ltd of Meshaw. Best rams to £83.50 to a Texel from Mr MJ Holman of Little Torrington.

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