By Daniel Angelini, Adver_Daniel, Reporter

SPEED checks have been carried out on a Purton road near Swindon where cars have crashed into a farmer's garden.

Tim Handy of The Pry has had eight cars smash into his fence over the last 18 months and urged the council to take preventative measures.

Since then, the police have carried out speed checks and Purton Parish Council is pushing to have the road resurfaced.

Councillor Jacqui Lay said: "The police did speed checks and I believe they intend to do more. I really think it is mainly a speed issue – going too fast around a bend on a wet road.

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"The problem with signage is that it can distract a driver, if they bother to look at the signs, plus they are often hit and cause even more damage.

"Unfortunately, because of the usage of the road as a through route it cannot have traffic calming. There are a lot of very large lorries using the route plus it is the official diversion route for the A419 when that is closed.

"Having a lower speed limit might be one solution as it would give an indication to most drivers that there is a reason for a slower speed but there will always be those who speed."

Originally published in the Swindon Advertiser

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