Waitrose & Partners is proving that the beautiful game really is a game of two ‘calves’ with the re-use of artificial grass, which has been previously used for training by top sporting institutions, for its dairy herds.

Artificial turf from the top flight is being transferred to some of Waitrose & Partners’ dairy farmers to create ‘Cow Tracks’ which are dedicated pathways to the grazing fields.

The turf’s grass-like and all-weather qualities provide soft, cushioned and dry walkways which can help to reduce lameness and maintain ‘hoof health’ by helping to clean hooves as the herd walks.

Waitrose & Partners agriculture manager, Duncan Sinclair, said: "We’re always looking at ways to improve our animal welfare even further and are thrilled that our very own golden hooves are being treated to the same level of surface as some of the best sporting professionals in the world."

Waitrose & Partners are holders of the Good Dairy award from Compassion in World Farming. Waitrose & Partners dairy cows graze for an industry-leading 120 days as a minimum and is the only retailer to make this pledge.

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