The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) is holding its second Asian Hornet Week this week, (Sept 9 to 15), and is calling on farmers and landowners to get involved in the search for this invasive species.

Since 2016 there have been a total of 15 confirmed sightings of the Asian Hornet, that could have a negative effect on honeybees, in England and six nests have been destroyed.

There have been two sightings this year, and in each case, they were spotted and reported by a member of the public.

Anne Rowberry, who is the BBKA’s Asian Hornet coordinator, said: “ We are asking everyone to be vigilant in looking out for this alien species, the Asian Hornet, Vespa velutina . It could decimate our pollinators, including our honey bees, it is important to

have everyone actively looking for it. It’s not just a beekeeping problem.”

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The risk of an active Asian Hornet nest being found in the UK is negligible during the colder winter months, but higher during the summer and autumn. As the leaves fall from the trees you may be able to spot a disused nest.

It is crucial you report any possible sightings so experts can take quick and effective action to eradicate Asian Hornets. The email to send photos and reports to is:

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