The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, 7 September, is as follows. The total stock was 5700 head.

Fresh milk dairy heifers to £2120 and an immense trade for cows to £2010.

87 Dairy cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good number of dairy met another excellent trade when nine met and exceeded the £2000 barrier up to a top of £2120 for a pedigree heifer from AR Edwards, Newport, that was giving 33kgs. The same Vendor also took the top priced cow at £2010.

Other heifers to £2080 and £2040, which also originated from Wales from Vendors R Maskell & Partners, Carmarthen. RC Taylor and Snook Ltd sold to £2040 and MC Powell achieved £2020. British Friesian heifers sold to £1500 from A Ractcliffe.

An immense trade for the cows as previously reported to £2010. Same Vendor sold to £2000. Others £1960 from DGIT Jones; £1940 from DWT & EG Jones; £1840 x2 from RL & ME Trott and RJ Goss & Son. 7 year old British Friesian cows to £1180.

Yearlings topped at £400 from IJ Partridge. Calves sold to £200 x3 from RL & ME Trott and DGIT Jones.

1217 Store cattle, sucklers and stirks.

869 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the first of the bigger Autumn entries saw 869 store cattle, part of a massive 1217 with the sucklers and stirks, which topped at £1155 for show grade Blue steers (19/22m & FA) from E Layzell, Dunkeswell. Further better Blues £1065 (24/25m & FA) TE & SJ Popham, Cannington; £1050 (23m & FA) CJ Burrough, Axminster; £1020 (26m & FA) RV Edmunds & Son, Ashcott and £1000 (5x 22/23m & FA) KA & HJ Sparks & Son, Churchinford. Forward Limousin steers £1145 (2 x 22m) PFJ Saunders, Hemyock. Feeding Limousins £1085 (26m, FA & organic) NJ Cowling, Brompton Regis; £1030 (29m & FA) DB Hawkins & Son, Awliscombe and £1005 twice (2x 24m & FA) M Jones, Twitchen and (26m) SW Batten & Son, Whitchurch. Grand Charolais £1050 twice (5x 27m & FA) PF Popham, East Lyng and (23m) G Webster, Umberleigh. More £1020 (18/20m) CL Popham, Trull. Simmentals to £1030 twice (27m & FA) R Peppard & Son, Middlezoy and (25m & FA) TE & SJ Popham again.

Native steers to £1100 for Angus (4x 26/27m, FA & sires) RV Edmunds & Son, Ashcott, who sold others at £1040 (5x 25/26m, FA & sires). Further Angus £1030 (24/25m & sire) A Burland, Spaxton and £1005 (2x 23m & sire) N Woodman, Huish Episcopi. Hereford steers to £1030 (27m, FA & sire) JC Thorne, Stoodleigh. South Devons at £1015 (33m) GP Tratt Ltd, Lympsham.

Dairy steers rose to £885 for a Fleckvieh (23m & FA) TE & SJ Popham again. Brown Swiss £780 (17m & FA) DD & ME Purchase, Kentisbury. Friesian £770 (19m & FA) SJ Williams, North Newton. Others £765 (23m & FA) PA Cleave, Bude. Holsteins £755 (24m & FA) and Normandy £755 (24m & FA) A & P Bradford, Bawdrip.

Heifers peaked at £1080 (28m & FA) for a fit Devon from BC Knapp, Pilning, who also sold a fit Angus at £1035 (28m, FA & sire). Further Angus £1000 (26m, FA & sires) RV Edmunds & Son again; £915 (22m & FA) DJ Cossins, Blagdon Hill and £910 (26m & sire) R & M Vickery, Thorncombe.

Continental heifers to £1050 for a fit Blue (23m) from N Woodman, Huish Episcopi. Further fit Blues £965 (17m & FA) and £945 (15m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve. More Blues £955 (28m & FA) BC Knapp again and £930 (25m & FA) RV Edmunds & Son again. Limousin heifers £1025 (24m & FA) TE & SJ Popham again; £1010 (32m & FA) DJ Cossins again; £1005 (22m) PFJ Saunders again; £975 (2x 31m & FA) and £950 (45m & FA) GR Legg, Melplash. Charolais to £1015 (26/27m & FA) DJ Cossins again. Others £985 (27m) RJ Elston & Son, Cheldon and £950 (49m & FA) GR Legg again.

24 Suckler cows, calves and stock bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small weekly entry on offer topped at £1300 for a BRB cow (07/10) and her Angus steer calf (17.02.19) from T Paul.

14 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report top was £985 for a BRBx February 2009 born cow from S Tundley.

324 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a similar entry of stirks, when there was not the general quality forward of last week, which met a selective trade. Top price of £815 (11m) for a Charolais steer from Ham Farm Partners, who sold others to £800 x7 (10m). Further Charolais to £745 x2 (10m) £600 (9m) £595 x3 (9m) NJ Cooke & Co; £660 (12m) £650 (12m) PF & PA Tucker; £600 x2 (11m) JD Burrough; and £580 x2 (10m) RJ Whitcombe. Limousins to £795 (14m) B Jeffery who sold others to £760 (11m) £690 (16m) and £650 (17m). Other Limousins to £615 x5 (13m) TA Downden & Son; £615 x2 (11m) HJ Delbridge; £600 (11m) RW Biss and £590 (6m) £550 (7m) BR & MS Pike. Few British Blues forward sold to a top of £710 x3 (11m) JA Naish, when others sold to £550 x3 (11m) JD Burrough and £540 (9m) RW Biss. Simmentals to £695 (10m) SR Davis, when others sold to £590 x2 EC Farms; £585 x3 (10m) £570 x2 (10m) GR Davis and £575 A Wall. Herefords to £550 x2 (12m) RM & CD Rundle who sold others to £480 x6 (10m) and £465 x6 (9m). Others to £485 x2 SA Grant. Few Angus forward sold to £470 (9m) T Sneath.

Bulls sold to a top of £715 (11m) for a Simmental from N Jamieson.

Heifers sold to a top of £655 (16m) for a Limousin from S Tundley. Further Limousins to £450 x2 (14m) PR Stevens.

Charolais to £575 x3 (10m) NJ Cooke & Co, when others sold to £550 (12m) and £545 (12m) PF & PA Tucker.

British Blues to £550 GM Veysey. Further Blues to £475 (10m) RW & BA Bellamy; £450 x4 (9m) JD Burrough and £440 x3 (10m) SJ Taylor. Simmentals to £485 x2 (10m) GR Davis, when others sold to £445 A Wall. Devons to £450 (5m) RJ Chamberlain. Herefords to £440 (15m) EC Farms, when others sold to £405 x2 (13m) from RM & CD Rundle and £395 (8m) from E Davis. Few Angus forward sold to £360 (8m) from RM & CG Drew & Son.

458 Non-export calves.

Beef Breeds (368) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an improved entry in terms of quality when a similar number were forward compared to previous weeks met a generally improving trade with buyers in attendance from across England and Wales. Buyers from as far afield as Surrey, Shropshire, Welshpool, Cowbridge, Thirsk, Bromsgrove and throughout the West Country. Top price of the section sold to £405 for PEJ & LA Cottey for a super shapely 1m Blue bull. Other good Blue bulls to £320 from JN Wyatt and £300 AA House & Son. Charolais bulls to £362 from PD & JL Biss, who sold another strong bull £310. Limousin bulls to £305 from HT & ME Quick, when other strong Limousins sold to £295 (x2) from AK & CM Quick.

Native bulls to £295 from RJ & MA Curtis for a smart Angus, when another good Angus sold to £290 from AK & CM Quick and £270 from WG Ogborne & Sons. Hereford bulls sold to £270 from RW, JA & AW Barton. Other young Hereford bulls sold to £210 from NP Gibbons and £200 from NL Reeves & Sons.

Continental heifers sold to £295 from ES Triggol and RW Biss for smart young Blues. An excellent consignment of Blue heifers from AJ & RG Barber sold to £260 and £250. Charolais heifer to £242 from PD & JL Biss. Other Charolais to £200 from CE Veysey and £198 from AP, RE & MA Retter. Limousin heifer to £275 from B & P Horsey & Son and £210 from HT & ME Quick. Others to £202 from MF & AM Jones. Simmental heifer to £180 from Ireosa Ltd and £160 from AA & JM Churchill & Son.

Native heifers to £172 from RM & CG Drew & Son for a 1m Hereford. Other Herefords to £168 from DW Rowe & Son and £155 Arrijan Farming. Angus heifers to £142 from LC Curtis and £140 from RJ & MA Curtis.

Friesians (90) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another good size entry of dairy sired bull calves sold to a continuing good trade. Best black and whites to £162 (x2) from JA Healey & P Major. Others to £125 from Arrijan Farming and £120 from ES Triggol. Swedish Red to £70 RM & CG Drew & Son. Montbeliarde £160 from MF & AM Jones. Best reared types £100 plus. Rearers £80 plus. Mediums £40-£60 and plainer calves generally £10-£30.

3938 Sheep. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (2147)

A larger entry of 2147 store lambs sold to a selective trade, reflecting the ease in fat prices. Best of the lambs sold to £76.50 from RJ & SJ Dare. Others to £73.50 from AA & AD Gibbs; £70.50 (x2) from K Parkinson; £69.50 from ME Sparks; £67 from J Paton; £65.50 (x2) from PA Cullins; £65 from RC Lewis, SG Yates and D & E Whittle; £64 from ME Sparks and BR Woodland; £63.50 from C & S Sully Farming, DJ Norman and BM Heal & Son; £63 from T Bussell and R & J Cook. Overall average £51.65.

Cull Ewes & Rams (1147)

A slightly reduced entry of 1147 cull ewes and rams sold to an easier trade, especially for the better ewes, when more ewes are available nationally. Best of the continental ewes sold to £116 from JE Pearse. Others to £115.50 from JW Tabor Ltd; £99 and £86 from SG Harraway; £94 from AJ Willcox; £84.50 from MJ Frampton & Sons, DA Wookey (x2) and JE Pearse; £84 from LM Collins and £83 from A Taylor. Cull rams sold to £131 from AM Bastable, when others sold to £125 from EJ Gwyn; £122 from RA Reed; £120 from AJ Irish and £115 from ER Gillbard. Medium ewes £45-£65, plainer types £20-£45 and boners generally £10 plus. Overall average £55.40.

Breeding Ewes (453)

A large entry of 453 breeding ewes sold to a selective trade. Charollais cross Beltex shearlings to £110 from N & J Agriculture Ltd. Young Poll Dorsets to £98 from Dorset Wildlife Trust. Continental older ewes from J Newth to £93. A good run of North Country Mule ewe lambs from P Athay topped at £93 (x2). 7 pens of North Country Mule FM ewes all sold to £91 from JW Tabor Ltd. Overall average £82.90.

Stock Rams (114)

A good entry of quality rams forward when the best sold very well. Top price went to J Cornock, Newport who sold two outstanding Suffolk 2T rams, with a top of £520 and the other to £480. R & MF Rottenbury & Son, Wiveliscombe also had a very good run, this time of Texel 2T’s when the best achieved £480, others to £460. Charollais 2T forward from A Brown, Templecombe topped at £350. The MV ewes also sold well when two pedigree Texel ewes sold to £250. Suffolk 2T ewes averaged £133.

Goats (62)

Another good entry of goats when 62 were penned. Best nannies to £87 from Bagborough Farms, when others sold to £68 and £66 from the same Vendor. Others to £69 from DCW & DA Verney & Sons and £61 from RJ Coney. Overall average £62.95.