A new-build development forming part of an existing fruit farm in Cornwall will soon see more than fruit coming out of the ground, it will also be extracting heat.

Coastline Housing’s scheme of 26 affordable houses and flats in the small village of Mitchell near Newquay, will be heated by Cornish-manufactured Kensa Shoebox ground source heat pumps and installed by sister-company Kensa Contracting.

George Gillow, business development manager for Kensa Contracting said: “It is a pleasure to be involved in a project which will bring affordable, low carbon heating to local families."

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Currently under construction, each home will have its own heat pump, which will be connected to a series of shared borehole ground loops. The Kensa Shoebox can provide low cost heating by either underfloor heating or traditional radiators, in this case the efficient houses will be heated by radiators with a 45°C flow temperature.

The development will work in harmony with the continuation of the family run Mitchell Fruit Garden, operating since 1977.

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