Red Tractor has recently completed a consultation on a small number of changes which dairy farmers will be assessed on from 1 October 2019.

Changes are being made in relation to the following areas: health plan, pain relief, animal husbandry, disease control, colostrum management, antibiotics and medicines, medicine administration, documents and milk production.

Dairy technical manager Kate Cross said: “New issues are emerging all the time, not only in the agriculture industry but also in the minds of consumers who buy Red Tractor branded products.”

All Red Tractor’s dairy members are invited to log on to a webinar on Thursday 12 September at 7pm to hear more about how and why the mid-cycle changes are taking place.

You can register for the webinar now via the link

Doing this now will ensure you get a reminder nearer the time.

It will be an opportunity to question Red Tractor’s experts and find out more about some of the templates and resources at your disposal to make complying with the new standards as simple as possible.

Keep an eye on the Red Tractor website and follow @RTfarmers on Twitter for more guidance. Full details of the standards changes can be accessed here

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