by Jamie Hawkins.

This shocking photo shows a cow chewing on a can of BEER dumped in a field.

Martin Bennett was taking pictures of birds and butterflies when he spotted the animal with an empty can of Amstel in its mouth.

He fears the cow then swallowed it which could have been fatal - and issued a warning about the danger to animals and wildlife of dumping litter.

He said: "I was obviously very surprised when I saw it. I was immediately concerned for the cow's welfare. If the can had split or the cow swallowed it they could have been killed."

Martin said he came across the scene on Sunday morning near the Instow Jetty in Devon.

He added: "I contacted a local vet for advice who suggested that I trace the owner to report the problem.

"When I contacted a farmer near the site and gave him the cow's ear-tag number, he said it is not their cow.

"He also said that he knew the owner and would pass on the information to them.

"The can wasn't on the floor when I returned so I'm guessing the cow swallowed it.

"Clearly someone has thrown it in the field. They probably had a party or BBQ."

Martin added that there are plenty of bins in the area, and it is not just the welfare of animals that should be considered.

"People should take their rubbish home," he said. "There are bins provided near the cricket club so it's not as if you can't put rubbish anywhere.

"It's not just the welfare of the animal, you have to think how much the veterinary fees for the farmer will be.

"It should serve as a reminder to us all about tidying up after ourselves."