A new Landini compact tractor has been introduced with high power outputs and heavy-duty build for its size to enable it to undertake serious work in confined spaces such as orchards and vineyards, polytunnels and other horticultural situations.

The all-new Rex 3 Series comprises three models powered by 55hp, 65hp and 75hp Kohler diesel engines driving through a 16x16 creep mechanical transmission produced by Landini manufacturer Argo Tractors.

Adrian Winnett, managing director of Argo Tractors operations in the UK and Ireland, said: “This is a welcome addition to the Landini tractor range that very effectively bridges the gap between the lighter 2 Series and the bigger, more powerful Rex 4 Series, which is one of Britain’s most popular fruit and narrow specialist crop tractors.”

With an overall length of 3.46m and a minimum width of 1.36m, the Landini Rex 3 Series tractors are similar in size to the 44hp to 51hp 2 Series compacts, which are a favourite among soft- and top-fruit growers for towing harvest trailer trains, spraying and other light duties.

But Steve Cann, Landini area sales manager, whose dealers Horsepower UK in Kent and Richard Tooby Farm Services in Herefordshire specialise in tractors for the fruit sector, points out that the new tractor is a much heavier-duty machine.

“It’s seriously chunky, with stronger axles and a cast bolster where a 1000kg front linkage and pto assembly will be available,” he says.

“The heavier backend and overall build make the tractor capable of handling implements like a flail mulcher, weeding and cultivation machinery, and other implements needing more power and lift capacity.”

A longer wheelbase and Category 2 rear three-point linkage with almost twice the lift capacity at 2300kg also help in that respect, as does the 50-litre/min open centre hydraulics system, which is supplemented by a 28-litre/min gear pump dedicated to steering.