The 31st home sale of pedigree and pure-bred Texel sheep will include the offspring of the only New Zealand ram in the UK Texel flock book.

In an appraisal of the sheep up for sale on September 6, John Uffold, consultant at McCartneys, said: “We’ve introduced some New Zealand blood into our long-established flock in a careful way, so as to keep the sheep relevant to all the new challenges that face the UK sheep industry in these uncertain times.

“We’ve always based our selection of animals on sound commercial traits such as easy lambing, good mothering, good milking, good feet, easy fleshing, scrapie resistance and longevity.

"The New Zealand Texel fits perfectly with this philosophy, being robust with good feet, legs and backs.”

John explains the first lambs have "a look to them" as well, which is very encouraging.

He added: “Reducing costs will be key to the sheep industry, no matter what happens with Brexit. These animals will live and perform well off grass at minimum cost, offering a great opportunity to sheep farmers."

The sale, run by McCartneys, is to be held in Shropshire at the Uffolds’ home, The Firs, Broncroft, Craven Arms.