The south west is braced for heavy rain and high winds as the weekend will "feel more like autumn than August", according to the Met Office, writes Caitlin Doherty, PA.

Yellow weather warnings for rain and wind come in to force across the region on Friday and Saturday.

Heavy rain on Friday will give way to gale-force winds and "unseasonable" weather as the weekend continues.

A yellow "be aware" weather warning is in place across all of Wales and Northern Ireland, and most of England and Scotland, as some places could receive more than two inches of rain.

Met Office meteorologist, Sarah Kent, said: "The first band of rain could bring 30mm of rain in places, and if you draw the short straw, then you could get another 30mm with the showers that follow.

"Some places might get as much as 60mm of rain."

A yellow weather warning for wind across all of Wales and central and southern England follows on Saturday.

Although Scotland and northern England escapes the wind warning, a yellow guidance is in place for thunderstorms.

Ms Kent said "it will be unseasonably windy", with gusts in the warning area reaching 40 or 50mph.

In more exposed areas, the winds could be even higher.

Ms Kent added: "The English Channel coast could see winds in excess of 60mph.

"Saturday is going to be a very unseasonal day, it could feel more like autumn than August."