A new micro dairy has opened at a farm in Blackford, Somerset at which a milk hut supplies pasteurised milk in glass bottles via a vending style refrigerated machine.

Coombes Micro Dairy is the new venture begun by Jack and Alice Coombes and it opened at the start of August.

New Grove Farm is a family run dairy farm, milking 250 pedigree Holstein cows three times daily.

Alice said: "The majority of our milk is sold to Tesco via Muller, however Jack and myself decided that we would like to branch out and start a little vending machine, believing that farm gate sales are important for local communities.

"Also, with the long awaiting zero waste culture, is seemed the perfect opportunity to get going. As people are becoming more aware of where their food is coming from and how it is packaged, we thought it was the ideal time to launch the micro dairy."

"Milk and farming are things that Jack and I are very passionate about and believe whole heartedly in their future being sustainable. The family has always run a very successful diary farm with a very positive and forward thinking ethos, which is why we feel so strongly that farm gate sales are a good way forward."