The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, 27 July is as follows. The total stock was 5124 head.

A massive entry of 93 goats which sold to £83.

62 Dairy cattle. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a much smaller entry saw a trade of 2 halves when the best sold to a large company of purchasers, whilst second quality met much more limited demand.

Best quality to £2020 for a pedigree heifer from ET Summerfield & Son, Oxford; £1940 PD & SA Godfrey; £1930 AR Edwards & Son, Newport; £1920 A & MM Gregory & Son; £1900 RH Webb; £1900 and £1860 from RJ, HA & MR Popham; £1900 AP Ractliffe; £1870 MC Powell; £1840 RJ & SR Bunn; £1800 M & K Churchill & Son also Snook Ltd.

Only a few cows forward sold to £1650 for ET Summerfield. Medium quality to £1400 Snook Ltd and £1380 AR Edwards & Son.

Calves to £190 for a dairy Shorthorn from BS & SG Kingston.

734 Store cattle, sucklers and stirks.

475 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a respectable mid Summer entry of 475 store cattle on Mid Devon Show day and again an increase on the equivalent market last year and part of 734 with the stirks which met a similar trade, although averages held back by a large proportion of Friesians and smaller cattle.

Top price of £1205 (25m & FA) for a Limousin from AC Rich, Ilminster, who also sold others at £1080 x7 (21/22m & FA) £1065 (28m) and £980 x2 (21/22m & FA). Other Limousins to £1115 (21m) and £970 (21m) from R & K Dorpman, Wellington; £1095 (22m) from NR Huxter, Bridport and £1075 (14m & FA) from JH Neale & Son, Launceston. Charolais to £1165 (24m & FA) from T Webber. Others to £1115 (16m) from A Stratton, Honiton; £995 x2 (16/18m & FA) from MD Fone & Sons, Honiton and £985 (17m & FA) from MP & DM Hine, Chard. Angus to £1140 x3 (15m & sires) from A Stratton, Honiton, who also sold others at £970 x2 (15/16m & sires). Others to £1080 x2 (26m, sires & FA) £1075 x4 (22/23m, FA & sires) from AC Rich, Ilminster; £1030 x5 (22/23m, sires & FA) from MT Bowden, Lynton and £970 (23m, sires & FA) from TR & SE Knox. Herefords to £1120 (21m & sires) and £960 (21m) from R & K Dorpman, Wellington. Other Herefords to £1010 (23m, FA & sires) from NL Reeves, Bristol. South Devons to £1060 x2 (21/25m) £1050 (18m) and £970 x3 (20m) from C Barnes, Bridport. British Blues to £1035 (23m) from M Monkhouse, Honiton. Others to £1030 x8 (17/23m & FA) from MP & DM Hine, Chard, who also sold others at £980 (29m & FA) and £945 x3 (17/19m & FA). £995 (20m & FA) from A Male & Sons, Martock; £985 x2 (19m & FA) from MD Fone & Sons, Honiton; £985 x3 (31/32m & FA) from RS Dorse and £955 (23/24m & FA) from AJ & RA Turner, Axminster. Simmentals to £970 (13/16m) from SK & SE Owen, Honiton. Friesians to £875 x5 (22m) from R & K Dorpman, Wellington. Others to £800 (18/20m & FA) from A Male & Son, Martock.

Heifers to £1100 (26m & FA) for a Limousin from AC Rich, who also sold others at £1000 (25m & FA) £940 x5 (23m) and £895 (23m & FA). Other Limousins to £955 (29m & FA) from BC Knapp, who also sold others at £945 (32m & FA); £850 x2 (27m & FA) and £835 (28m & FA); £900 (23m & FA) from JE & LP Reason, Highbridge; £895 x2 (16m & FA) from JH Neale & Son, Launceston; £895 (24m & FA) from WD & AM Jamison and £845 x5 (18m) from A Cleave, Newton Abbot. Charolais to £1055 (18m & FA) from T Webber, Barnstaple. British Blues to £985 (23m & FA) from EC Farms, Combe Martin. Others to £985 (24/26m & FA) from PH & DA Winter, Bridgwater, who sold another at £815 (21m & FA); £975 x2 (29m & FA) from RS Dorse, Taunton, who sold others at £850 x2 (29m & FA) and £905 (26m) from D & LM Hobbs, Bridgwater. Angus to £950 x2 (FA & sires) from BC Knapp, Bristol, who also sold another at £920 (28m & FA). Others to £940 x5 (22m & sires) from MJ Bowden, Lynton; £895 (23m, FA & sires) from AC Rich, Ilminster. Simmentals to £945 x2 and £840 x2 (24/25m & FA) from RJ Shere, Hemyock, with others at £860 x2 (27m & FA) from BC Knapp and £855 x2 (26/27m & FA) from D Marshall, Badgworth. Herefords to £940 x3 (26/27m, FA & sires) from BC Knapp, Pilning, who also sold others at £935 (28m, FA & sires) and £830 x3 (21m) from R & K Dorpman. South Devons to £830 (25m) from C Barnes, Bridport.

11 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small selection which sold to £745 (39m) for a Fleckvieh from D & LM Hobbs, Bridgwater; £735 (204m) for a Devon and £700 (194m) for an Angus from G Webster, Umberleigh. More wanted.

259 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of stirks when the sale commenced with 11 show potential cattle. The Champion of the show and first prize in the haltered cattle steer class was DJ & SJ Cheacker’s Limousin steer (7m) which made £980. The Reserve Champion went to T David for a Limousin steer (15m) and sold for £1100. Other entries in the show to £1045 (15m) for a Limousin steer from JH Neale & Son, who sold a Limousin heifer (13m) to £985, which achieved first prize in the heifer class. A good entry from RJ & PJ Northover sold British Blue steers to £800 (9m) (first prize unhaltered) £780 (9m) £735 (9m) and £690 (8m) and sold a heifer to £650 (10m). Further British Blues to £675 (9m) MJ Northover. Many thanks to all Vendors for a good show entry and thank you to our judge Daniel Cox.

In the commercial section trade was similar to previous weeks when the top end was selective. Top price steer to £810 (9m) for a Limousin from PK Rowland, who sold another to £710 (10m). Other Limousins to £795 x2 (10m) £730 x4 (10m) £715 (12m) WS Stitch; £710 (12m) NR Huxter; £665 (9m) JD Burrough; £645 (10m) R Tratt and £645 (14m) PR Stevens. Angus to £785 (14m) RM & DA Fry, who sold others to £605 x2. Further Angus to £550 x2 (8m) MEJ & PJ White. British Blues to £755 (9m) and £665 x6 (9m) JD Burrough, when others sold to £725 x2 (10m) MEJ & PJ White. Charolais to £740 x2 (10m) £705 (9m) and £635 x2 (10m) from JD Burrough, when others sold to £720 x2 (11m) MEJ Branfield & Sons and £630 x2 (7m) GM Veysey. Simmentals to £645 x4 (9m) JD Burrough. Devons to £500 x2 AR & SB Wyatt.

Heifers to £700 (12m) for a Limousin from WS Stitch, who sold others to £605 x2 (13m) £575 x3 (11m) £555 (12m) and £545 (12m). Further Limousins to £635 (9m) £625 (9m) PK Rowland; £585 (14m) £575 (13m) £570 (12m) £565 (14m) £550 x2 (12m) and £540 (14m) PR Stevens. Charolais to £680 (11m) MEJ Branfield & Sons, when others sold to £535 (10m) GM Veysey and £535 (11m) Hutchings & Sons. Simmentals to £630 x4 (15m) SK & SE Owen. British Blues to £570 (10m) MEJ & PJ White. Angus to £550 x4 (17m) EC Farms, when others sold to £542 (17m) and £530 x2 (14m) RM & DA Fry.

423 Non-export calves. Auctioneers comments:

Beef Breeds (356) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another strong solid Summer entry with a large number of continentals on offer. An easier and more selective trade for the top end than that of previous weeks, although a much improved trade for second quality and natives. Continental bulls to £398 for a strong reared Blue from NF George, who sold others to £395 (x3) and £390 (x3). Younger Blue bulls to £365 and £305 from RJ & R Broomfield and £290 for Dolau Ltd. Charolais to £380 from MJ & DA Johnson and £235 for SM & DM Turner. Reared Limousin bulls to £325 and £320 from NF George. Younger Limousin bulls to £252 for KP Silverthorne. Native bulls to £350 for reared Angus from CD & VJ Winn. Other reared Angus to £320 (x3) from NF George. Smart younger Angus from HG Tincknell Ltd to £280 and £278. Hereford bulls to £328 and £315 for O Guest, when younger Hereford bulls sold to £250 and £230 from House & Sons.

Continental heifers topped the day at £400 for a smart Blue from RJ & R Broomfield & Son, when reared Blue heifers sold to £352 from CD & VJ Winn and £335 from NF George. Young Blue heifers to £280 from JWO Marsh & Partners and Dolau. Charolais heifers to £220 and £210 from CE Veysey. Others to £200 and £195 from SM & DM Turner. Reared Limousins to £295 (x2) from NF George, when younger Limousin bulls sold to £265 from DG Bartlett and £215 from P Moon & Son.

Excellent trade for native heifers which topped at £258 (x2) and £225 from O Guest for reared Herefords. Others to £218 from SFB Agriculture. Angus heifers to £250 from NF George, when younger types sold to £230 from CJ Mear & Son and £200 from RW, JA & AW Barton.

Friesians (67) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry of dairy sired calves sold to a continued decent trade. A strong British Friesian from JH Pym sold to £145, closely followed by another £125 from FH & PJ Bailey and AE Allen & Sons to £120. Norwegian Reds to £80 from LJ & SF Gould. Best rearing black and whites £80-£100, mediums £40-£60 and plainer types nearly all over £25.

3905 Sheep. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (1231)

A similar entry of 1311 store lambs, comprising mainly smaller types, sold to another firm trade to a top of £92 from P Thomas. Others to £80 from Alstone Court Partnership; £77 from P Thomas; £76.50 from RP Adams; £75 from P Clark and L Sewell; £74.50 from TWT Palmer and £70 from GT Paterson. Overall average £53.70.

Cull Ewes & Rams (1904)

An even larger entry of 1794 cull ewes and rams sold to an easier but still buoyant trade. Best of the continental ewes sold to £125 from MJ & JA Pidsley. Other ewes to £101 from JS Hardwidge; £95 from TWT Palmer; £94 from S Coles; £91 from LW Ford & Sons; £90 from Devon Farming Ltd; £89.50 from JR & RH Williams and ER Gillbard; £88 from A Raines and JS Hardwidge. Cull rams sold to £100 from Church Farm Publow LLP, when others sold to £94 from SG Yates; £91 from S Habberfield and £89 from AJ Kiff. Medium ewes £50-£70, plainer types £30-£50 and boners generally £15 plus. Overall average £58.58.

Breeding Ewes (647)

A large entry of 624 breeding ewes for the Continental Catalogued Sale. Top call was £170 for a pen of pure Texels from K Roberts. Pure Charollais from DEJ Rainey sold to £132. Texel Mules to £130 from J Simons. The same price was achieved by K Roberts for a pen of Chartex and by GA & SA Fry for Poll Dorsets. Suffolk Mules to £120 from LEB Webber. Older ewes to £120 from S Coles for a pen of Scotch halfbred cross ewes. Overall average £98.44.

Couples (3E & 4L)

A double to £155 from DE & SJ Cheacker. Singles from the same Vendor to £140.

Stock Rams (23)

A small entry of 23 breeding rams sold to a steady trade. Best of the Texels to £300 and £290 from K Roberts. Charollais to £200 from S Habberfield. £200 was also achieved by CL Popham for a Suffolk.

Goats (93)

A huge entry of 93 goats sold to £83 and £78 from Bagborough Farm Ltd. Others to £79 from C Ainge; £69 (x2) from DF & AM Burrough & Son and £65.50 from S Wates and J Thayne. Overall average £62.06.