The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, 6 July is as follows. The total stock was 3309 head.

Store Cattle met a brighter trade to £1190

76 Dairy cattle. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another very good entry saw another good trade for a first class run of heifers with such a supply the top end prices were a shade down from last week’s flier.

Top of the day £2100 from M & K Churchill & Son for a non pedigree heifer. They had others to £1830 and £1720 x2. Others £1920 from DG Waterman & Partners; £1900 and £1760 from AP Ractliffe; £1880 from JG Morgan; £1860 from PJ Searle; £1850 from RH Webb; £1770 from SJ Cheacker; £1760 from Snook Ltd and £1730 from RH Lewis and Arrijan Farming.

Only a few cows forward to £1560 from AP Ractliffe. Others £1380 from Snook Ltd and £1340 from RL & ME Trott.

Jersey heifer from RH Webb to £1120. Brown Swiss heifer to £1290 from the same Vendor.

Incalf heifers to £1380 from PJ Searle & Son and £1370 from RA Williams & Son.

Calves to £210 from RL & ME Trott.

657 Store cattle, sucklers and stirks

437 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small mid Summer entry of 437 store cattle, part of 657 with the stirks and weekly sucklers, met a brighter trade, which keeping in mind that deadweight quotes have dropped yet again to a low level not seen for many years is all the more remarkable.

Top was £1190 twice. Firstly for four grand Charolais steers (21/23m & FA) from West Hill Farm Ltd, Yetminster and again for superb shape Blue steers (only 16m & FA) from DD & ME Purchase, Kentisbury. Further good Charolais steers at £1145 and £1120 (both 19m) from JG Warfield, Limington. Further better Blues also at £1145 (27m & FA) RF Tucker & Son, Butleigh; £1095 (25/27m & FA) JL Bartlett, Swimbridge; £1060 (3x 26/27m & FA) RMG & RG Salter, Buckland St Mary and £1025 (28m & FA) RF Tucker & Son again. Limousin steers peaked at £1095 (19m & FA) from DD & ME Purchase again. Further smart Limousins at £1030 (25m & FA) D Marshall, Badgworth and £1025 (7x 25/31m & FA) RF Tucker & Son again.

Native steers rose to £1085 for a Hereford (26m & FA) from Lynham & Chidgey, Woolavington, who sold another at £1000 (25m, FA & sire). Fleshed Devon steers at £1030 (26/28m & FA) RF Tucker & Sons again. Dairy bred steers topped at £835 for Friesians (28/29m & FA) from CJ Greenaway & Son, Holsworthy. Further well grown Holsteins at £815 (22/23m & FA) LE Miller & Son, Stogursey and £800 (4x 25/28m & FA) AJ & A Turner, Axminster.

Heifers topped at £1045 (4x 25/27m & FA) for fleshed Charolais from THJ Denbee, Wedmore. Further fleshed Charolais £995 (26m & FA) RMG & RG Salter again and £910 (18m) JG Warfield again. Fleshed Limousin heifer at £1015 (21m & FA) R Jones & Son, Dulverton. Further Limousins £985 (24m & FA) D Marshall again and £980 (4x 25/29m & FA) CJ Greenway & Son, Holsworthy. Fit Blue heifer at £1000 (15m & FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve, who sold others at £985 (19m & FA) and £960 (17m & FA). Further Blues at £950 (3x 25/31m & FA) CJ Greenaway & Sons again; £925 (4x 26/27m & FA) AJ & RA Turner again and £920 (24/28m & FA). Smart Blonde at £995 (22m & FA) DD & ME Purchase again. Simmental heifers at £970 (3x 27/28m & FA) from D Marshall again.

Native heifers to £915 (21m, FA & sire) from G Pople & Sons Ltd again, who sold others at £875 (20/21m, FA & sire). Further Hereford at £905 (23m, FA & sire) RH & AM Turner, Stockland.

Dairy heifer at £945 for a Hereford (30m & FA) from RM & HJ Herrod, Axminster.

32 Suckler cows, calves and stock bulls. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small weekly entry on offer topped at £1000 for a Devon cow (05.14) and her Devon bull calf (14.12.18) from Bartlett Bros.

4 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report top was £855 for a 2011 born Simmental cow from R Sizmur.

184 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry of stirks, when there was not the quality forward of previous weeks sold to a good trade. Steers sold to a top of £670 x4 (11m) for a run of Lincoln Reds from Trehudreth Farm, who sold others to £615 (10m) £600 (9m) and £525 x3 (10m). Limousins to £655 (11m) A & P Bradford, when another sold to £550 (11m) A & W Vigus. Herefords to £630 (10m) A & P Bradford, who sold others to £590 x3 (9m) £540 (9m) and £520 x2 (12m). Further Hereford to £605 (12m) from A & W Vigus. Charolais to £650 (13m) from SJ Sibley. Simmentals to £630 (14m) R Sizmur. British Blues to £630 (15m) from JL Bartlett, when younger Blues sold to £605 x5 (10m) from C Baber. Angus to £615 x5 (14m) from MV Hone. Shorthorns to £580 x4 (13m) R Sizmur.

Bulls sold to a top price of £595 (10m) for an Angus from PH & DA Winter. Devon sold to £500 (10m) from MW Hector.

Heifers sold to a top price of £628 (10m) for a Limousin from C Jones, when further Limousins sold to £590 (10m) A & P Bradford; £580 (12m) FA Kingcott & Son. Blonde to £625 (12m) R Sizmur, who sold others to £525 x2 (14m). Lincoln Reds to £592 (13m) Trehudreth Farm. Simmentals to £555 (10m) FA Kingcott & Son, who sold others to £530 x3 (10m). Herefords to £530 (10m) A & P Bradford, when others sold to £490 A & W Vigus and £455 (13m) AJ Calloway. British Blues to £525 (16m) R & J White & Son. Charolais to £500 (9m) Woollacott Partners. Angus to £482 x2 (10m) R Sizmur, who also sold a Shorthorn (14m) to £425.

405 Non-export calves

Beef Breeds (331) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of 331 beef calves saw a slightly dearer trade for the bottom end but still the sunshine keeping some farmer buyers away. Top of the day was £420 for a reared Blue from NF George. Others from the same Vendor to £418 x2 and £410. Younger Blues to £405 from PJ & G Crossman and £400 from DG Waterman & Partners. Simmentals to £352 and £315 from DA & WG Jones and £285 from KP Silverthorne. Reared Limousins to £350 from NF George. Younger Limousins to £345 from JLG Dorse and £295 from P Moon & Sons. Charolais to £282 from JA & K Ladd and £278 from CE Veysey. Best continental bulls £280 plus, mediums £200-£240 and plainer types around £180.

Heifers to £360 for a reared Blue from RA Plowright. Others to £265 from NF George. Younger Blues to £250 from JWO Marsh & Partners and £250 from PA Cleave. Charolais to £255 from MJ & DA Johnson Ltd; £245 from DJ Spratt and £220 from JA & K Ladd. Simmentals to £245 from KP Silverthorne and £236 from DA & WG Jones. Limousins to £238 from TA Hole & Sons and £232 from P Moon & Sons. Best continental heifers £220 plus, mediums £150-£180 and plainer types around £120.

Natives to £338 x4 for reared Angus bulls from NF George. Others £305 W & C Lasbury. Younger types £285 CG, GR & MS Spiller. Reared Hereford bulls to £328 x2 from NF George. Younger Herefords to £260 x2 from Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd and £230 from House & Sons.

Native heifers to £320 for reared Herefords from Woodbridge Farm. Younger types £245 from Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd again and £192 from Arrijan Farming Ltd. Angus to £292 x2 from W & C Lasbury and £188 from DJ Spratt.

Friesians (74) – not able to be exported from market. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reasonable entry of 74 dairy sired bull calves met a good trade for the best, slightly easier for the plainer calves. Top of £200 from W & C Lasbury. Others £170 from Short Bros & Son and J Vaughan. Best rearing types £100 plus, mediums £50-£80 and plainer types around £20. Please note lower end black and whites are extremely hard to sell if under any withdrawal periods. MRI to £318 from NF George. Fleckvieh to £255 from DR Clapp. Swedish Red & White to £115 from PA & CE Edwards.

2022 Sheep. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (810)

A slightly larger entry of 810 store lambs sold to a similarly firm trade to a top of £91 for a strong pen from EF Cowling. Others to £90.50 from EJ Gwyn; £83.50 from J Turney; £80 from F & S Webber; £75.50 and £74.50 from FJ Broom & Partners; £73.50 from FG & LA Nott; £73 from S & J Willis and LJ Thorne and £72.50 from LJ Webber. Overall average £54.84.

Cull Ewes & Rams (1148)

Another good seasonal entry of 1148 cull ewes and rams sold to a stronger trade, despite a large contingent of hill breeds forward. Best continentals sold to £130 from MW & S Edwards. Other best ewes to £129 from TG Ball and R Sherry; £111 from AG Hinks & Sons and OAG & PN Stephens & Son; £105 from EF Cowling; £101 and £100 from AG Hinks & Sons and £94 (x3) from M & S Edwards. Cull rams sold to £115 from L Aplin. Others sold to £101 from EF Cowling and £96 from F & S Webber. Medium ewes £55-£75 and boners generally £25 plus. Overall average £62.86.

Couples (3E & 3L)

Single couples sold to £128 from S Neads.

Breeding Ewes (10)

A very small entry of 10 breeding ewes sold to £140 from S Boston, when others sold to £83 from G Legg.

Goats (30)

An average entry of 30 goats topped at £128 for a nanny with twin kids at foot from Wooff & Powell. Other single goats to £74 from M Beach.

149 Pigs. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report slightly reduced entry sold to another good and settled trade for all classes.

Weaners (24)

Smaller entry with a good run of 14 x 10 w/o Pietrain cross from I Scott-Douglas to £48 and £42. 10 w/o Gloucesters from RJ Everitt to £30.

Cull Sows & Boars (32)

Another good entry and another good trade although no stronger than a few weeks ago.

The best to £212 from RJ Compton & Sons. Medium sows from AW Griggs and G White £176 and £175 respectively. Best white boars to £172 and coloured boars to £140.

Breeders (2)

Clean gilt £120 and young Saddleback boar £80 both from AP & PC Rose.

Forward Stores (91)

Smaller entry. Very good trade. Many more porker weights forward. Top of the day for a pen of well shaped types from FH Chave & Son to £137. The best of a good run from LE Miller & Son to £128. Lighter porker weights all sold well to £115 from R Hagar.