The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, 29 June is as follows. The total stock was 3924 head.

Dairy heifers to £2100

71 Dairy cattle. Auctioneers Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an excellent entry in terms of both numbers and quality saw a super trade for all types, when volume buyers were in attendance drawn by the large number.

Best non pedigree heifers to £2100, also £1940, £1800, £1760 and £1740 all from Richard Webb to average £1868. Other heifers to £2000 and £1860 from PA Cleave of Bude in Cornwall; £1920 A Ractliffe; £1820 and £1750 from Snook Ltd; £1720 Arrijan Farming and £1700 M & K Churchill & Son and Panda Holsteins.

Average quality entry of cows sold to £1480 from Arrijan Farming. Others £1400 from Snook Ltd; £1300 from RL & ME Trott. Bulling heifers to £610 x2 from E Drew.

711 Store cattle, sucklers and stirks

428 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneers Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a fair entry for a day when half the surrounding Counties were laid down for baling. 428 store cattle, part of 711 with the weekly sucklers, grazing cows and stirks, met a good trade, when abattoirs have again knocked 3 or 5ppk out of the quotes. No real strength again but some nice types to tempt buyers.

Top was £1145 for a well grown and forward Charolais steer (19m) from JG Warfield, Limington. Further well bred Charolais at £1105 (only 14/18m & FA) from J Phillips, Longbridge Deverill, who sold others at £1045 (14m) and £1020 (11x only 13 to 21m & FA). Limousin steers rose to £1105 (26m & FA) for a very shapely type from WD & AM Jamison, Lifton. When the slaughter trade is down, store buyers seek sanctuary in shape. Stretchy Limousin at £1100 (24m & FA) CM Parker & IF Burnett, Templeton. Very shapely type again (only 15m & FA) also at £1100 from NM & CL Norris, Kilton. Young, shapely Simmental at £1075 (15m & FA) from J & B Hull, Tiverton. Further better Simmentals at £1040 (only 17m & FA) GN Langley, East Compton and £1015 (20m & FA) IR Worth, Shirwell. Fit Blue at £1055 (only 17m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve. Further Blues to £1020 (25m) G Rowe Partners, Langford Budville.

Native steers in great demand again to £1135 for a Hereford (26m, FA & sire) from Lynham & Chidgey, Woolavington, who sold others at £1070 (red, 25m, FA & sire) and £1030 (26m, FA & sire). Others £1000 (26m) WR & NA Rich, Northleigh. Angus steers topped at £1110 (2x 26m & sire) from WR & NA Rich again. Further well grown Angus at £1050 (3x 19m, FA & sire) Arscott Partners, Upottery; £1030 (4x 18/21m, FA & sire) GN Langley again; £1020 (6x 21/22m & sire) and £985 (3x 22m & sire) JV Huxtable, Stitchpool and £1020 (25m & FA) CM Parker & IF Burnett again. South Devons to £1000 (23m & FA) EA & AD Ellis, St Ives.

Heifers rose to £1070 for a well grown Charolais (21m) from JG Warfield, topping both sides of the sale, who sold another Charolais at £1005 (22m). Further stronger Charolais £1035 (19m & FA) £915 (18m & FA) £900 (4x only 13/18m & FA) and £860 (14/18m & FA) J Phillips again; £1025 (23/27m & FA) NM & CL Norris again; £925 (4x 24/27m & FA) D Marshall, Badgworth and £900 (4x 22/23m) SJ Dallyn, Gunn. Fit Blue at £1050 (18m & FA) SER Hunt again, who sold another at £950 (17m & FA). Further Blues at £920 (2x 28m & FA) D Marshall again; £900 (20/21m & FA) KD & MA Morgan, Wiveliscombe; £850 (17m & FA) Clarke Farms Ltd, Burton and £850 again (5x 18/20m & FA) A & J Davies, Cowbridge. Simmentals peaked at £1000 (only 15m & FA) J & B Hull again. £1000 again (27m & FA) CM Parker & IF Burnett again. £915 (2x 18m & FA) J Phillips again and £865 (26/27m & FA) Casely Farms Ltd, Trent. Young, shapely Limousin heifers at £965 (2x 22m & FA) and £950 (25/26m & FA) from NM & CL Norris again. Further Limousins to £930 (red, 18/20m & FA) GN Langley again and £895 (21m) G Rowe Partners again.

Native heifers peaked at £905 (19m, FA & sire) for an Angus from GN Langley again. Devons to £865 (26m) RC Wilkins, Mudgley.

16 Suckler cows, calves and stock bulls. Auctioneers Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small weekly entry on offer topped at £1250 for a Limousin cross cow (07.11) and her Blonde heifer calf (17.12.18) from DF Ward, North Bowood.

8 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneers Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report 8 grazing cows to £950 from D Powell, Thelbridge.

267 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneers Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry saw a continuation of the fast trade for the best quality. Plainer types were met with some resistance as purchasers become selective. The section was dominated by an excellent entry from PA & PM Earley who sold Limousin steers to £995 x2 (10m) £975 (10m) £940 x4 (10m) £930 x4 (11m) £910 x2 (10m) £905 (10m) £890 x5 (9m) £880 x4 (9m) £875 x4 (9m) £865 x5 (9m) £850 x5 (7m) and £825 x4 (8m). Other Limousins to £730 x2 (13m) Brookfield Livestock; £680 (9m) DR Thomas and £675 (11m) EM, JM & CL Wallbridge. Charolais to £790 (10m) and £630 x2 (7m) from CJ Tucker, when others sold to £765 (10m) £695 (13m) from EH & RL Leyshon; £655 from PWJ Land and £635 x3 (11m) from Hutchings & Sons. Herefords to £670 x2 (11m) from P Verry, when another sold to £570 from EH & RL Leyshon. Angus to £600 (14m) and £595 (11m) JD Burrough, when others sold to £600 (8m) R Dymond. Blonde to £570 (6m) from DF Ward.

Heifers topped at £835 (10m) for a Limousin from PA & PM Earley, who sold others to £795 x4 (10m) £790 x4 (9m) £780 x4 (10m) £770 x4 (9m) and £740 x5 (8m). Other Limousins to £600 (11m) from EM, JM & CL Wallbridge and £595 (11m) Brookfield Livestock.

Charolais to £615 (11m) from D Pocock, when others sold to £568 x2 (7m) and £500 x2 (7m) from PWJ Land and £500 x2 (8m) from EH & RL Leyshon. Shorthorn to £600 from DR Thomas. British Blues to £490 x2 (only 6m) from DW Sprackman & Partners, when other young British Blues sold to £465 (only 7m) from AV Knight. Blonde to £490 (only 7m) from DF Ward. Angus to £425 x4 (7m) from R Dymond. Herefords to £475 from P Verry. Many thanks to all Vendors for a good entry of stirks.

452 Non- export calves. Auctioneers Comments:

Beef Breeds (356) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a massive entry for June saw the effects of farmers making use of the weather, meaning a selective trade particularly for the lower end sold to a top of £440 for a reared Blue from NF George. Others to £430 and £420 from NF George again. Younger Blues to £375 from RJ & R Broomfield & Son; £338 from RW Sheldon & Son and £332 from TW & JC Cross. Reared Limousins to £400 from NF George. Young Limousins to £395 and £360 from RJ & SR Bunn; £248 from CJ & AJ Herrod. Charolais to £368 and £325 from SM & DM Turner Ltd. Simmental to £352 from DG Ham and £330 from WE & EA Tratt. Best continental bulls £300 plus, mediums £240-£270 and plainer types harder to place.

Heifers to £345 for a Blue from EA & DA Ellis. Others £260 from DW Rowe & Son. Limousin to £325 x3 from NF George. Others £280 from EA & DA Ellis and £250 from H & NM Wall & Sons. Charolais to £250 from SM & DM Turner and £245 from PD & JL Biss. Simmental to £200 from WE & EA Tratt. Best continental heifers £260 plus, mediums £180-£200 and plainer types harder to place.

Natives to £450 for suckler bred Angus bull calf from C Bolton. Others £362 x4 from NF George and £300 from Snook Ltd. Herefords to £290 x3 from NF George and £285 from Snook Ltd.

Native heifers to £345 for a suckler bred Angus from C Bolton and £225 from Woodbridge Farm Partnership. Herefords to £265 x5 from Arrijan Farming Ltd and £250 x2 from NF George.

Friesians (96) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of 96 dairy sired bull calves met a reasonable trade but not quite the shine of previous weeks to top at £142 from C & J Raymond & Partners. Others £140 from JH Pym and £138 MJ Frampton & Sons. Best rearing types to £80 plus, mediums £40-£60 and plainer types £20-£30. Fleckvieh to £218 from AJ & ES Maltby. Shorthorn £80 from Williams PFA. Kiwi £85 from WR Sanders & Son. Montbeliarde £150 from AJ & ES Maltby.

2690 Sheep. Auctioneers Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (787)

A much larger entry of 787 store lambs of generally smaller types sold to a steadier trade, in line with finished prices. Top price of £89 was achieved for a smart pen from A Mogford. Others to £83 from T Phillips; £78 and £77 (x2) from J Elsworth; £76 from LJ Thorne; £75.50 from F & S Webber; £72.50 from CJ Love and £72 from PG Keates. Overall average down to £52.17 reflecting the size and quality forward.

Cull Ewes & Rams (1618)

Almost double the entry of last week. 1618 cull ewes and rams sold to another bouyant but slightly easier trade. No best continentals forward however strong ewes sold to £93 from K Nicholas and HC Derryman & Sons. Others to £92 from J Hannam; £90, £89.50 and £88 from NJ Tucker & Son; £90 from JEF & KF Stephens; £88 from A Vile and £87 from ST Pierce and AJ Dart. Cull rams sold to £104 from NJ Tucker & Son, when others sold to £99 from PA Hutton and £91 from HG Green & Sons. Medium ewes £50-£70 and boners generally £20 plus. Overall average that included a large proportion of Welsh/hill ewes £61.92.

Couples (70E & 92L)

Couple numbers continue to dwindle, when 70 ewes with 92 lambs at foot were forward. Trade remains reasonable with a top call of £178 (£79.11/life) for a bunch of 4 ewes with 5 lambs from R Parsons. Best of the doubles to £165 (£55/life) from J Ryall. Strong singles continue to meet a good level of demand and sold to £140 (£70/life) from TG & MG Wooff and RG & E Powell. Others to £138 (£69/life) from J Ryall and £128 (£64/life) from J Hannam. Overall average £47.77/life.

Goats (25)

A similar entry of 35 goats topped at £98 from S Oakley. Others to £82 and £70 (x2) from Bagborough Farms and £82 from C Ainge. Overall average £70.83.

Dorset Downs (72)

The Annual Breed Sale for the Dorset Down Sheep Breeders’ Association saw an entry of 72 registered sheep offered to an enthusiastic crowd of breeders.

Top was £945 for multiple prize winning shearling ram from H Stamp, Mark. By a Bewley ram and out of a Brompton ewe, the ram was finally knocked down to G Rowley of Shrewsbury. Further shearling rams at £577.50 from D & R Wilkins, Beaminster and £546 from A Gibbs, Gillingham.

Females rose to £273 for a shearling from A Gibbs, who sold further shearling ewes at £231 and £210 twice.