Two hedgehogs trapped in a pit where roadworks are being carried out have been rescued.

Officers from the RSPCA were alerted after a caller spotted the hedgehogs trapped in the pit in Whitchurch, Cardiff.

It was the dead of night, and the hedgehogs were approximately three to four foot underground and surrounded by rain water.

Fortunately, the hedgehogs had managed to wriggle free of the rain water, so were not submerged – but were unable to escape underground and were sat on top of a pipe.

An RSPCA officer was just able to reach the hedgehogs, pulling them to safety, before arranging for them to be transferred to a specialist wildlife centre for rehabilitation and care.

Sian Burton, animal welfare officer from the charity, said: “It's amazing somebody noticed these poor hedgehogs stuck in such a big pit - and we're so grateful to the caller who noticed their plight.

“It's unclear how long the poor hedgehogs had been stuck there, but fortunately I was able to reach them and bring them to safety.

“Each of the hedgehogs had just wriggled free of the rain water, but were surrounded and faced a really precarious situation.

“Thankfully, they seemed to be doing okay despite the ordeal, and have been transferred to a specialist wildlife facility for vital rehabilitation and care.”

For more information about what to do if you find a wild animal in need of help, please visit the RSPCA website.