A new training tool highlights the correct technique for the plunge dipping of sheep.

The voiced animation launched by Bimeda provides an overview of the correct procedure for preparing to dip, carrying out dipping, correct PPE, bath replenishment and post-dipping tasks.

Bimeda's Mary van Dijk said: "In recent months we have seen a surge in interest in sheep dipping.

"We believe this is prompted by a number of factors, such as confirmed resistance of the sheep scab mite to type 3-ML injectable wormers, and also a growing awareness of the benefits of plunge dipping, such as its cost-effectiveness and the fact that dipping is licensed for the treatment and prevention of blowfly, sheep scab, lice, ticks and keds.

"With growing interest from farmers, vets and SQPs we decided to create an engaging training animation which clearly shows correct technique for sheep dipping, as part of our ongoing commitment to the promotion of best practice via education."

The video can be viewed on YouTube