Moletech - the technology arm of Mole Valley Farmers - has added three cutting-edge technologies to its portfolio, which will be showcased at the Royal Cornwall Show.

The company are now official distributors for Moocall, CowManager and herdwatch - all of which have been designed to aid farm management and boost herd health and welfare.

Helen Hollingsworth of MoleTech said: “Technologies that help day-to-day farm management are increasingly relevant considering increasing herd size, coupled with labour challenges.”

“We now have a broad range of innovative products for farmers to choose from to suit their individual needs and farm systems. The ultimate aim is to help farmers improve herd productivity and profitability, whilst making their lives easier and maximising the lifetime performance of the dairy herd.”

Moocall is a tail mounted calving alert system which automatically measures tail movement patterns, which increase around calving. At a certain intensity, the sensor automatically sends a text message to a phone, with the alert being sent an average one hour before calving. This early warning system enables preparations to be made for this major event, easing stress for both the dam and the farmer.

CowManager is a reusable ear tag sensor which monitors head movements 24/7. Any deviation from the norm will be automatically flagged up to the farmer as rumination, heat and health alerts. This will enable farmers to improve animal health and performance .

herdwatch is a farm recording management app enabling producers to access and update herd data via their smart phone, including; cattle registrations and movements, medicine use, weights and breeding information. The service is connected to BCMS so farmers can access information for every animal on farm.