The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, 3 June is as follows. The total stock was 1664 head.

Prime Cattle to 207.5ppk & £1,389.50

92 Prime and untested forward cattle.

73 UTM and 9 OTM Prime cattle. Auctioneers comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an increased entry of 92 prime cattle met a good trade for the best, when some super cattle were on offer.

Top was 207.5ppk for a very shapely, lean, red Limousin heifer from CJM Shackleton, Wiveliscombe. Similar conformation red Limousin steer carrying more flesh from J & S Vinnicombe & Son, Ottery St Mary met a call of 199.5ppk, when another very similar from the same farm achieved 198.5ppk. 199.5ppk was also bid for a best conformation red Limousin steer from TV & E Wotton, Moretonhampstead, who also sold a superb black Limousin steer at 198.5ppk. Commercial steers around 180ppk. Native steers to 175ppk for an Angus from PRS & EB Scott, Axbridge.

Further heifers to 188ppk for a better type red Limousin from BA Richards, Williton. Further better type red Limousin heifers at 185 and 183ppk from RW Fry, Long Sutton. Smart Blonde at 184.5ppk from MJ Tuckett & Partners. Commercial heifers around 175ppk. Native heifers rose to 174ppk for a Hereford from J & A Coombes, Wedmore.

Steers sold to a massive £1,389.50 for a 700kg Limousin from TV & E Wotton, who sold a 870kg Charolais at £1,370.25 and a 660kg Limousin at £1,316.70. 747kg dairy cross Limousin at £1,258.70 from DA & AP Gillbard, Cruwys Morchard.

Heifers sold to £1,158.81 for a 642kg Limousin from CJM Shackleton, who sold another at £1,147.48 (553kg). 620kg Limousin at £1,112.90 from SER Hunt, Kilve.

83 Barren cows and cull stock bulls. Auctioneer’s comment:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reduced entry of 83 cull cattle met a strong trade. A super run of sucklers from EW Underhill & Son, Beaford, saw Blue cows at 142.5, 139.5, 131.5, 128.5 (x3) 127.5, 125.5, 124.5 (x2) and 122.5ppk and a Simmental at 136.5 and a Limousin at 128.5ppk. Charolais cow at 125.5ppk from EJ Collins & Son, Chard. Further Blue cow at 122.5ppk from RC Rowe & Son, Upottery.

Sucklers sold to £1,021.58 for a Blue from EW Underhill & Son, who sold other Blues at £1,006.05 and £1,004.40 and a Simmental at £1,004.64.

Dairy bred cows rose to 121.5ppk for a well fleshed Holstein from JR Dill & Son, Cheddon Fitzpaine, who sold others similar at 119.5 and 118.5ppk. Further well fleshed Holsteins at 120.5ppk, NW Doble & Sons, Crewkerne; 119.5 and 118.5ppk, FE Hill & Son, Bridgwater; 119.5ppk, BL Davies & Son, Dowlish Wake; 117.5ppk TH & CL Johnson Ltd, Membury and 115.5ppk, JA Healey & P Major, Wedmore.

Dairy breeds sold to the day’s top of £1,203.37 for a 1007kg Holstein from BL Davies & Son. Further big Holsteins (821 and 800kg) at £972.89 and £956 from FE Hill & Son.

1454 Finished lambs and hoggs. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report fewer lambs forward at 1396 head met an overall easier trade for all presented. The best sold to 217 and 212ppk from CJ Love. Others 215ppk from TE & SJ Popham; 214ppk from CJM Shackleton and H Curtis & Sons; 213ppk from IJ Williams (x2); 213 and 212ppk from MJ Keate and 212ppk from RJ Whitcombe. Heavier lambs sold to £97 and £94.50 from D Hutchings. Others £96.50 from RC Stock; £96 from MP & DM Hine; £95.50 from AM Bastable; £95 from MH Wallis, K Gribble, R Matthews; £95 and £94.50 from SER Hunt and £94.50 from PB & LM Doble. Overall average £86.72.

A small entry of 58 hoggs sold to 176ppk from J Baker. Others 174ppk from S Diment and to £97 from J Baker and £94 from S Diment and JH & HJ Diment.

35 Cull ewes and rams. Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report sold to £70 from H Curtis & Sons